View Full Version : Introducing me and my great ones

04-02-06, 04:01 pm
I'm Emily and I have 4 guinea pigs. Their names are S'mores, Holly Midnight, and Dexter. I would put pictures of them but they aren't very photogenic.:) I've had S'mores for 4 years, and when her two companions died, I got her Holly. Holly was pregnant, so I was gifted with Dexter and Midnight Dexter is going to be nuetered in July so then he will be happy.
I was wondering does anyone have any ideas to make Dexter happy before July, cuz he runs around his cage shrieking. He gets held ALOT and he's even louder if he is near the other guinea pigs. He gets running time almost every day too.

04-02-06, 05:04 pm
welcome to the forum! Would love to see pics!

04-03-06, 07:53 am
Pigtures pigtures!!!!!

04-03-06, 09:50 am
I'll try......two of them are all black so the camera messes them up, but I'll try to find a good picture of S'mores so you guys can see that......