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04-18-06, 09:02 am
Hi All!

I just put an order in for a 50 LB bag of Oxbow pellets and a 50 LB bag of Timothy Hay with the Canadian Pet Connection. They called me and told me that the pellets they currently have expire in 3 months and are good for about 6 months after expiry.

He has given me 2 choices: I can either take what they have at 1/2 price or wait 4 weeks until they get more in.

I am thinking that if I get the stuff they currently have, I can keep 1/2 of it at home in the girls' room as they should be able to eat 1/2 of it within the 9 months for sure. The other 1/2 I planned on freezing in my mom's huge freezer.....however, do you think the other 1/2 will still be good after being in a freezer for 6 - 9 months?

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks everyone!!!!

04-18-06, 09:15 am
Pellets usually can last in the freezer for 6 months if stored correctly. After than it begins to lose vitamins.

04-18-06, 09:26 am
So, If I freeze it right away in a deep freeze, inside ziploc baggies for 6 months and then take it out, will the pellets still be good for an additional 9 months like the other 1/2?

I'm thinking $45 for 50 LBS of pellets is a REALLY good deal. Whatever I can't use up a month or so before it goes bad, I'll donate to the local Humane Society.....but I really need to figure out my time frames so I don't end up feeding all the piggies bad pellets!

04-18-06, 09:32 am
LBKK--I do not think that pellets out of the freezer are good for another 9 months afterwards.

I am not that knowledgable about this topic, but when I order pellets I personally leave out 10lbs and freeze the rest and take out a Ziplock storage freezer bag as needed and when that is used up take out another one. All of my pellets I use within a six month period whether they are frozen or not, otherwise they are no longer fresh.

04-18-06, 09:36 am
I don't know how many pigs you have, but the 5 lb bag I got from them lasted my two piggers for about 2-3 months at 1/4th cup a day. I'd be concerned about the pigs finishing it in time.

04-18-06, 09:55 am
All of my pellets I use within a six month period whether they are frozen or not, otherwise they are no longer fresh.

This is good to know!!! I think what I will do then is still go ahead with the order at 1/2 price for the 50 LBS. My girls should be able to use 1/2 of it within the 6 - 9 months the Canadian Pet Connection said it would be good for. I'll donate the other 1/2 right away to the Humane Society. This way, I am helping out piggies in need AND it's not costing me anything extra. If I waited 4 weeks for the new stuff, I'd have to pay full price, and my girls would still be eating pet store junk instead of Oxbow for an extra month.

04-18-06, 11:15 am
I do not agree the pellets are good for 6months after their expiration date. By that time all the vit c will be gone, most of the fat soluable vitamins will be gone, and the pellets will have lost their fresh smell. It might be good for 2-3months if you freeze them but after that I would prefer not to feed it. They aren't going to be rotten or unedible in any way and so would be better than nothing but the nutrients will be alot less.

If you freeze fresh pellets they are good for 6-9months. After 6months the vit c is probably going down but everything else is fine until closer to 9months, but expired pellets have probably already reached the point at which vit c drops below the listed amount on the bag. That's why the expiration date exists and when you freeze them you can slow the breakdown of vitamins but they are already at the point you would normally want to have used them up. Vit c in pellets is pretty unimportant when your feeding at least 1 cup of good vegetables a day. Compared to the amount in vegetables the amount in pellets is so small I don't even count it. Still the fat soluable vitamins are the 2nd least stable vitamins after vit c and in a dried food with no preservatives they will break down within 2-4months. So again by expiration date they are probably starting to drop below the listed amount on the bag. Expiration dates exist for a reason and you'll have all the proof you need if you just open a bag that's past the expiration date and compare it to a fresh bag.

04-18-06, 12:08 pm
Thank you everyone for your info! I love this site....you guys are great!!

So, basically - correct me if I am wrong! If the expiry date is 3 months from now, in reality I should freeze all that I am keeping right away with the exception of what I am giving to the girls right away. If I freeze it right away, with the expiry of 3 months from now, it should still be good in the freezer for max. 6 months. The other 1/2 like I said, I'll donate to the Humane Society right away and get them to use it up within the 3 months, unless they intend on freezing it as well.

As for the Vitamin C, I am not too concerned as I give my 2 girls at least a cup of veggies in the morning (if not more) and a cup at night, which basically consists of romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce, cilantro, red pepper, 1 baby carrot, an orange slice, a bit of cucumber, and on occassion a slice of apple.