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04-17-06, 12:40 pm
Hi there! I'm Jenn and I currently have six piggies residing in my house.

Gizmo and Mogwai were my first two piggies. Woefully ignorant of their care, I purchased them from the local Petsmart. Luckily the girl steered me towards their 'larger' cages, so they were only stuck in a 6 square foot cage instead of a 3 square foot cage. The summer after I bought them, I met members of the local piggie rescue, and ended up constructing them a 2x6 to live in. They were so happy!

Also during this time, Gizmo had a severe case of bordetella. The vet and I went through several types of antibiotics for months before we finally got it to clear up *knock on wood*.

Here are my 'original' two boys:
And Gizmo (complete with bad haircut. Remember kids, when mom says 'don't wiggle', there's a reason!)

A few months later, I started fostering for our rescue. Hobo and Picadilly came to stay in our house. They were from a rather large dump in our area, and were pretty skittish. They stayed as foster pigs for approximately 4-5 months, until Christmas rolled around, and we bought stockings for them. That ended the foster period, and they became our pigs...


Hobo and Pica lived happily ever after for nearly a year... until Hobo went into GI stasis one day. While treating him, I put him into a quarantine cage by himself. In that time, he managed to 'forget' his roomate buddy, and they couldn't be rebonded. (Hobo was already a very aggressive hormonal piggie to begin with, so it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise). I introduced Picadilly to Mogwai and Gizmo, and let Hobo have a bachelor's pad next to them.

The plan was then to have Hobo neutered and pair him up with a lady friend (or two, since I saw how much fun my new trio seemed to be having with more friends). However, before that could be done...


Lethe and Mnemosyne poppled up for adoption, and had already been spayed. So they joined our household this weekend. They're in quarantine for another week, and then we're going to rebuild cages (so that each trio has a 3x4), and introduce the young ladies to the Hobo monster. And then hopefully everyone will be happy again!

Anyway, after all that... Hi!

04-17-06, 12:42 pm
Welcome! I LOVE your pigs, they are all so cute. The last 2 girls look like twins!

04-17-06, 12:47 pm
Welcome! You have gorgeaous pigs!

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 12:49 pm
Wow! That's quite a group you have there jenni! Welcome aboard. It sounds like you already know quite a bit, but as I'm sure you know, there is always more to learn about these sweet little critters. It's lovely to have someone else around who works with a rescue and adores all manner of piggy as you see to!

04-17-06, 12:51 pm
Thanks so much, all of you! I jokingly tell my boyfriend that if we get a Texel and a Teddy, we've 'captured' one of each. :D Even though we really didn't mean to end up with such a wide variety of piggies!

And you're right! As soon as you learn something about piggies, they seem to set out to prove you wrong or learn some other trick!

04-17-06, 12:59 pm
Hey Jenn and welcome to the forum. I just love your pictures and pigs there are so cute. Hope you become a long time many posting member, Hmm Jenn number two its going to be wierd! I have to say Mogwai'd picture really is adorable.

04-17-06, 03:11 pm
Welcome to the family. love the piggers.

Texas Cavys
04-17-06, 03:19 pm
Welcome to the forum Jenn. As soon as I saw the pictures I new it was you from petshub:D

04-17-06, 03:36 pm
Those piggys are oh so cute!!
And the last 2 girls, do look like twins!
Are they sisters?
Have you named them yet?
Hope to see more of you!

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 03:44 pm
The two girls are named Lethe and Mnemosyne I believe. Is that the name you gave them jenni, or what the rescue already had on them?

04-17-06, 04:00 pm
They didn't have names from the shelter, so their foster mom named them "Spike" and "Pinky". I feel like tiny little piggies like these need big names! So I swiped some mythological ones for them.

We don't know if they're sisters or not, but they came in together, so it's a pretty good bet that they are. They're both around the same age, have the same eye color, etc.

Oh, and hi there, Sam! :)

04-17-06, 06:01 pm
Welcome to the forum jenni. First of all your piggies are gorgeous. Secondly, I'm Jenn and you can be Jenni. :) Just kidding. I don't like to be called Jenny just because all my older relatives called me that and they still do. I'm a professional now (speaks in a professional voice) and I use Jenn (with 2 n's) or Jennifer. I'm a fan of Days of Our Lives and loved Jenn/Jack and liked how they spelled it. TeeHee!

04-17-06, 06:04 pm
LOL, I'm surprised there are only two "Jenns". Usually there are about 90. I go by pretty much any variation on Jennifer... after a while they start all blending together anyway!

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 06:10 pm
Looks like Mogwai is enjoying some Oxbow Critter Berries in that pigture. My guys love those things! They're one of the only things Percy will eat out of my hand.

04-17-06, 06:11 pm
I understand about NOT being the ONLY Jennifer. How many other girls in school were named Jennifer. I swear I'm going to change my name to Zoe.

04-17-06, 06:18 pm
Mogwai sounds like a Hawiian name!
Hawiian names are always beautiful!
He and his name are beautiful!

04-17-06, 07:13 pm
Yeah, there were 5 Jennifers in my class growing up. Everybody had a designation with varying initials.

Mogwai does sound hawaiian, but it's actually the name of the critters from Gremlins (to go with Gizmo ;))

04-18-06, 05:31 am
Hi Jennicat! Nice to see you here. :D

Let Mogwai know that I really like his new hairdo. It adds character.

04-18-06, 07:09 am
Welcome to the forum! Your pigs are really cute and I think it is great that you offered them all a home.

04-18-06, 12:49 pm
Welcome to Cavy Cages. You have some adorable piggers there.

04-19-06, 02:30 pm
Hey Jenn! I haven't seen you in a long time. I see your pigs are doing well! Congrats on the two new girls! Hope everything goes well! Anyways, welcome to Cavy Cages, and Queen and Lola say hi!

04-19-06, 03:20 pm
Hi there! Nice to see a more familiar face! How are Queen and Lola?

04-19-06, 06:47 pm
Hey, your piggers are all adorable:) And thank you for opening your heart to rescued cavies! I don't have any guinea pigs yet, but I want to adopt instead of getting from a petstore when I do get my first ones.

04-19-06, 06:53 pm
Hey, your piggers are all adorable:) And thank you for opening your heart to rescued cavies! I don't have any guinea pigs yet, but I want to adopt instead of getting from a petstore when I do get my first ones.

I wish I had known more about it when I bought my first pair. I love them to death, and wouldn't trade them for the world, but they had an expensive price tag on them (in vet care), and it was a heartbreaking experience to deal with. Even now, I'm shocked that Gizmo lived, given how little I knew about guinea pigs and their illnesses.

04-19-06, 07:59 pm
Queen and Lola are doing good! They just had their checkups, and Queenie's fine. Lola has a problem with her cecum, so some gas and undigested food is built up, but I've got her on extra C and acidophilus, and she's a lot better already, after four days. So soon she'll be back to normal! =D