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03-28-06, 09:54 am
I just became a new piggie mum to Rupert Ryan (means bright flame and little king)and Rowan Roderick (means berry tree and famous ruler) Saturday (March 25, 2006)!!! They are having some play time in the play penlol .
Rupert Rowan


Slap Maxwell
03-28-06, 10:10 am
I love the name Rowan.

Percy's Mom
03-28-06, 10:32 am
I have a cousin named Rowan. I've yet to meet anyone (human or furry) with that name who isn't adorable. Rupert is a sweetheart too.

03-29-06, 10:45 am
I love both their names. And their faces! Too sweet.

03-31-06, 08:45 am
Thanks guys! As you can probably tell by the meanings we spent a lot of time and effort coming up with the best names for us and them! One thing about being a guinea pig parent that surprised me is how much I just love their little piggie smell. They are pretty young and when we are nuzzling they just have such a wonderful baby piggie smell!

03-31-06, 10:32 pm
Very cute and congrats! I love those names. Welcome to the forum.

04-01-06, 08:46 am
Aww the black one looks just like my Happy.

04-01-06, 02:12 pm
I have a neice named Rowan. Cute piggies and great names.

Texas Cavys
04-01-06, 04:13 pm
Welcome to the forum.

My Baby Mu
04-01-06, 09:51 pm
Welcome to the forums, and very cute piggies.