View Full Version : Introducing Holly, Noelle, and Sindy Lu

03-28-06, 08:17 am
I'm sure you can all relate to this scenario. You go to the local pet expo and run into your local Pig Rescue there (Marci from Have a Heart). She recognizes you and knows you well because you have already adopted 7 girls from her already. She throws a furry little pig in your arms and says, "She's been in the rescue for over a year now." 2 weeks later and you have a built a new 2X5 "quarantine cage" as a temporary cage until introductions can be made...anyway joining Emma, Abigail, Wheezie, Illyana, Mia, Tasha, and the memory of Fifi, are the newest girls.....oh and the extra furry dark brown one (SindyLu) is the one she threw in my arms!!!

Slap Maxwell
03-28-06, 09:18 am
Too sweet! Your new girls are gorgeous.

03-28-06, 11:00 am
Aw, they are so cute!

03-28-06, 12:38 pm
Hello, nice to meet you they are all cute.

03-28-06, 03:42 pm
Your piggies are adorable! Your Sindy Lu looks just like my Lily.

My Baby Mu
03-28-06, 09:03 pm
Oh what cuties! So now you have 9 piggers?

03-29-06, 08:57 am
Yes, 9 in 4 cages.
Emma and Abigail are in a 2x6 cage. They are the original 2 and the most spoiled cage wise. Wheezie is in a 2X4 with a 1x2 loft. She was with Fifi at one time but we lost Fifi thanks to an idiot vet who missed diagnosed bladder stones. Illiana Mia and Tasha have a 2x3 cage with an L shaped loft. (These three hated the bigger cage I had them in and refused to use it all so I shrunk it down.) Sindy Lu, Holly and Noelle are in a 2x5 cage for now. After quaratine and a check up at the vet, they will start their intros with Wheezie. If the 4 mesh well, the 2x5 cage will get an addition of a loft or two as Wheezie loves to climb the ramps. This will leave me with an empty cage.....Whould I let Marci from Have a Heart know this???????? I wish I could record the sound of 9 pigs at 6 in the morning. It's like living with chickens, once the sun comes up, so do the girls!!!

Texas Cavys
04-01-06, 04:17 pm
Your new girls are gorgeous.