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04-16-06, 06:48 pm
In January 2006, i lost my beloved Piggy named Snow,
Who lived to be 1 and a half years old.
It took me a couple days to stop crying,
But when i looked at her dead in my garage (hadnt buried her yet) i just started crying again.
I loved her very much, but i regret very much having her,
As i know now she didnt live a good life.
(Besides the fact that i played w/ her, and she only trusted me and was scared of the rest of the world)
I did not know anything about piggies when i had her,
Just the knowledge my friend knew (which wasnt very much) (And a book, from school which wasnt of much help)
She was in a cage (alone) that wasnt big at all, way too small for a piggy.
I didnt know they needed hay, and the only fruits/veggies i had ever given her was some celery and a cut up apple.
I wasnt much younger, and i cant beleive i hadnt known my piggy wasnt living well.
I didnt know why she died, but it definetely wasnt of old age...
Now id really like another piggy, and id really like to take very good care of it.
(I do not plan on getting one soon though.)
And that is why i want to do research, and get info from you piggy owners.
And you recommend cages and stuff. I like the C & C cages alot.
I feel extremely horrible about how irrasponsible i was.
1 More Question: Can piggies live in pairs w/ out fighting??
Please give my information about piggies!! :expressio

PS: Actually, i want 2!

04-16-06, 06:51 pm
Yes piggies can live in pairs without fighting. You need a same sex pair or a neutered male or spayed female. They are heard animals so they will like each others company.

04-16-06, 07:03 pm
Thanks for the welcome!
I do own a healthy hamster boy named Maple though.
After awhile and getting my parents permission i think id have room in my room for a big cage.
Are pigs nocturnal??
My Snow was up at night and the day so i couldnt tell!

04-16-06, 07:10 pm
Read this website for everything there is to know about raising a healthy pig: www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info) . When you're done with that one, www.cavyspirit.com (http://www.cavyspirit.com) has great information on social life and a lot of other stuff you can't find anywhere else.


And p.s. when you get your next piggies, make sure to adopt!

04-16-06, 07:12 pm
Trust me, im really considering adopting!
I feel so bad for those pigs, and they deserve a good home!

04-16-06, 07:13 pm
Yeah those are some good links you should read. But piggies arent nocturnal but mine are active at night too.

04-16-06, 07:16 pm
Thats a good thing.
I have enough noise with Maple running on her wheel all night.
But ive gotten used to it.
Im reading up on those links: they are great help!

04-16-06, 07:17 pm
I am editing the title of this thread as we have a member that we tend to call <3.

04-16-06, 07:40 pm
Welcome to the forum. It's great that you're researching and getting your facts together before getting your next pair of piggies. Yes, they live better and seem happier in at least a pair of same sex piggies or with a neutered or spayed piggie.

You'll find all your information as posted by nonamian_girl. Don't fret about your poor other piggie. I feel the same. I didn't have a piggie before but my brother did. He was in a very small store-bought cage and received the occassional iceberg lettuce and carrot. He never got any hay and I'm sure not alot of space to just run. I feel dreadful that Quentin lived like that, but now we know better.

I have seven girls that live in a huges C&C cage. They get unlimited hay and a variety of veggies with the occassional fruit. They have a good quality pellet and are very loved. They get to spread their little feet in their playpen (not as often as I'd like) but with their cage being so huge and someone's always got someone out holding, cuddling, grooming, they get their share.

Ok, I've rambled on enough. Good luck. And please, please rescue from a shelter or rescue near you. When you're ready, the members can help you with links to find the perfect match.

04-16-06, 08:12 pm
Im not at all ready yet.
But ill ask my parents in a couple days or so, and start raising money fr a cage and the piggy.
I dont think we have a rescue centers where i live.
Im in Southern Florida...

04-16-06, 08:22 pm
I dont think we have a rescue centers where i live

You'd be really surprised. Check out www.Petfinder.com (http://www.Petfinder.com)

I bet there are TONS of piggies just waiting to be adopted by you!

04-16-06, 08:34 pm
Southwest FL/
SarasotaSarasota Guinea Pig Rescue (http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/FL131.html)Laurie Johnson
muchelli hotmail

04-16-06, 08:37 pm
You'd be really surprised. Check out www.Petfinder.com (http://www.Petfinder.com)

I bet there are TONS of piggies just waiting to be adopted by you!

I remember that place.
I just went to it and there are a couple in my area.
When im ready to get a piggy im adopting from there.

EDIT: Just checked again, there are tons!!

EDIT (AGAIN): I want 2 girls, bad news: most except for a couple are boys... :(

04-16-06, 08:42 pm
Boys are just as good :).

