View Full Version : How do I open attachments?

04-06-06, 10:58 am
I've noticed many post with "attchments". How do I open them.
The info on faq was not helpful. It said to click the attachment icon but where is that?

04-06-06, 11:24 am
Are you talking about thumbnail pictures at the bottom of thre post, links to websites or pictures that appear as a white square with a red X in it?

04-06-06, 11:29 am
an example . .

I know what links to websites are and what pictures that appear as a white square with a red X in it are.

04-06-06, 11:34 am
You should just be able to left click on the thumbnails (that's what those are) to enlarge them

04-06-06, 11:38 am
What square? If i right click anywhere in the post All i get is the options: back, select all, properties etc. .

Here is another example
supposedly the pics are in the first post but i see nothing!!!
but the post.

04-06-06, 11:43 am
for the thread in my above post, this is what I see . .

04-06-06, 12:19 pm

Check this setting on your profile:

My Profile -> Edit Options -> Thread Display Options -> Visible Post Elements

If that's not it, then something on your PC is blocking the images.

04-06-06, 12:27 pm
Options are ok

Visible Post ElementsYou have the option to show or hide various elements of messages, which may be of use to users on slow internet connections, or who want to remove extraneous clutter from posts.Show Signatures
Show Avatars
Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)
Thread Display ModeHere you can choose the display mode for threads. For a full explanation of the modes, please view this help page (http://www.cavycages.com/forum/faq.php?faq=vb_board_usage#faq_vb_threadedmode). Linear - Oldest First Linear - Newest First Threaded Hybrid Thread Display Mode: Number of Posts to Show Per PageUse this option to set the number of posts to show in a thread before splitting the display into multiple pages. Use Forum Default Show 5 Posts Per Page Show 10 Posts Per Page Show 20 Posts Per Page Show 30 Posts Per Page Show 40 Posts Per Page Number of Posts to Show Per Page: Default Thread Age Cut OffYou may specify a time period from which to display threads. Threads older than the age you specify will not be shown. Use Forum Default Show threads from last day Show threads from last 2 days Show threads from last week Show threads from last 10 days Show threads from last 2 weeks Show threads from last month Show threads from last 45 days Show threads from last 2 months Show threads from last 75 days Show threads from last 100 days Show threads from last year Show all threads Default Thread Age Cut Off: Member info diplay position in threadsChoose the position where you prefer to see member names, avatars, and info displayed in thread listings TopLeft Member info diplay position in threads:

I can view everything else.

I can view images that are hosted elsewhere and have a direct link to like this one . http://www.cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11111

BTW, "man, this pig is sooooo cute!!!!!"

This is frustrating. All I can think about is all the stuff i'm missing out on . .

04-06-06, 02:12 pm
I think you need to do a few tests regarding your environment.

If you have multiple browsers on your machine, like IE and Firefox, try both or all of them. If you don't have multiple browsers, consider downloading one and trying it.

Next, try logging on and viewing the same threads from different machines.

Then perhaps we can start to narrow down the problem.


04-10-06, 02:44 pm
I am using IE 6.0 I also tried viewing images wtih firefox on same pc. Nothing. I tried vewing the forum on my kids pc and I saw the images just fine. So I guess it has to be my pc. I went to the vBulletin website thinking it could help me figure out the problem but quickly realized it isn't geared for users like me. Only admin and hosts. So I'm really bummed cause I wanted to see your new animated avatar and can't it's just static to me.
Is there any way you or someone else might be able to help me trouble shoot?