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04-18-06, 09:33 pm
I know this sounds really crazy, but anyways can a rabbit and guinea pig reproduce? :crazy:

04-18-06, 09:34 pm
No. They cannot.

04-18-06, 09:47 pm
You also should never house or even allow rabbits and guinea pigs to play together. It can be very dangerous for the guinea pig. http://cavycages.com/rabbits.htm

04-18-06, 09:53 pm
Good point aqh, I didn't even think to mention it.

04-18-06, 09:59 pm
I would never house a guinea pig with a rabbit in the first place aqh88

Percy's Mom
04-18-06, 10:54 pm
I'd never call any question crazy or ridiculous, but that one was incredibly silly. Two different species can not reproduce.

04-19-06, 12:19 pm
Um nope! And it is not even safe to put them in the same cage.

04-19-06, 01:11 pm
The original poster has been banned. The question was answered and I see no further need to keep this thread open so I am closing it.