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04-08-06, 06:29 pm
Today I was at the local fairgrounds trying to get my avon buisiness going...(yea contact me at [email protected] if you want some avon products.) Anyway I headed down to the rabbit area just to look. I had this feeling to go in. I had no intention of buying a rabbit. I am getting ready to move for college and although I have an apartment and can have a pet I didnt really want that responsibility while having to worry about school and my buisiness. As I was looking I came up on a cage with a young dwarf bunny. It had a broken leg and was extremely skinny. I continued walking down the cages and I found this other little dwarf. This one was very very skinny and was obviously incontinent. Once the rabbit saw me he took all the strength he had and jumped up to the door. (He can hardly stand on his back legs because he has no muscle) He had that look that said just take me please....It was like he chose me. Well the bidding started. I ended up getting them both for $7.00. The one with the broken leg died immediently because of shock. I took the other one home and gave it a bath, clipped off the fur matted with feces, trimmed nails, and gave him some pellets mixed with water. Hes been eating (of course I am rationing) but I am still worried. Hes obviously sick and I dont have the extra $$ for a vet bill. Is their anything I can do to help increase his chances of survival? He is also in the house by the way. Thanks!

Percy's Mom
04-08-06, 06:43 pm
You call around to vets and see if one will let you bring him in and pay on a payment plan. I hate to sound cold, but if you can't get a vet to see him, and get him some medical treatment, the best you can probably do is feed him, keep him clean, and try to keep him comfortable until he dies.

04-08-06, 06:56 pm
Absolutley heartbreaking. :sad: