View Full Version : Hi, me and my Boyfriend ´n pigs are from Brazil!!!

04-19-06, 05:05 pm
;) Hello there, I´m Gab, my boyfriend ´n I have 8 guinea pigs (one is pregnant now) ´n 3 cages, we´re all from Brazil. Since last October we´ve been raisin´them, now, I have some questions and doubts about our sons... I hope to share my problems and my happiness with u!!!


04-19-06, 05:06 pm
Hi, and welcome!

First of all, you should note that this is a pro-rescue, anti-breeder forum. We don't like people who intentionally breed guinea pigs because there are so many homeless pigs all over the world in animal shelters.

04-19-06, 05:10 pm
nonamian_girl is partially correct. This is a rescue oriented forum. We do not support the purposful breeding of Guinea Pigs and most other animals as there is a huge pet overpopulation problem. If you are a breeder you will find it very difficult to make many friends here.

I would not say that we "don't like" people who intentionally breed. I'm sure many breeders are lovely people who simply do not understand that what they do perpetuates the suffering of animals.

You are welcome to stick around and help yourself learn more about your lovely pets. Be aware that breeding discussions, links to breeder sites and sales of animals are against the rules.

04-19-06, 05:41 pm
Ok, but I´m not breeding them, my neighbor had them and then, when she decided to move out, she told me she was going to give them to the zoo´s control, then I decided with my boyfriend to keep them.

04-19-06, 05:50 pm
Welcome, and that was a kind thing of you to do!

04-19-06, 06:05 pm
Sorry for making the assumption :). Welcome again!