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04-09-06, 08:07 am
This is in memoriam of my friend's guinea pig, Pickles; my pigs' (Queen and Lola's) brother. He passed away on Friday at the age of 2yrs, 4mos.

About a month ago, Pickles started to stop drinking and he didn't show enthusiasm over eating anymore. My friend, Chelsea, took him to the vet, who said it was vitamin C deficiency. He gave her some liquid drops to feed by dropper. Then about a week and a half ago, she told me what had happened at school, and gave me the symptons. Pickles was sluggish, not drinking or eating as much, his breathing was raspy, he was sneezing and coughing more, and he had trouble going to the bathroom, he would "scream" when he tried to urinate. I told her that it was not C deficiency. I told her it sounded like a UTI and perhaps pnuemonia or a URI. So I gave her the number to my vet on Thursday, after she tried to find some others and help Pickles. He just kept declining, and on Friday she told me he looked lifeless, so they took him off to the vet.

After running some tests the vet (who is a very good one) said that Pickles did, indeed, have a bladderstone, quite a big one. Normally, they could take care of it, but she also diagnosed him with severe pnuemonia, so they couldn't give Pickles anesthetics to remove the stone. They had to put him to sleep. But Pickles was suffering a lot, the pnuemonia really took a toll on him, and now he doesn't have to suffer anymore. We have a lot to be thankful for: at least Chelsea went to a good vet so Pickles didn't have to die slowly or painfully, and at least he was comforted when he went.

We'll miss him a lot, but we've got our memories. He really was a great little piggy. He weighed over 3lbs, and never stopped begging for veggies! He was a great cuddler too! I'm a little upset because if the original vet had diagnosed Pickles correctly, he probaby could have been saved. But by the time Chelsea took him to my vet, his illness had progressed so much they couldn't do anything about it. Below are some pictures I took of him while petsitting one day. Rest well, Pickles. We love you. :love:

This was when the pigs were about 10mos old. Chelsea brought Pickles over to my house, and Queen and Pickles dressed up in my stuff from Hawaii. They were so cute.

This is from when I was petsitting him. It took him forever to hold still!

A candid from the "shoot".

04-09-06, 12:22 pm

this has made me cry, he was such a sweet piggy...

How sad that he couldn't be saved...


04-09-06, 02:23 pm
He was so adorable. RIP Pickles.

04-09-06, 05:38 pm
I am so sorry for your lost. He was absolutley adorable!
RIP Pickles.

04-10-06, 10:12 pm
Wow...your story is extremely touching and resembles Peanut's very very much! Peanut too passed this morning. I am lucky too to have taken him to a vet to put him to sleep because he too was suffering. The bladder stone was too big and he ended up not being able to urinate at all because the stone blocked it.

I hope that Pickles and Peanut can unite up in the Rainbow Bridge! I'm sure they will console each other!!!!!


04-11-06, 06:03 am
Two good things to be said....He had a lovely life and he is no longer in pain. Think of it that way.

Rest in peace Pickles.

Texas Cavys
04-12-06, 06:49 pm
I am so sorry for your lost., atleast he had a great home.

04-13-06, 07:45 am
Thanks for all the kind words guys. :)

04-13-06, 07:59 am
Aww thats so sad. RIP.

04-13-06, 01:06 pm
I am so sorry. Losing any animal is so hard. RIP Pickles.

04-13-06, 01:36 pm
:hug: He looked like such a sweet little pig. I'm so sorry.