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03-28-06, 07:58 pm
Hi my name is Melissa and we just rescued 2 cavies that were dropped off at our local pet store in a box with a note saying"we have alergies" and a $20 bill. So we brought them home and I sarted searching the web for info on these cute fuzzy guys. After reading alot I went to Home Depot and made them a cage because all the store cages looked way to small.
We have 2 males one long haired that I named George Bailey (from the movie Its a Wonderful Life) and one short haired that my boyfriend and daughter named Hershey Nuggets ( becuz he was leaving alot of them behind :)
They love to be held and get so excitted when they hear us getting their food ready. We just love them!!
Any info or advice is very welcome!! We now have 10 animals in our home
1 dog Brandy,4 cats Orbie,2Pac,Tony and Kibbles,1 box turtle Maggie,2 Albino Rats Ernie and Fernando and now our 2 cavies George Bailey and Hershey Nuggets!!! Welcome to our Zoo!!!

03-28-06, 08:11 pm
Wow, how about some pictures?

My Baby Mu
03-28-06, 08:59 pm
I agree how about some pictures? Welcome to the forums!

03-29-06, 10:44 am
Yey! Welcome to the forums. It's awsome here. I'm sure you'll love it. (We're addicted to pigtures.)

03-29-06, 12:43 pm
Yay! Welcome to the forum, you have come to a good place. Although, this is an addictive forum, you may want to prepare your family for the hours you will probably be spending on here. :p

It sounds like you have a lovely couple of GPs and it sounds like they didn't have such a bad life before you got them. I mean, it is inexcusable to abadon GPs in a box, so they couldn't have been that good owners, but as the boys love being held and get excited when you get their food ready, it sounds like they had a relatively good life before. It's nice to know that you have rescued, but the little guys haven't been through hell. They are probably very lucky to have landed in your arms though. I bet you and your family are going to give them the best slave service! Don't you just love being a cavy slave?! :)

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 01:01 pm
Good for you for doing research. A lot of people don't. We would love to see pictures!

What are you feeding your babies?

03-29-06, 03:58 pm
Welcome to the forum.

03-29-06, 04:05 pm
Welcome Melissa, George Bailey and Hershey Nuggets,

It's Great to have you join us.


03-29-06, 08:16 pm
http://www.cavycages.com/photos/data/500/thumbs/GB2.jpgThis is George Bailey

http://www.cavycages.com/photos/data/500/thumbs/Hershey_Nuggets.jpgThis is Hershey Nuggets

http://www.cavycages.com/photos/data/500/thumbs/George_Bailey.jpgWhat a face huh!!??

http://www.cavycages.com/photos/data/500/thumbs/HN2.jpgI Look like a mini skunk huh!!??

Well I hope this works I have no idea what I am doing but the pics made it
on here atleast. Our babies are doing well. We are feeding them Sweet Meadow Hay (they love it) Guinea Pig pellets with VitC,
carrots,strawberries,bannanas,and collard greens so far.
My boyfriend just reminded me to ask these next questions
1.Can they eat the whole Dandelion (yellow part and all) or just the greens from it?
2.Do they need a salt lick in their cage? We saw these in the stores but have found no info on them yet?
3.On Hershey Nuggets his one front foot has an extra nail way over on the side its growing up and looks dead like half a nail I trimmed his nails and when I wiggled it he didn't seem to notice? Is this an uncommom thing and what should we do about it if anything??
Thanks for welcoming all of us to your site I have a feeling when I get it all figured out I will be spending alot of time on here ...when I'm not loving on my piggies:cheerful:

03-29-06, 08:19 pm
They are so beautiful, Hershey looks like a little sheep and I want to pig-nap him.

For a better list of what to feed, see the "common misconceptions about guinea pigs thread" in cavy chat.

Do not use salt licks, they are very unhealthy and can lead to bladder stones.

That is a spur, there's nothing wrong with that as long as it doesn't bother him. You can trim it periodically, or get your vet to do it.

03-29-06, 08:20 pm
Welcome Orbie. Just wanted to let you know that your photos that you uploaded to the gallery are going to be deleted. The gallery is for cage-related photos.

Thanks much.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 08:30 pm
Orbie, make sure you get a plain pellet for your guys. The best is Oxbow (www.oxbowhay.com) and KM's (www.kmshayloft.com)

Definitely nix the salt lick, they are bad for them.

You might want to get a vet to remove the toenail. It is probably a product of inbreeding. It could get snagged in something.


http://guinealynx.com/healthycavy.html and


My Baby Mu
03-29-06, 08:37 pm
If you can't get Oxbow or Km's you can get Mazuri (the one without the extra bits).

03-29-06, 09:23 pm
Welcome to the forum. It's a great place to learn and share your thoughts, ideas and expertise (which you'll acquire as you go). Your piggies are adorable. I especially like the little skunky one.

03-30-06, 08:58 am
I'm having trouble with the picture posting, first I put them in the wrong place for cages only now I put them in the cavie slave gallery am I doing this all wrong????

03-30-06, 09:03 am
You'll get used to it. I posted all over the place at first but it's easy enough to pick up. Basically pig pigtures go in Cavy Chat and cages pigtures in the galleries or Cage Chat.

Welcome to the forums.

Texas Cavys
04-01-06, 04:16 pm
Welcome to the forums.