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04-03-06, 07:38 pm

As the title pretty much explains, i really really want a piggie :) But i need to convince my parents to let me have one first. I am making them this awesome presentation/report, so they know that i am 100% serious, and that i have spent loads of time researching. I haven't really mentioned that i want a guinea pig to them yet, but i did say something to me dad (jokingly) a while back. You see, my dad willl be easy to convince, he used ot have lots of piggies when he was a child. My mom...well...she hates rodents, because they "look like rats/mice". But since guinea pigs dont really look like a rat/mouse, i think that it mighty be a little easier to convicne her :rolleyes:

If anyone has any ideas to convince parents to let me get a piggie, speak up! Also, if anyone has any questiosn about me, jsut ask.

~ Savvy

04-03-06, 08:08 pm
Well, some cute pictures which show how much they're not rodent like would probably help! Maybe you could find some for adoption on PetFinder and they'll fall in love and bring them home!

Make SURE to adopt. If you tell them how many homeless piggies there are out there, maybe they will have some compassion. I would also reccommend getting two instead of one, that way they will have each other to play with, and it really is more fun.

Also, parents always think in terms of money, so you should work out a plan with them. Show them how much the initial set-up fees will cost, including building the cage, etc, and work out a plan with them about how you will pay for their veggies, vet bills, etc.

You can also compare the pros of piggies next to other animals, ie they don't need walking like dogs, they don't have smelly litter like cats, they won't chew everything like small animals, etc. And the pros of course, are that they're cuddly, they're vocal and they're lovable.

Good luck!

04-03-06, 08:11 pm
Thanks for the ideas :) The pictures one is good, i'll definately do that!!! I am aslo going to lay out all the costs, and show them that i wont need them to pay for anything at all. As for the pros of piggies againsdt other animals...well...that would work if i didn't already have a cat, dog, and loads of fish...he he he

Thanks for the reply!

~ Savvy

Percy's Mom
04-03-06, 08:27 pm
Just don't forget when outlining costs that you need to set aside money for vet costs.

04-03-06, 09:31 pm
Ha ha this sounds somewhat similar to what I just did...well, not really I guess. I'm going to college in the fall and my parents and I have been arguing about where I will go so I made them a power-point presentation outlining the reasons why I want to go to a certain school. I made sure to include all of the possible expenses as well as a bunch of other stuff. Well, I think that you should make a power-point presentation for your parents outlining why you want guinea pigs. Be sure to include everything about costs of living, life span, nutritional needs, etc. You should check out www.guinealynx.com (http://www.guinealynx.com) and read EVERYTHING! As well as www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com) so you can figure out where you can put your cage as well as how you are going to build it, that site also has a ton of information about the care and keeping of pigs. Hopefully this helps. Good luck! (Oh, just a side note, please read the information about proper capitalization and posting etiquette, everyone on the forum will really appreciate it and it will save you from being yelled at and banned)

04-04-06, 04:00 pm
(Oh, just a side note, please read the information about proper capitalization and posting etiquette, everyone on the forum will really appreciate it and it will save you from being yelled at and banned)

Oopss...sorry :( I had looked through the etiquette, but I must have missed the part about capitalization. Sorry, I have been using forums for a long time, and I have become so used to typing the same way. I'll go read through the whole etiquette thing now.

~ Savvy

04-05-06, 05:27 pm
I can't wait to see your future pictures! Good luck with convincing your parents, the piggies really are worth it and I'm sure that you will give a great home to whichever piggie(s) you get.