View Full Version : Baby died today.....

Becky cavy mad
04-18-06, 03:49 am
She had been breathing Heavily for about a week. She was about 4 and 7 months, not a bad age for a guinea pig. Least nothing can harm her now and she will be with her sister, Lucy.
Rest in peace Baby, I will always love you......

04-18-06, 04:23 am
Oh My, i am very sorry for your loss, RIP BUBBY PIGGER

04-18-06, 10:23 am
So sorry about your piggy. It is so hard when you lose them.

04-18-06, 10:31 am
((( Becky)), Im so sorry for your loss. She will always live on in your heart, im sure she had a wonderful life with you. Rest in peace over the rainbow bridge...

04-18-06, 07:18 pm
I'm so sorry. *hug*

04-18-06, 07:20 pm
Im really sorry too.

04-18-06, 07:35 pm
So sorry, that was a (little bit) old for a pig.
R.I.P Baby

Percy's Mom
04-18-06, 08:46 pm
My sincerest condolences on your loss. I can only imagine how it must feel to lose a sweet one like that. You mentioned that she had been breathing heavy for about a week. Do you have any idea what was causing it?

So sorry, that was a (little bit) old for a pig.
R.I.P Baby Actually, that's about middle aged. Unfortunately, that also makes the loss sting that much more.

Becky cavy mad
04-19-06, 01:59 am
It may have been a respiratiory infection. Lucy went like that but she was just listless, Baby stayed active till the end. I've heard quite a lot of pigs die like this.

04-19-06, 02:20 am
I am so sorry for the loss of your piggie, Baby,:weepy:

05-07-06, 08:37 am
:weepy: I'm sorry about your loss!! I know how hard it is!!!:sorry: