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04-03-06, 08:52 am
As most of you know I lost my piggy Oreo almost two weeks ago. It has been a very difficult time for me and my children (this is the first pet they have lost). Although I still think about him all the time it is becoming a little easier and tears do not follow all the memories, only some. I know things will get better with time and I know in my heart I made the right decision.

I still have Oreo's cage connected to the others cage. I cleaned it completely out the day he was layed to rest. Since than it has been empty and only the white coroplast is at the bottom of the cage. It saddens me greatly when I go into my room and the bright white catches my eye. When I spend time with the others I can not help but think and look over at the cage Oreo onced resided in and miss him even more. When my other pigs are doing something, I know what Oreo would be doing at that time too. I can not seem to move on, nor do I have the heart to reconfigure the larger cage and move Oreo's completely out of there.
My husband is getting worried and says this is unhealthy and Oreo would not want me to do this. I know he is right, I really do, but it is just so hard.

My husband and I have talked in great length about all of this, we talked about taking down the grid dividing the cage and just open it up for the others making their cage bigger, but their cage is already huge for only four pigs. Well after thinking and much talking my husband thinks we should adopt two more boys and add Oreo's cage a hayloft on the top to make it accomadate two males. We had also talked about adopting two more females so instead we would only have one huge cage to clean. We went back and forth about that for a while and decided we would look into adopting two more boys and housing them seperate seeing there are so many more males in need of homes in our area. We have the room, I have the time, I definetly have enough love and I think maybe doing something positive like saving two more would be the right thing to do. I think that is what Oreo would want me to do.

We have contacted Janet (the lady I adopted Belle and Roxie from) and she has two males that need to stay together. We are going to pick them on this Sunday and make another day trip out of it. (She is about 4 1/2 hours one way away from me.) I am very excited and I wanted to share the new with all of you, I hope all of you can be excited for me:) Sticking with the Rocky and BullWinkle theme I currently have. . .Boris, Natasha, Roxie and Belle-Winkle, the two new boys are going to be . . . .(drum-roll please .. ..) Mr. Peabody and Dudley and here are the boys . . .


Percy's Mom
04-03-06, 08:58 am
That's so great Weaver! What happened to Sherman to go with Mr. Peabody though? ;) Just kidding. I'm sure Mr. Peabody and Dudley Do-Right will live long very happy lives with you.

04-03-06, 09:11 am
Weaver I am so happy for you. Those two boys are beautiful and they are going to have a wonderful mom to take care of them.

04-03-06, 09:16 am
I am glad that you are taking this step. I think it will go a long way to healing your broken heart!

They look like real sweethearts! I like Starsky and Hutch too though!

Slap Maxwell
04-03-06, 09:17 am
They are gorgeous. I am so happy for you.

04-03-06, 09:46 am
My son and I lost our first guinea pig, Midge just over a month ago now, so really appreciate where you're coming from. Just wanted to let you know that our new addition, Marble has helped enormously in the grieving process. It is a bit like starting a new chapter - it doesn't take away the grief, but is something new and positive to pour your energies into!
Here's to you all!!!

04-03-06, 10:02 am
Yay!! I'm so happy to hear you will be taking two more to feed those fit-for-a-king salads you make! What lucky pigs! Oreo would be proud. And you sure picked some cute ones... love the lilac and white!

04-03-06, 10:04 am
They are gorgous. Good luck and congrads Weaver.

04-03-06, 10:44 am
Congratulations! I'm sure saving 2 more boys is just what Oreo would want you to do! They are beautiful new piggies.

04-03-06, 11:07 am
They look adorable! And although they can never replace Oreo, I'm sure they will find their own place in your hearts. ANd it's such a nice thing of you to take them in also! :D

04-03-06, 11:19 am
Awwww, I think that is wonderful that you are giving two more piggies in need a WONDERFUL home! As others said they will not take Oreo's place but they will have places in your heart as well ... and Oreo would want this too!

Those boys are so cute! What a lovely addition to your family!!!

04-03-06, 11:25 am
Wow that is so great! I'm definitely excited for you!

Are you going to keep them in a separate area from the girls so they don't fight over them?

04-03-06, 11:39 am
Nonamian---yes I have to keep them seperated from the girls because Boris is in there with them. I am going to put them in Oreo's cage and make the coroplast go all the way up the grid so they can not see into one another's cage. The cages will be side by side but seperated by a grid and coroplast. That will be ok right? This is what the cage looks like but I will change the 1 x 2 on the top and make it a 2 x 2 with a ramp going to the downstairs 3 x 2. I know they should ideally have a 2 x 4 but Natasha and Roxie fight and I am afriad to take part of their cage out to give it to the boys. If the boys fight I will change it around somehow. This is the cage though (have to still make the 2 x 2 upstairs.) Oreo's cage is on the right hand side bottom and the loft will cover above that. Is that ok?? Will the boys fight? Janet said they are in a small cage now and get along great so I think this cage will feel "big" to them....????


