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04-07-06, 04:20 pm
Every since Bunny died last November from Myxi I have been trying to persuade my parents to let my other two rabbits live indoors, but with no luck. Our house isn't very big and we have alot of wires loose! Since it's been 4months I don't think that they are going to budge. However, I thought of another idea. Could I keep them indoors at night and then let me out in the garden during the day. That way they won't be running about the house 24/7 and I won't need to bunny proof everything. Would the temperature change be too much for them? Night is the coldest part of the day so I thought it would be best to keep them indoors at that time. I thought that I could keep them indoors from 7pm-11am and that way they would be out running about for 8hours.

Also space is a huge issue. I can only build a 2 leveled 3X3 and their cage would have to go under my pigs cage.
The pink is the first level and the red is the second level. The other problem is fleas. I believe Bunny caught Myxi from one of my cats fleas, he goes over to the field opposite my house which has wild rabbits in. I now treat both the cat and rabbits every month with advantage.

I want them indoors 24/7 but I doubt my parents will ever budge. Does this sound like a bad plan? It's the only thing I can think of. Predators come out at night and at least they would be indoors, but I am worried about the temperature change and how they would re act to being indoors.

04-07-06, 04:25 pm
It sounds like a good plan but why is the secound level larger then the first? Also is there no way you can make it a x4 because rabbits do need to be in a long cage.

04-07-06, 04:26 pm
The picture is a big confusing.. The first level is a 3x3 and the second is a 1x3&1x2. A 3x3 would take up half the room as it is, I wish I could expand to a 3x4.

04-08-06, 07:43 am
3x3 would be fine as long as it's not a really big bun. It's not all that hard to rabbit proof either, if you're going to be watching the bun while he's out. I found two things in the electronics section of a hardware store that work well for covering wires. One is flexible tubing with a slit down the side, you open up the slit and put the wire in. What I actually use is the spiral wrap type. It spirals like an old fashioned telephone cord but tighter, and you wrap it around the wires. It works really well. I know other people that use aquarium tubing or pvc pipes, although your parents might not like the pvc because it's really noticable.

I'd also highly recommend getting the rabbit vaccinated for myxi and VHD.

04-08-06, 07:51 am
My rabbits are now vaccinated agains't myxi and when I go again next month I am going to get them vaccinated agains't VHD. I am not taking the chance again. We have wires everywhere, it's a good thing we don't have any small children in the house. My rabbits are both almost 7lb so there not small but their not large either!

My dad said that as a compromise he will build be a large and more secure hutch outside. I made a plan:
It's a bit small but I hope you can see it. This cage would be 6ft x 3ft conncected to a 2ft x 2ft. They would also have a 3ft x 2ft upper level. Each level will be 2.5ft high.

04-08-06, 08:01 am
I just asked again, mum said that there is too many animals in the house as it is. Currently I have 9pigs and a cat in the house; and some fish!

04-13-06, 06:10 am
Sounds like quite the zoo! You obviously love animals. I think it's nice that your dad is willing to compromise and build a bigger secure cage outside.

It would be nice though to bring them inside just for the night.

04-13-06, 10:00 am
Do you think it is ok to build a C&C cage outside in the shed? I was thinking that a hutch would keep them warmer in the shed but a C&C cage would be bigger and nicer!

04-15-06, 10:57 am
You should sleep in the shed one night and she if it is to cold for you if it is they cant sleep in there but then im guessing a cc cage in the shed is warmer then a hutch in the garden.