It's really great that you're going to adopt, and I'm happy to hear that you will wait until you're ready. Meanwhile, just keep researching, you can never know enough!

04-16-06, 08:43 pm
So, wait until there are girls. Be patient. Didn't you say that you don't even have parental permission on this yet? What's wrong with saving boys? Saving a life is saving a life - sex of the pet hardly matters.

04-16-06, 08:43 pm
I have a reason for wanting 2 girls:

2 Girls would get along.
And neutering a male would cost alot of money... :guilty:

04-16-06, 08:47 pm
Two boys would get along too, if you have a big enough cage. Keep reading and you will find that it's just a myth that boys won't get along. One member here has seven, all in one cage, and all get along just fine.

You don't need to neuter them if they are both boys. Neutering does not change the behaviour of guinea pigs. It's not necessary unless you have a mixed-sex pair. HOWEVER, some rescues even neuter animals before they let you adopt them.

04-16-06, 08:52 pm
Kudos on researching before adopting. I have 3 boys that live fine together in a big cage, they even live right alongside 2 girls and they still don't fight.

04-16-06, 09:02 pm
Arent bin cages to small?
My hamster is in a bin cage.
But im scared that (well i know) i cant sex animals for my life, (unless they are cats or dogs)
And if i got them mixed up i definetely dont want pups!!

04-16-06, 09:55 pm
Yes of course bin cages are too small. You can build a proper cage for about $35, www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com) .

You can get the shelter to sex them for you. If you're unsure, you can ask your vet to do it.

04-17-06, 11:56 am
We dont have any "Exotic Animal Vets" around here, and i think they are too small to go to the Happy Animal Hospital (where my dog goes for check-ups).
But is something ever goes wrong ill call them up and ask them.

I also just got permission from my mom to start saving up for them.
And she said shell talk to my dad.
Also i need everyone to help me make a shopping list of things to buy.
I know for a fact i want the perfect-sized C & C cage for 2 pigs.

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 12:04 pm
Go ahead and give your current vet a call now. If they can not or will not see guinea pigs, they might know of someone who can. I know some of the practices around here only have 1 exotics vet, so if you call up, they are likely to say they don't take cavies unless you know that person's name.

For the cage, if you want something basic, look at the directions and measurements on the homepage for a 2X4 C&C cage. That's slightly bigger than the minimum and an excellent starter. If you can go bigger, definitely go for it.

04-17-06, 12:13 pm
Ill try to look for the number in a second.
But when i clicked on "Store" from Cavy Cages, how big really is the extra-large?
Is it sutable for 2 cavys?

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 12:17 pm
The extra large is big enough for three, so two would have loads of room. You can easily build one for cheaper though, but buying one of those is an excellent option in case you have problems finding materials.

04-17-06, 12:21 pm
Ill look into it about how miuch would it cost?
I just called Happy Animal Hostpital and they said thye do check-ups or whatever for Pigs, and hamsters.
(I asked about both since i also have a hammy.)

04-17-06, 12:23 pm
I paid $35 for mine, Canadian. So yours should be even cheaper!

04-17-06, 12:25 pm
In many cages ive seen they put it on the carpet w/ out the Coroplast.
Wh ydo they do that?
Poop would get everywhere!
The coroplast keeps the bedding in the cage, and not all over the floor right?

04-17-06, 12:33 pm
Oh, that's just for floor time, so the piggies can run around for exercise.

Yes, the coroplast keeps the bedding in. You can also look up fleece in the bedding area for an alternative bedding.

04-17-06, 12:39 pm
Can you guys help me make a shopping list?
For some reason in the picture the extra-large looks extra small.
In feet about how large is it?

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 12:46 pm
Click home at the top of the page and look at the chart in the middle of the page. The extra large is a 2X5 cage, approximately 28"X70" or a little over 2 feet by 5 feet.

04-17-06, 01:00 pm
Click home at the top of the page and look at the chart in the middle of the page. The extra large is a 2X5 cage, approximately 28"X70" or a little over 2 feet by 5 feet.

Ill have to measure the area ive decided to put the cage, and see if its large enough!
Be right back, ill leave an update.

04-17-06, 01:48 pm
Ok i cant find a tape measurer or a ruler, ill do it another time.
For now i need to just try to make a shopping list, can anybody help?

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 02:49 pm
Check out this thread. It has good beginnings of a list of necessities for you.

04-17-06, 04:54 pm
Ok so i found out the measurements for that area:
(All my stuffed animals are there currently but ill put them somewhere else to make room for the piggy cage.)

