View Full Version : After just one dose?

04-17-06, 06:43 pm
My piggies were getting kind of crabby, and I noticed them starting to scratch alot, so I decided to treat them for mites. I gave them the first dose yesterday. They seemed SO much happier... would just one dose have them feeling THAT much better?

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 06:44 pm
If you caught it early, then yes, one dose could start to make them feel better. Still go through the full 3 doses to make sure you get all of the mites, but I'm not surprised that they're already starting to be more comfortable.

04-17-06, 06:47 pm
so it's just 3 doses, not matter the severity of the mites?

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 06:50 pm
If it's incredibly severe, I've read of 4. From what you described, if they just started scratching a bit more, I'd say they have a pretty mild case.

04-17-06, 06:52 pm
Yeah, I think it was very mild. I was just curious about dosage, because I've always read on here 3, so I wondered if that was the same for all severities. Thanks PM!!

04-17-06, 07:38 pm
Definitly better to be safe than sorry.

04-17-06, 08:08 pm
Mites lay eggs which will hatch in about a week. That's the reason you need the 2nd dose. If the ivermectin misses any eggs that hatch on the 2nd time around, then it's a good idea to give the 3rd dose to ensure your pig is completely free of mites.

For severe cases of mites, it may take more than 4 doses to kill them all.

04-17-06, 08:11 pm
The first dose kills nearly all the adult mites and most pigs feel great after 3-5days. The more mites that were on the pig the more eggs the adults left behind and ivermectin does not kill the eggs. The 2nd dose gets the mites that have hatched out and in most mild cases that probably eliminates all the mites. There is a chance though that some of the mites could have hatched out and laid eggs in the time between doses so the 3rd dose wipes out any potential remaining mites. If it's a really bad infestation some mites can manage to hatch out, grow up, and lay eggs again between the 2nd and 3rd dose so you need a 4th dose. In most cases the 3rd dose is just a precaution but a good one to take.