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04-08-06, 07:37 pm
I was just talking to my friends mom about a C&c cage and how its better than a petstore cage wich they now have. I was showing her pictures of bunny cages off this site and the ones with the attached play pin and she said theyll make two for both their rabbits!!! I feel great for helping my friend maybe the bunnys can get more excersize now!!:)

04-09-06, 11:35 am
My friends mom is thinking of making a C&C cage now that I talked her into it so I was wondering what size does it have to be for a rabbit that is about a little more than a foot long? Also how big a cage for a rabbit that is about 3/4 a foot long? Thanks for all the help in advance everyone. Im really excited that she decided to finally make a c&c cage. Do you think the supplies would be less than about 100-120 dollars in USA money? Thats how much she said she is willing to spend.

Percy's Mom
04-09-06, 11:55 am
I_<3_cavies -
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Unfortunately, I know very little about rabbits, but I know we have some very knowledgable folk around here, so I feel certain they will come up with the information for you. As far as the money goes, I would think that the cage can be built for less than $120.

04-09-06, 12:14 pm
Are the rabbits together or seperate?
How much time will they be spending in the cage?

04-09-06, 12:20 pm
No the rabbits arent together becuase they fight even though one is nuetered so separate and she said shell make a play pen and attach it to 1 cage one day and the other the next and keep switching everyday. Sorry Percys mom I didnt think of the question until today.

Percy's Mom
04-09-06, 12:26 pm
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04-09-06, 12:34 pm
Okay I will be sure to do that.

04-09-06, 01:38 pm
Bunnies need alot more room then guinea pigs, I believe mostly down to the whole hopping thing if she is going to build them a cc cage a good size is a 2x4 the four because of running space 3x4 would be perfect but I think is pushing it. If they do not get along I would build the cages on top of each other but not stacked directly because it is hard to cleen 2 grids high is great if you can do it because they need room to streach up if not a 2 level cage would be perfect about not putting them on top of each other a great thing to do it like on the first 2x4 but the 2nd on top but only cover 1x4 then make some legs to support it. cc cages in America are cheaper to make then in england I think you can get it all done for the amount of $120

04-09-06, 01:50 pm
Hmm. She though it was going to be smaller like the biggest they have room for is a 2x3 for each. Do you think that would work with 2 levels???

04-09-06, 03:01 pm
I have a 9 week old (I think thats right) holland lop in a 2X3 temporarily and he hates it. He is pretty small too, but we also give him usually around 2-4 hours a day of free run in the living room (almost all the way potty trained, yay!), but even still he hates his cage and so I am going to build him a much bigger multi level, I was looking in the gallaries and some of them are just outstanding, getting some good ideas. Personally I think as long as its multi level and they get floor time and such, the bigger one is the one I would worry about the most because he is bigger and a 2X3 would probably be to small, maybe a 2X4 with a second level? Good luck and good job!

04-10-06, 06:53 pm
I think each cage should have at least two levels since rabbits love jumping up on them. Is there any way they could section off an area of the house for the rabbits to exercise in each day? Like the kitchen or even an unused garage? I hate to think of any rabbit being stuck in a cage all day--even a big one. If they only have room for a 2x3 then make it three levels, but the rabbits will need large pens to exercise in. I would personally reccomend a 2x4 or larger. If they get puppy exercise pens (or something similar) they can fold up when not in use.

04-10-06, 08:57 pm
Yeah they run around in my friends room.

04-11-06, 06:11 am
The cage should be no less than 4 of their body lengths.... so she should build them at least 2x4. This will give them enough room to hop around, otherwise they will be too confined. Having an attached playard is great. Is their anyway she can split the playard in half to allow extra running room for both rabbits at all times of the day? Perhaps create a wall between them as separation. I would keep it solid though if they don't get along otherwise close exposure through wire fencing could stress them.

Rabbits love to jump so having a 2nd story on their cage is only a benefit. My rabbits love to be on the 2nd story because it brings them closer to your height.

Creative Toy ideas:
I hang a Parrot toy cowbell where they jump up & down... they love to grab and ring it. They also love to chew on the wood blocks that are also on the same parrot bell chain.

Another great toy (my favorite) they love is a cardboard cement tube. I get them in 6-8ft lengths at Home Depot and cut them in half. I stuff the middle with hay or put their ball in the middle. They love to chase each other in and out of the tube. It is also something they can chew at. It gives them a man-made burrow to hide in when they are scared as well.

Hope this info helps! It's important to give the bunnies things to keep them busy so they don't get bored. If only one of the bunnies is neutered, perhaps they will get along if both are neutered... this happened to me. My buns love each other dearly now that they are both neutered. Before they were neutered we'd have fighting and clumps of fur flying if they both got out at the same time.

04-15-06, 11:00 am
Recentally I have been painting rooms in my house so I had to move my rabbit into a 2x3 temporelly and he hated it he started losing weight and pulling out his fur because he thought it was to small, I would still try and push for a big cage.

Two levels are good though.