Its 2 Feet & 11 Inches by 3 Feet & 4 and a half Inches.
Is that big enough?
I think its a pretty big space!

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 05:04 pm
You could fit the "small" cage that you can order or a 2X3 grid C&C cage in that space. You have 35"X40". It's still big enough for 2 pigs, but it would be a tight fit, and I'd recommend girls over boys in a cage that size.

04-17-06, 05:15 pm
Is it hard to make a 2-Story cage??
How can i make that?
It would give them more space!

PS: An di think id have room for the Medium...

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 05:21 pm
You don't have 50" in either direction, and that is the long side measurement of the cage. Maybe you can move some more things around to get a few more inches.

04-17-06, 05:40 pm
Hmm maybe.
Now im thinking ill just make a 2-Story Cage.
Is that hard?

04-17-06, 05:48 pm
LilSweety, if you haven't read the rules yet, you might want to take a look at them. I have noticed you are lacking some capitalization and punctuation in many of your posts. We are pretty strict here about posting. Posting rules can be found here: http://www.cavycages.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27&a=7

Also just some FYI (for your information), you don't have to put each sentence on a new line. There is a word wrap that will automatically wrap your sentence down to the next line.

04-17-06, 05:52 pm
It's not really hard, but it doesn't count for floor space. And the ramp will take up their running room on the first floor. I would try really hard to rearrange first, and then if you can't look through the photo galleries for a 2x3. And I would follow PM’s suggestion about two girls for that small of a cage.

04-17-06, 05:52 pm
I know i dont have to put each sentence on a new line, but i just think (my opinion) it looks better!
And is it ok if i dont use aphostrophese(?), because i dont like them... i dont even use them in school...
BTW, ill read the rules now.

Percy's Mom
04-17-06, 05:54 pm
No, it's not OK. Please post properly with whatever punctuation is correct for what you want to say.

04-17-06, 06:00 pm
Does anybody have any advice for creating a 2-Story house for 2 Pigs?
Help would be greatly appreciated if given!

04-17-06, 06:04 pm
Have you looked in the multi-level photo galleries? That's a great place to start.

Great job on your posting! Now just keep it up.

04-17-06, 06:06 pm
I'll (look an apostrophe!!) try to keep this good posting thing up!
I'm now about to take a look at the photos and hopefully get some good ideas!

04-18-06, 03:50 pm
Ok so I'm trying to start my List:

The 1st Thing I'll try to raise up money for are these grids.
How many should i buy of these to create a nice big home (maybe a 2-story) for 2 guineas (of any sex)?


04-18-06, 04:06 pm
It took me a while to count, but that comes with 16 cubes (good price by the way!). It takes 12 cubes to make a 2x4. I bought two packages of 12 cubes and used 7 to make a 1x2 upstairs, then I bent the remaining ones and used them as a ramp.

04-18-06, 04:13 pm
I emphathize for you and your loss. It is never easy to lose a loved one, animal or any being. I have cried for the loss of my pet rats many times. They were good buddies and nearly always with me. It is funny to see reactions in public. Just know hinesight is 20/20 and you did not have it with your first little piggie. Now you know to research and learn more first. Know that your first piggie came in to your life to teach you a valuable lesson on how to provide a good home to new piggies in your life. Thank Snow for teaching you such a valuable lesson and accept you did your best with the knowledge you had.
Growing pains are always tough, and you will always miss him. Now he is in your heart to help you with new piggie lives in your life. :)
Hang in there and try GOOGLE.com for research, there are many many articles to be read on guinea pigs. I am currently researching myself. I really like this site so far. Everyone here has been very supportive and kind during my introduction today.

04-18-06, 04:38 pm
It took me a while to count, but that comes with 16 cubes (good price by the way!). It takes 12 cubes to make a 2x4. I bought two packages of 12 cubes and used 7 to make a 1x2 upstairs, then I bent the remaining ones and used them as a ramp.

So I should just get 1? Its hard to decide between pink & purple... :p
I'll get the Coroplast after awhile... Is it hard to cut?!

04-18-06, 04:38 pm
Thanks for the warm welcome janetangel!
Welcome also to you too!

04-18-06, 05:53 pm
So I should just get 1? Its hard to decide between pink & purple... :p
I'll get the Coroplast after awhile... Is it hard to cut?!

One packages for a 2x4, and you'll have grids left over, two packages if you want to be fancy and built more floors and the like.

The coroplast cutting takes a bit of practise. The first time I did it, I used a dull exacto knife, and it was awful. The second time, I figured out how to do it and used a better knife, and it was easy in comparison. It takes a bit of work, but is well worth the results.