Should I take the house out, put it downstairs and give the boys a stacked 3 x 3 and the others would than have a stacked 2 x 4 (just a reminder I have four pigs in that other cage).

04-03-06, 11:46 am
I think it is just going to be thing you figure out by trying different things out. They may be fine, being that close to the girls may make them fight with eachother. You won't know until you bring them home and try it out. Some male pairs do fine living beside women, others can't be in the same room, but you probably know that already! :)

04-03-06, 11:59 am
Dang, how do you clean that thing? It's humungous! Do you have to take the top off to clean?

04-03-06, 11:59 am
Now I am worried, I thought I had read that somewhere that males sometimes cannot be in the same room with females when housed seperate and someone else corrected me said that was not true.

If they are not fighting at the shelter, I hope they don't start when I bring them home. I honestly do not have another room that I can put them in. :(
Now I am worried. . . AGGHHHHH!!!!

04-03-06, 12:02 pm
Piggiemom---it is a lot of work and time to keep it clean (but part of that is just because I am a freek about it). The bottom grids all come off and the tray slides right out so it is not bad at all. The top all stays in place and I am only 5'2" so I only have to bend at the waist :) The hayloft tray slides completely out (it is a seperate piece) so I just take it outside and dump it. It really is not bad, hubby has done a great job making exactly what I wanted.

04-03-06, 12:05 pm
Now I am worried, I thought I had read that somewhere that males sometimes cannot be in the same room with females when housed seperate and someone else corrected me said that was not true.

If they are not fighting at the shelter, I hope they don't start when I bring them home. I honestly do not have another room that I can put them in. :(
Now I am worried. . . AGGHHHHH!!!!

Not fighting at the shelter is a good sign. Sometimes if they won't get along right beside the girls, just moving them a few feet away does help. It just may be you need a separate cage in the same room.

Lots of boars do get along in pairs near girls!

04-03-06, 02:25 pm
If you're too worried, maybe there's a pair of girls available?

04-03-06, 04:23 pm
WEAVER-I'm so happy for you and I LOVE the names and I love the piggies themselves. So handsome! I think I've seen other people who have both piggies have them in the same room (aqh88 for an example). If they're under the others, I'm thinking you'll be ok.

I can't wait to see how things go for you. Oreo would be very proud of you. Take care and keep us posted.

04-04-06, 06:40 am
I contacted Janet to hopefully put my mind at ease, and she did. She said she keeps all her boys and girls in the same room and side by side and has rarely ever had a problem. She said the boys are very bonded and may even enjoy "seeing" their neighbors and than if they were to start fighting I could put the coroplast up as a partition so they could not see into the other cage.

I know I had Oreo and Boris where they could see one another and they never fought through the grids. I had tried to introduce the boys on neutrel territory before and they did fight, but with the grids seperating them they were ok with that and just carried on life never bothering one another.

So Sunday it is, early in the morning we will head out to be there around 1:00 and we should be home by dinner. I am not looking forward to the driving :( I will keep you posted and I can not wait to hold my boys and bring them home :)

Slap Maxwell
04-04-06, 06:50 am
I had Maverick and Simon next to each other with girls and they only rumbled, nothing more.

Good luck Weaver. Drive safe.

04-04-06, 01:16 pm
Yeah for you and the boys! Sounds like a good plan. I hope you're feeling more positive now. I know it's a scary step but you'll be ok. And just think how lucky those boys are going to be when they get to come home to a great mommy and new siblings. Pictures! We'll want pictures as soon as possible. Drive safely!!

04-06-06, 01:00 pm

I am THRILLED for you and your new (pending) addition(s)!

You know you have to post pigtures ASAP! Be careful on the drive on Sunday. I'm really excited!


04-06-06, 01:08 pm
Size: Extra large. Hahahaha they are totally cute animals. Im sure everything will be cool between them just try it out if you are there watching them nothing bad can happen in a few minutes can it?

04-06-06, 01:15 pm
Congrats on your two gorgeous additions! Im sure it will all work out fine, oreo will live in your heart forever and will be so happy for you.

Drive safely!

04-06-06, 06:59 pm
This is awsome news. Drive safe. I'm sure those piggies can't wait to be home with you.

04-07-06, 06:21 pm
Congrats. Can't wait for the pigtures.

04-07-06, 07:46 pm
Now I am worried, I thought I had read that somewhere that males sometimes cannot be in the same room with females when housed seperate and someone else corrected me said that was not true.
It happens but not as often as most people think. I used to have boars and sows in a divided cage and there never was any fighting. I think a lot of it has to do with the pigs too. Just make sure the boys can't climb over the grids to get to the girls. You don't have to put up a full coroplast wall, but maybe build a semi-lid on the boys side where the cages meet.