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05-25-04, 02:57 am
How often do u clean (replace all wood shavings bedding) the cage for 2 piggies with a 2x4 + 2x1 upper level setup? Currently I changed it everyweek.

05-25-04, 07:32 am
I change Petunia and Cinnamon's individual cages each week. I could probably go longer but we designate Saturday as our cage cleaning day. The birds and piggies all get a big change and with the birds, every two weeks we take the cages outside and scrub down everything. We normally would change the hamster cage then as well but Sandi passed away from old age last night. She was a dwarf hamster and almost 28 months old.

05-25-04, 09:06 am
i Clean my cages every 2 weeks or so.spot clean everyday though.all my cages r 2x5's with no smaller then an above level thats 2x3.Food and water go ontop and play and beds are downstairs.

05-25-04, 12:27 pm
How often do u clean (replace all wood shavings bedding) the cage for 2 piggies with a 2x4 + 2x1 upper level setup? Currently I changed it everyweek.I clean my two cages once a week. I built 4" inserts (corplast) for my cages so I just pick them up and dump it, then clean it and refill it with newspaper, baking soda, bedding, and plenty of timothy hay. I have a small can with tweasers to pick poops whenever I see them.

05-25-04, 10:46 pm
Currently I change it everyweek. I am thinking of putting more bedding & changed it every 10 days. Is it ok?

05-27-04, 08:05 am
You don't really have to clean it out as often as once a week - it can be much easier if you just take out the mess every day or two. Guinea pigs are, let's face it, just poop machines but they are not actually dirty animals so just getting rid of the poops will keep the cage clean enough for quite a while, and they're not exactly gross to pick up so that's ok. However it's more important to remove wet hay than it is to remove wet woodshavings, because they don't eat woodshavings, after all.

05-28-04, 09:09 am
I clean mine out completely every few days - I don't like thinking of all the old wees and poops hanging around for weeks just centimetres from their noses. It just seems nicer to have a complete clean-out and they love having a freshly changed cage too, so it serves them very well indeed!

mom to cujo
05-28-04, 04:39 pm
I scoop out and refresh the bedding twice a day and I only have one piggie. I completely empty and wash and vinegar the cage once a week. As long as I take the wet and/or soiled bedding and hay out twice a day the cage doesn't smell and Cujo doesn't have to lay in a dirty cage. They poo so much though you could just literally stand there and remove poo all day long!!!

05-29-04, 06:48 am
twice a day!

05-29-04, 07:10 am
Refresh Eh *stares confused.You know it would be alot easier if you trained them to go in a specific spot.The easiest thing in the world to do.How bigs your cage anyways cause you must have alot of time on your hands to attend to *refresh your pigs cage twice a day.Thats accesive

mom to cujo
05-29-04, 01:50 pm
I don't find it excessive at all. Al it takes a few minutes and at least I knowhe's not walking around and laying in soiled bedding all the time. I don't know how to train him so I do things my own way.

05-29-04, 09:14 pm
I've been experimenting and have found that how you fill your cage greatly affects how often it needs cleaning.

I was being very generous with the carefresh putting down a nice thick layer everywhere and then covering with hay. With this arrangement, I could go 10 days - 2 weeks between cage cleanings. I have a litter box in the corner that they seem to use a lot so that can be easily cleaned out in between. (Although they are not perfect and there are poops other places as well.

Carefresh is really pricey though so I tried only using it in the corners (before I had the litterbox) and just using lots of hay on top of newspaper sheets. Unfortunately without the absorbant quality of the Carefresh, I had to fully clean the cage every 3 days.

My next plan (when I get my shipment from the ferretstore.com) is to try aspen as bedding with no hay on top. Then maybe I can spot clean easier by scooping out soiled bedding and still get the 10 day cleaning interval without the high cost of Carefresh.

05-30-04, 07:13 am
I just switched back to aspen after using towels for a long time. I am very happy with it. I scoop wet spots once a day (they go pretty much in one spot) and i clean it completly about every 10 days or so. I dont spread hay around because if it gets peed on the smell is awful. I have a hay feeder and keep it fully stocked all the time.

05-30-04, 09:22 pm
I believe if got spot cleaning in between, bedding should be able to last more than 7 days, even 10 days. Currently after 1 week, I don't feel bad smell on the bedding therefore now trying extend to 10 days.

05-30-04, 10:26 pm
I think a lot depends on your individual pig. Petunia is a little pooping machine. She poops constantly and since she is in the living room, easy enough for me to spot clean daily even though she goes all over the place.

Cinnamon is not a big pooper and tends to go in one spot in her cage. Much easier to spot clean.

So, my revised answer is that I spot clean daily and fluff the bedding but do the major replacing of everything once a week.

06-01-04, 04:57 am
I use newspaper and nothing but. I usually do the full cleaning on mondays. I empty the paper,etc out, clean it with vineagar and water, dry it, line it with newspaper (it takes an entire sunday edition, LOL), and the kiddies shred more paper to go over top of that. We have 6" high sides so the shreds are almost to the top. I do put their hay in one end. Every other day I clean an end (remove all newspaper, lay a fresh layer and fresh shreds). it stays prety dry this way, and it's funny-people who come over and arent pet people are always AMAZED that they don;t stink!!
Newspaper saves $$$$$$$$$ and you're recylcing....can't get much better than taht.
Aimee & the Boyz

How often do u clean (replace all wood shavings bedding) the cage for 2 piggies with a 2x4 + 2x1 upper level setup? Currently I changed it everyweek.

06-01-04, 09:24 am
I use newspaper and nothing but.
Someone on this site posted a warning about the ink in newspaper containing lead which would be a problem if they chew the paper. I don't worry because my newspaper is under the layer of bedding.

Also, I know that when I had birds (horrible pets - I am so antibird but adopted from a friend who couldn't take hers) there were warnings about using colored newspaper. When lining my pig cage I try to avoid the colored sheets, which is very hard now days.

06-01-04, 08:34 pm
Noveil so sorry for your lost! I have a hamster that I am soooooo attached to, when I got him he had wet tail and I nursed him back he's so friendly and sweet so I know I will be so upset when he leaves us.

Back to the cage issue, I clean my out once a week. I take all of the bedding and newspaper out and replace it, I too have a day I dedicate to cleaning out the critters cages! But I will spot clean throughout the week when I feed them just to keep the smell down.
I am going to try the baking soda next time I do my cleaning.

Has anyone had any luck with potting training them with the litter pan?
My hamster is trained to go in his out house but they make a litter bedding for it. Do they have something like this for the piggies?
Any advice? I have been trying for so long to get them to stop going in the area they sleep in I hate to see them lay on it but they do it.

06-01-04, 09:18 pm
I clean my cage every week.

06-01-04, 10:34 pm
Most ppl clean every week. Prefer on weekends as no need to work. It's good time for housekeeping.