View Full Version : Error message when uploading pictures

05-19-04, 03:16 pm
Well i keep getting this error msg when i upload photos i have a picture of it so Teresa can i send it to you to your email.................... Its Says Sorry this image type (6) is not supported yet. Which doesnt make sense since its a friggin Jpg file tooken right off my digicam.Any answers

05-20-04, 12:16 pm
If you emailed me, I didn't get it. Do you have any image editors? Try uploading into one of them and then resaving it as a jpg.

05-21-04, 09:29 am
i didnt send it but im sending right now.....

05-21-04, 07:09 pm
It uploaded okay for me. I uploaded it under your userid. Maybe it was just that one? Let me know if you have any other uploading errors. I assume you didn't make any changes to the file that you sent me versus the one you were trying to upload. Not sure what to tell you.