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04-17-06, 11:29 pm
Does anyone know if domestic rabbits can breed with wild cottontails? My mother lives in the country where people have dropped off their rabbits. It really upsets my elderly mother because she knows they don't have much of a chance with dogs, foxes, coyotes, hawks, badgers etc, etc. She would like to catch them but is ill and I live too far away to help. But getting back to my question she says she has seen a rabbit that look like a cross between a wild cottontail and a domestic rabbit. At night 2 domestic rabbits and at least 5 cottontails hang out together in front of her house. Can they interbreed? I know they can't breed with jack rabbits but don't know about cottontails. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me.

04-18-06, 06:39 am
I'm guessing you live in the US? Domestic rabbits are descended from European rabbits. So no, they can't breed with cottontails. They're actually quite different, except in appearance.

She might have seen an agouti colored domestic rabbit, which is the same color as a wild rabbit.

Is there a shelter or rabbit rescue that could help catch them?

04-18-06, 10:01 am
Nope they can't breed together. I came across a great article on that subject. I'll try to find it.

04-18-06, 10:15 am
Naturestee, thanks for the info. I wish a shelter was near where they live but there isn't one. It's so sad people get pets and then dump them off for someone else to worry about.

04-18-06, 01:38 pm
Was it this article?

04-18-06, 01:46 pm
It could be the right article. I can't find the one I thought I bookmarked.