View Full Version : New cavy, do we need 2?

04-05-06, 07:42 pm
my daughter received a cute cavy baby yesterday. I have read that 2 are happier than one. If you agree could you please help me find a reputable source in Oklahoma City area.

04-05-06, 07:44 pm
www.petfinder.com is the best way to find one

04-05-06, 07:52 pm
Dangness, welcome!

I looked on the rescue page, and I did not see any OK rescues listed. I live in north Texas, and Texas Rustlers at www.theguineapigrescue.com (http://www.theguineapigrescue.com) has nearly 200 cavies in their program needing rescue. I'm not sure if that is too large of a commute for you.

www.petfinder.org (http://www.petfinder.org) is also good, as the other poster recommended. You can put in your zip code and see if any local rescues/shelters have piggers available.


04-05-06, 08:47 pm
Call your local rescues and shelters, they might have some and not list them, or they could let you know when they get some.

04-07-06, 11:48 pm
You have read right, two are much happier (most of the time) then one. This site does not support the breeding or selling of pigs due to the overpopultion crisis, lack of care many breeders offer their pigs, and the fact that sows have a 1 in 5 chance of dying of pregnancy related complications everytime they have a litter.

Petfinder is listing several pigs in Oklahoma, I am not so sure how near they are to you. Keep in mind that a lot of shelters do not list their pigs on their weblistings, it is best to call. Also vet offices can be a source of finding pigs, so can classified ads in your area. Just watch out for the back yard breeders trying to dump their stock!

Typically if you get a pig from a shelter, it is much healthier then petstores or even a lot of breeders.

04-10-06, 01:43 pm
Thanks so much. I am in the process of researching your leads for a healthy cavy.

04-10-06, 08:28 pm
Guinea pigs are herd animals and prefer to be in groups. Two would be good. I have seven girls and they all get along for the most part.

04-11-06, 06:13 am
Congrats and welcome.