View Full Version : Resurrection - the what's your name thread.

03-29-06, 01:12 pm
Since there are a lot of new members around... I shall start by introducing myself...

I'm Lorna!


03-29-06, 01:46 pm
Hi Lorna I'm Kerry.

03-29-06, 01:51 pm
Hi! I'm Christine.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 01:57 pm
Shafina Lorina Jofina Saquina JACKSON!!

Naw, Bailey.

Nice to meet you!

03-29-06, 01:58 pm
Hi, I am Debbie, and Scott comes on here too. :)
He doesn't post, just reads.
(Scott is my husband)

Percy's Mom
03-29-06, 02:07 pm
I'm Elizabeth. I also go by Liz or Libby.

03-29-06, 02:25 pm
I haven't posted much, but I am Shanda :)

03-29-06, 02:31 pm
I'm - uh - Niki.


03-29-06, 02:50 pm
Gee, I will give you all one guess!

Percy's Mom
03-29-06, 02:51 pm
Hmmm...is it Pigs?

03-29-06, 02:52 pm
Is it Uber????

03-29-06, 02:56 pm
Wait, I know it's &! nice to meet you &! I am not allowed to give my name out even to a lovely bunch of people like you. Thanks to the Trolls! lol Just call me pink! :)

03-29-06, 03:06 pm
Hey everyone!! I'm Lisa.

03-29-06, 03:12 pm
Gee, I will give you all one guess!

You're all wrong.

It's Plonker.

Cavie Cove
03-29-06, 03:17 pm
Well mine is Kirsty or noggin(my new favorite word and everyone is a noggin even the cat)

03-29-06, 03:56 pm
I am Stacy the great.

03-29-06, 03:58 pm
Well mine isn't to hard to figure out.

03-29-06, 04:05 pm
Oh, I forgot. It's Princess Niki when I'm here. :silly:

03-29-06, 04:12 pm
My name is really, really hard to figure out too.

03-29-06, 04:23 pm
I guess mine's pretty obvious too.

03-29-06, 06:03 pm
Hi I'm Michelle,

I'm kinda of new to the site, but I log on this site almost daily, reading for advice, I just do not get to post much.

03-29-06, 06:04 pm
My name is Veronica, and I'm a Guinea Pig Fanatic. *Sits down*

03-29-06, 06:20 pm
:o Hey everyone, my name is Carolyn

03-29-06, 07:47 pm
Hi im Niomie and I have a guinea pig obsession problem....lol

You can call me Fluff or niomie I dont mind which!

03-29-06, 08:37 pm
I'm Dominika, pronounced like the island, or Dominique-ah. My friends call me D :).

03-29-06, 08:59 pm
Hi! I'm Whitney.

My husband thinks this sounds like a roll call for the clinically guinea pig insane. I whole heartedly agree!

My Baby Mu
03-29-06, 09:20 pm
Hello, I'm Jessi (or Mu which ever you remember).

this sounds like a roll call for the clinically guinea pig insane
I prefer guinea pig addict...

03-29-06, 09:21 pm
Well, I'm sure you all know what my name is as well. Not too original when I picked this one out huh? Except it's Jenn with 2 Ns. :)

Oh wait, I'm too young to give out my name. TeeHee! I wish.

03-30-06, 01:18 am
My name is Kelly. Wow... people seem so much more real when you learn their real names. Happy to meet you all (and I really am happy, you can tell because I'm popcorning).

03-30-06, 02:09 am
I'm Laura-Anne. I don't like the Anne part of it though so I'm just Laura.

I love some of you guys' names. My mom and I were looking through some baby names yesterday and you would not believe some of the names suggested. Especially in the boys section. Absolutely incredible. Out of 7,000 names we got 10 girls names and 1 boys name.

03-30-06, 03:22 am
Hi I'm Merrit

03-30-06, 04:24 am
Hello everybody!!!!! I am known as Catherine. But you can call me Catherine. You know, I am soooo not going to remember everyone's name. But it's nice to have something to refer too if I want to call you all by your name names.

Hello Merrit.
Hello Laura.
Hello Kelly.
Hello Jenn.
Hello Jessi.
Hello Whitney.
Hello D.
Hello Niomie.
Hello Carolyn.
Hello Veronica.
Hello Michelle.
Hello Steph.
Hello Tasha.
Hello Princess Niki.
Hello Amber.
Hello Stacy.
Hello Kirsty.
Hello Lisa.
Hello Pink.
Hello Ly.
Hello Shanda.
Hello Elizabeth.
Hello Debbie.
Hello Scott.
Hello Bailey.
Hello Christine.
Hello Kerry.
Hello Lorna.

I didn't miss anyone did I?

03-30-06, 04:26 am
Wow, after reading my post, the word 'hello' seems to have lost all meaning.

03-30-06, 09:39 am
Well, I'm sure you all know what my name is as well. Not too original when I picked this one out huh? Except it's Jenn with 2 Ns. :)

Oh wait, I'm too young to give out my name. TeeHee! I wish.

