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04-05-06, 03:57 pm
Hey everybody!

I'm newly registered here, but I'm not new to the guinea pig world...I was signed up on all the forums a few years ago, but then I lost interest (in the internet, not in my pigs!). But now I'm bored and really missing my boys!

Anyway, I'm in college now, living in the dorms so I'm not able to have my pigs here. I miss them so much! I have two boars, Levi and Ryan. They are brothers I adopted 3 or 4 years ago. They are both red and white crested.

So I'm here to look around and see everybody else's pigs since I hardly get to see mine!

See ya around!

04-05-06, 05:47 pm
Welcome to the forum! I see you're going to Carbondale. I had a friend who went to school down there. I'm sorry you can't take your guys with your. I'm sure you left them in great hands.

Feel free to ask questions. I love this place.

04-05-06, 06:33 pm
Yep! SIU is great! I love it!

If you're wondering, I left the boys in the loving hands of my Mom and 16 year old brother back at home. They take good care of them, I promise....if they didn't...I would probably have to move home!!

And thanks for the welcome!

04-05-06, 07:17 pm
No problem. I'm glad to hear that they're in good hands but I figured that much. Where are you from? I thought I saw you post somewhere that you're from Mattoon? Or am I just old? HaHa! I have a brother and his family who live in Mattoon. My other brother and his family and my mom live in Sullivan where I'm originally from. Ok, hijacking your thread, sorry.

Please provide us with pigtures. We LOVE pigtures! :)

04-05-06, 07:44 pm
Yep! I am from Mattoon! Usually nobody, even from IL, knows where that is! Crazy! I wonder if I know them....Haha!

I'll have to see if I can scrounge up some pics....most are on my old computer at home...

04-06-06, 06:54 pm
I doubt it. We lived in Sullivan most of our teenage life. I've been in Springfield for 14yrs this August. Whew long time!

Does it drive you crazy when the mispronounce Mattoon? Most of the news people around here say the a as a short a like in material instead of a long a like in match. Drives me nuts.

Welcome. It's nice to know that there are people close by who share my passion.

04-06-06, 08:03 pm
Oh my gosh, it definitely drives me nuts! I always tell people...you have to put that long country twang on it! Mattooooon, not Muhtoon. Haha!

Thanks again! :)

04-07-06, 06:18 pm
Welcome back!

04-07-06, 08:16 pm
Thank God you know what I'm saying. I think if you haven't lived in or near Mattoon, you mispronounce it. I always want to call up the radio or TV stations around here and tell them the correct way to pronounce it. Argh!

Well, welcome to the forum. Can't wait to see pigtures.

05-04-06, 01:18 pm
Hey again!

Sorry it took so long, but I finally found my pics! I knew I had some on this computer!

I just uploaded them onto the cavy slave folder for this site, I hope I did it right! http://www.cavycages.com/photos/data/500/yellow_020_1_.jpg
Levi, Toby, Ryan
I love this pic!

Here is Levi! He is my lover.

And here is grumpy Ryan. :)

And my poor little Toby. I just couldn't leave him out.
He was such a sweet lil guy. I rescued him from a friend's little sister who definitely didn't take care of him. I fixed him up as best I could, but I soon found out he had kidney stones. We did all we could for him. RIP I miss you Toby!

There are a few more pic in my gallery!