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04-01-06, 01:57 pm
:heart: Hello to all of Cavy Cages. For those who do not know me or are new to the forum, I am Suzi of Suzilovespiggie. I am in the Southwest of the USA.
in Arizona. I have been on the forum for over a year. I was looking up GP's at work one night and came across Cavy Cages and I have never left At that time I had 3 boars. Gimli, Harold and Legelas. In April a dog killed Gimli and Harold. I then made a C&C cage with a lid and started a search for more piggies. I now have 7, one of which just came to my home yesterday. I have 3 boars. Legelas, Poncho, and Peppi. My 4 sows are:
Maggie, Madtilda, Teddy and Momma Piggie. (I just got her and haven't named her yet).

I have other animals as well (but I do love my Piggies) cats, dogs, rats and 1 rabbit.

Welcome one and all to Cavy Cages, the best GP site on the whole internet!

04-01-06, 04:44 pm
pictures please!

04-01-06, 05:22 pm
At this time I do not have a digital camera. I am going to see if my son will let me use his.

My Baby Mu
04-01-06, 09:50 pm
Congrats on the new piggies. I wan't pictures too (just force your son...).