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04-05-06, 09:48 pm
Greetings and salutations,

My name is angela, and in 4 days we will be adding 2 members to our family.
We are adopting from the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig rescue. We went to visit their facility last Saturday, and the whole family had fun building our CC cage. Right now it is 2x3 on the bottom and 1x3 on the second story. I also ziptied 11 more grids together to expand their home for excercise, or use as play pen. I have my hay, my oxbow cavy cuisine, water bottles, my home grown supply of wheatgrass and parsley ready, and the rest of our bedding supplies I am buying from the rescue.

I am sooo happy to have found this site, and thankfully better educated than I was before-hand. (We were actually going to buy a *starter kit* with cage and Petsmart piggies) God love the internet!!!

I am so excited and looking forward to this new chapter in our families
lives!! If Sunday will *EVER* get here!!

If anyone has any advice to forward that would be awesome. As I said they will be our first little furry family member!! I was always an iguana-girl.

Well have a great evening!!


04-05-06, 09:53 pm
Congrats, looking forward to pictures :).

As for advice, I found this thread to be really helpful: http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11278

But we'll answer your questions as they come up. Good luck with everything!

04-06-06, 07:06 pm
Awsome. We want pigtures as soon as possible! Good luck and enjoy your new family members.

04-07-06, 06:20 pm
Congrats! We want pigtures!!!!!!

04-07-06, 08:11 pm
Congratulations and welcome!

04-14-06, 02:18 pm
Yeah I finally have some pics. I can't wait for a better camera so I can get some better close-ups!!

This is Boyd the Abby and Cosmo the sheltie.



Cosmo is the laid-back one and Boyd is the class clown--interior decorator.

04-14-06, 04:56 pm
Aw they're sweet looking. I love both of their colorings. Very cute.

04-14-06, 05:17 pm
They precious! I love their colors.