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03-29-06, 10:48 am
It's going to be official! In a couple hours, I'm going to go pick up my new pig. This is the one on the site that I had my eyes on, and they said they still had guinea pigs. Hopefully that means he is included in the availablity. :silly: And I hope he is in fact a male. I'm worried about that happening, after reading about how many gender mix-ups happen with babies!

His profile on PetFinder:

Meatball will be so happy, I'm sure. I haven't gotten my grids in the mail, yet, to finish the cage for him.. but I have another store bought one I can quarantine Hewey in for the time being. He's still a baby, so I hope it won't stress him out too much, being in a 1x2' cage.

I'm just TOO excited right now.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 10:53 am
Good for you! I love PEWs.

03-29-06, 10:56 am
Good Luck!

He should be a male, the most common gender mix up is thinking that boys are girls because they can't see the penis, so if they think they saw "something" they probably did!lol

03-29-06, 11:06 am
I've actually have never seen a PEW guinea pig with me own eyes, so he will be very intersting. That's probably why I was interested in him most through the picture, because he's different to me.

C&K: Hehe! Yeaaah... That makes sense. lol!

03-29-06, 11:59 am
Yay, that's exciting :).

03-31-06, 10:12 am
Well, the humane society trip was worth it. I did not get the piggy I showed. They had him, but he was definitely NOT a baby.. He was bigger than my current pig! He was really pretty, but I wanted to have a younger one. The only other young males were from a mother that was brought in at the beginning of the month. She had given birth to 4 pups! 2 were female, and 2 were males. I adopted this one.
This is him just after getting home. He was very curious, running about, and a bit lonely. I has half tempted to go back and adopt his brother too! I still have considered it :guilty:.
His brother was white with a dark muavey-tan face. Short hair, too.

We decided to name him Napoleon. He seems to be in really good health. He's been drinking and eating fine. He's only 22 days old, though! Is this okay? I'm worried he was taken away too soon? :confused:

03-31-06, 11:41 am
22 days old is OK. He will still need alfalfa hay and pellets to help him grow big and strong!

03-31-06, 12:02 pm
Aw, he is so gorgeous and what a great name! You can use his quarantine time to get him to bond with you.

03-31-06, 02:20 pm
He is soooo cute and I love his colors. His name fits him too. I would be like you, tempted to go back and get his brother. I just like keeping siblings, of the same sex of course, together. He is a cutie pie!

My Baby Mu
03-31-06, 07:08 pm
What a cutie.

03-31-06, 10:31 pm
Congrats on your new addition. I adopted my first trio of girls from the Quincy Humane Society. I was only going to take two or them but the lady at the adoption place stated that Mama (Filly then) wasn't the prettiest in the bunch and she didn't have to go with the other two. Needless to say, she came home, was treated for mites and is now my favorite girl (shhh! don't tell any of the others).

Did they still have Princess? I keep looking at her but I just lost one a few weeks ago and am hesitant about getting anymore right now.

Congrats again! He's such a beautiful boy!!

04-01-06, 08:47 am
Congrats. He is such a cutie.

04-01-06, 10:13 am
Did they still have Princess? I keep looking at her but I just lost one a few weeks ago and am hesitant about getting anymore right now.

Congrats again! He's such a beautiful boy!!

Thank you! I'm so glad to have found him, too.
I'm not sure about Princess. I think the only female they had at the time was the one with the pups. She was georgous too! And her pups. Maybe that was her? She was white, mostly, with some patches of black and brown. Her daughters look almost extactly like her. They had another section with males (1 white one, 1 PEW, and a black and white shorthair). And on the bottom cage, two older looking red ones.

I hope they all can find homes! They were pretty piggies. :heart:

04-01-06, 01:41 pm
Does PEW stand for Pink eyed white? If it does than I just adopted a PEW.
Napoleon is a beautiful boy! Are you going back for his brother?

Slap Maxwell
04-01-06, 02:02 pm
Yes, PEW is pink eyed white. They are one of my favorite colors.