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04-03-06, 11:41 pm
I am Samantha and I have 3 guineas, and there names are Sugar and she is white with gray on her ears,feet,noise,and a little spot where her tail would be.She also has pretty pink eyes.
And there is Spice and she is cream and chocolate, with and thin white stripe on the left side between the to colors and has pretty dark eyes.
Last but not least, there is Half and Half and he has dark eyes and is white in the back,and cream in the front so that is why I called him half and half.
The other two I rescued from a woman that housed them with a rabbit out side and did not clean up after them. And on the way to my house they where in the back of her truck in the rain all day while she was in town. Then they met me and I had a nice warm house for they to live in, and now they are happy and making all there different noises and getting nice and plump. And I love them all and thanks for letting me join your group Sam:love:

04-04-06, 12:21 am
First off, welcome and of course we will want to see some pigtures.

And I am so glad that you rescued the 2. I just wish that people who get animals would know how to take proper care of them! Keeping them in a box in the rain, how would they to be in a box in the rain?:important It just makes me so :censored: mad!

Anyway, welcome and get some pigtures posted of your little darlings.:D

04-04-06, 01:06 am
I will try I have to ask my sister cause she has a camera that she puts stuff on the web and I don't. And Thanks for the Welcome Sam.:love: