View Full Version : But I want to be a guinea pig too!!!

Herbie Girl
04-17-06, 09:27 pm
I went into the piggies room and this is what I saw....


I guess my poodle/bischon mix wanted to relax on the piggie couch too. He likes to keep Lexi company all day and Lexi loves him(but yet she won't let any of her own kind in the cage with her)


Binas Cavys
04-17-06, 09:32 pm
Too adorable!

04-17-06, 09:37 pm
That's too cute!

How are your new boys doing?

04-17-06, 09:55 pm
Aww. She looks so comfortable. I wonder how she manages to sleep on a couch that's too small for her.

04-17-06, 11:21 pm
Well, as long as she's comfortable...

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 11:22 pm
I wonder how she manages to sleep on a couch that's too small for her.That couch squishes down like a pillow. Other than the edging trim, there is really nothing stiff in the construction at all.

04-18-06, 02:56 am
That is a great picture. So cozy your dog is.

04-18-06, 06:04 am
Awww what a cutie!

Herbie Girl
04-18-06, 07:39 am
my new black/white puruvians are doing great but two weeks ago my friend gave me another male puruvian because she is moving and can't take him with her..


04-18-06, 07:56 am
What a cute picture! You need to get him a couch of his own, :)

04-18-06, 09:36 am
Aawwww. How funny.

04-18-06, 09:40 am
That is too cute!