View Full Version : Buddy's flowers are growing!!

04-03-06, 12:32 pm
My first guinea pig died several weeks ago and I wanted to plant flowers near his grave. They are starting to sprout now yay!!:) Ill keep you guys posted on the progeress. R.I.P Buddy! I miss you soo much

04-03-06, 12:39 pm
Awww - I am glad they are growing. What a nice memorial!

Hugs - D

04-03-06, 12:42 pm
Thanks when they grow they will be so pretty!

04-03-06, 01:20 pm
They really well be. I know you loved Buddy, I am sure he will love the flowers.

04-03-06, 02:59 pm
How nice. I am sure he will love them.

04-03-06, 09:14 pm
I did love Buddy and he gets fresh grass everyday on his grave and sometimes a pigloo!

The Magic Taco
04-04-06, 04:08 am
That's so cool!

Where I bury my ex-pigs, grass grows from their graves.

04-04-06, 07:59 am
Awwww. That is both sad and beautiful at the same time.

04-05-06, 09:50 am
May Buddy's flowers represent the sweetness, and beauty that was in Buddy.

What a wonderful memorial. :goodvibes

04-05-06, 11:24 am
Thanks everyone Buddy was very sweet and beautiful.