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04-19-06, 10:30 pm
Hi everyone! maljor from Minnesota - I currently have 6 full time piggies: Porkey, Petunia, Daisy, Lilly, Oreo, and Tootsie. I rescued Oreo and Tootsie decieded that she didn't want to live with anyone else but her mom. (she has a little attitude LOL)

Here is were the questions begin:
I am building another C&C cage (I love them!) Can I get some suggestions on easy clean-up as well as fairly neat looking - I use Carfresh bedding right now and the kids are not litter trained. I like for them to look a little more clean than they do but I don't know how to do it - I've tried fleese fabric and the carefresh. I've even purchased some heavy fabric that I could brush off but didn't feel like it was clean enough for them. So help - if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them - I see all the cool pictures of cages and mine seem to be just a mess!

Thanks in advance! :confused:

04-19-06, 10:39 pm
The best thing I invested in, besides fleece, is a handy dandy handheld vacuum cleaner. It just makes it so much easier to spot clean, so even if you do it several times a day, it's easy.

04-19-06, 10:44 pm
Fleece is the best for looking clean as long as you clean it a couple times a day.