View Full Version : LiL Louie lost his Blacky last night

04-13-06, 04:20 pm
My son Louie lost his first pet last night. Blacky was a 5 year old Crested Guinea Pig. He was very upset but he is doing better today. We burried him in the backyard and put bricks and rocks around for a plot. Louie put a flower on top :weepy: He wants to get another one maybe next week.

04-13-06, 04:23 pm
Aww, it's so hard for kids to lose a beloved pet. Tell him he was a great daddy to Blacky. When you're ready, please look into adopting a guinea pig, rather than buying one. www.petfinder.com

04-13-06, 04:24 pm
Oh no! What happened?

04-13-06, 04:27 pm
He got an invection in his bottom half (private parts) and under his chin was all yellow and wet. By the time I went over and saw him and had his Mom take Blacky to the vet,it was to late. The Vet gave him medicine but Blacky died the same day.

04-13-06, 05:32 pm
It sounds like they should have gotten him to the vet a lot earlier. Maybe you should discourage them from getting another pig until they can afford medical care and learn how to properly treat them? It sounds like the little guy had malocclusion.

Sorry for the loss, poor Louis.

04-22-06, 03:03 pm
dude, i feel for you

04-22-06, 03:24 pm
Awww so sorry to hear that! And Nonamian_Girl: I'm sure they were good owners since he had lived to 5, which is a normal life span for a pig. (If I'm right...) Maybe they did'nt get to the vet on time, but we don't know that part of the story, at least they took him, and got him treated though. Sorry little Blacky didn't make it.

04-23-06, 10:06 am
I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure Blacky knows he was greatly loved and will always be very much missed by the family. Make sure you let Louie know that Blacky had a very happy life and he is in a very good place now. The pain does ease.

Getting another guinea pig is a good idea if you are sure you can provide the level of care cavies need. There is an awful lot more to guinea pigs than most people realise, so many still offer just the basic care of a hutch, water and food, considering anything else to be extras. I'm not saying this applies to you, but it is important you understand just what having a guinea pig entails, starting with the fact that you really should keep two guineas together instead of a lone piggy.

I know you mean well, nonamian_girl, but I get the idea that Louie is a young boy. The family took Blacky to the vets maybe a little too late but at least he got some kind of treatment.

Thinking of you at this sad time, orbie. xx