For goodness sakes I thought you were G. And if you are too young to give out your name I must be what? An infant? Stacy the toddler checking in.

03-30-06, 07:08 pm
Well, Laura, I work with kids from birth to 3yrs of age. Some of the names I've seen would make your head turn. Very different and I'll leave it at that. Some parents spell they're kids' names phonetically.

And BG, *phlphlphl* :}

The Magic Taco
03-31-06, 04:57 am
I'm an Elizabeth too, Moto Head! (You don't know how long I've wanted to type that. I'm saying it in my head right now... Moto...)

Call me Libby, I never answer to Elizabeth.

03-31-06, 08:49 am
Hi, I'm Amanda and my husband is Matt.

03-31-06, 10:16 am
*raises hand* I'm Koh, here and accounted for. lol

03-31-06, 11:00 am
Hello, I'm Sue and I am a Cavy Cages/Cavyoholic

03-31-06, 12:18 pm
Hello All!

Im Carly Jay AKA Carly.....

Not too common is it?


03-31-06, 01:41 pm
Hello everyone....I'm Rhonda. Ya know, when I joined this site, and used twinkies (cause I have had it since 7 years), now I wish I had put something different. Oh well.....FYI my family, hubby included says my piggies are more spoiled than my grandkids! I say, I spoil them the same! hahahaha

03-31-06, 03:20 pm
Yumm....Twinkies. Now I am hungry.

04-01-06, 02:09 pm
Hello all. Legally I am Suzanne, but go by Suzi. I too am I piggie/aholic.

Texas Cavys
04-01-06, 04:14 pm
Hi i'm Sam I guess mine's pretty obvious

04-02-06, 11:26 am
Well, my given name is Marian, but I don't answer to that. I have always been called Munchkin. Of course being barely five feet tall may have something to do with that. I guess you just get used to a nickname and anything else seems really weird.

And hello to everyone.

04-02-06, 08:44 pm
I'm Susan. Obviously. :) No one ever calls me that, though - To my husband, I'm Honey Bunny. To my parents, I'm Toodles (don't ask) or Twinkle Toes. To my sisters I'm Susie (ugh) or SÜ-Bee. And at work I'm "PETA" or "Veg" - not a lot of vegetarians in my neck of the woods.

06-09-06, 11:36 am
I am Dr Dropping at work and Weasel to my friends.

06-09-06, 09:06 pm
Hi ya'll, I'm Cheryl

06-10-06, 12:41 am
Im Candice hello!

06-10-06, 01:22 am
I'm Sarah. Hi!

06-10-06, 08:33 am
Hi Guinea Pig Lovers!!!!!
Well, this isn't my name but I'm not allowed to give it out. Just call me Sara! P.S. The avatar is a picture of some piggie playing the piano!!!!!!!

06-10-06, 02:42 pm
hi I'm Tara

06-10-06, 07:44 pm
Hi I'm Jovita!

06-10-06, 07:49 pm
Mine's Ashley. pretty common, but it suits me.

06-10-06, 07:51 pm
My name is Josh.

06-12-06, 11:06 am
Hi everyone, I'm Jeannette.

06-12-06, 11:10 am
Hi, I'm Sari.

06-12-06, 11:44 am
I'm Becky, but I generally get called Beck, Becky Sue (I'm actually a Rebecca Susan), Bexter, or my fave, Bex (my website is even bexgd.com because I do graphic design). My sister used to call me Reba or Reebok when I was younger heh. And a lot of my friends who know my online nick call me just plain Chica or Chick.

I love nicknames :D

Fire Cracker
06-12-06, 02:16 pm
Hey, I'm Loren. Suprisingly I haven't heard that one yet. I know what yall mean about the weird spellings of names. My mom decided to spell mine name like a boy would! Oh well, nice to meat all of you.

Lucy's mom
06-12-06, 02:37 pm
Hi everbody! I'm Heather.

06-12-06, 02:56 pm
My name is Judy and I am crackers for piggers!

Glad this came up again because I have started keeping a list on my desk so when I pm someone, I can call them by name!!

06-12-06, 03:57 pm
Hello everyone ! my name is Ericka and I am a goofy Newfie !

06-12-06, 06:21 pm
Im an oldie coming back from a break. I'm Ashley lol.

Rosie D
06-15-06, 08:17 am
good morning my name is rosie and i am a piggy granny................my little piggy belongs to my son ben<age 23> who has moved to denver.

Rosie D
06-15-06, 11:49 am
I was wondering if my last post on this thread was deleted? If at times my grammar and spelling seem kind of weird it is because english is my 2nd language.my mother tounge is german.So please bear with me thanks :-)

06-15-06, 12:59 pm
It is right above your second post unless there was another post that I haven't see.

06-15-06, 01:25 pm
If at times my grammar and spelling seem kind of weird it is because english is my 2nd language.Thanks for letting us know this. We aren't as harsh on grammar and spelling as we are on using capitalization and punctuation. So as long as you remember to use capitalization and punctuation, there will be no problems.