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04-03-06, 01:25 pm
I know a whole bunch of gaming threads were recently deleted. So I should have lost a majority of my posts (I was very active in them). But I seem to have lost all of my posts.

So I was wondering if it was a mistake, or if I was demoted to a Cavy Cager because of being so new to the forum (or did I do something to bring the wrath of the mods upon me? :sorry: I hope not.)

Either way it's no big deal (unless I really did something wrong, I'd like to know what it was so I can apologize to the right people). I was just wondering.


04-03-06, 01:44 pm
When the new categories were put into effect, anyone who had been on the forum less than 30 days or people with less than 10 posts were turned into cavy cagers.

I don't know if deleting the threads (physically removing them from the forum) had anything to do with some people losing their entire post counts or not. I can have T check into that. I do know that anyone with under 500 total posts, I can fix your count. You weren't the only one that lost their entire post count.

04-03-06, 01:47 pm
No demotion that I know of took place and the mods share that info so we know what's going on. I'm not sure why you would lose posts that weren't in physically removed threads.

Your "demotion" to Cavy Cager happened automatically because with the changeover to the new titles you didn't (yet) fit the criteria for a Cavy Slave. You have 3 more days to go to get past the 30 day upgrade period and 7 more posts.

We'll look into it to see why other posts of yours may have disapeared but it may just be "one of those things".

04-03-06, 01:51 pm
I fixed your post count. When you view someone's profile there is an option to find all posts by user. If the total is under 500 I can fix it, if it's over 500, I can't because it only returns the last 500 posts made.

04-03-06, 01:53 pm
Darn it Ly, you are one step ahead of me today! I was just looking into that!

04-03-06, 01:54 pm
Thank you! I'm gald it wasn't because I did something bad. You guys made my day happy!