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03-28-06, 06:05 am
Does anyone know where I can get good food for my piggies in Perth? I'm starting to suspect that I'm screwed just living here but I haven't given up... yet. I started looking for timothy hay about a month ago. I called up a whole bunch of feed stores and nobody had heard of the stuff. I remembered reading that it was also called grass hay so I asked for that and they asked back "Do you mean meadow hay?" I wasn't sure if it was the same thing but it didn't matter because nobody had meadow hay either. They just kept trying to sell me alfalfa and oaten hay instead. Argh! Well a few days ago I finally found someone who sold meadow hay, and for a fairly reasonable price too. It seems to fit the basic description of timothy but is it the same stuff? Even if it isn't I might have to buy it anyway because it's better than nothing.

The other problem is pellets. I used to feed my pig mixes but in my epic Quest for Responsible Ownership I found out that maybe that's not the best idea... especially if the mix is alfalfa-based :grumpy: (it didn't even say that on the packaging, I had to ask the store that made it). But now that I'm paying attention there is alfalfa everywhere I look but no timothy. I'm really stumped on this one because most of the recommended brands here don't seem to be available in Australia. What do you all feed your pigs?

03-28-06, 06:17 am
I think most are going to recommend that you try the website ordering from www.oxbowhay.com (http://www.oxbowhay.com) or www.mazuri.com (http://www.mazuri.com) these seem to be the best food options that have been given on the site. I would look at labels, actually visit pet stores and feed stores. Compare what is in these brands to the feed that the stores have. From there I would just feed the best that you have available.

On the meadow grass, I am not sure, but I think I have heard of Timothy being called that before.

03-28-06, 06:29 am
Oxbow is not available in my state, and Mazuri isn't available outside the US at all. D: I've been to pet stores and feed stores and the only food I've found are pellets and mixed labelled for rabbits and guinea pigs with no ingredients list. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence...

And I'm asking about the hay because on the Wikipedia entry it says it's often confused with this stuff called "meadow foxtail". Hmmm.

03-28-06, 04:51 pm
csharp I feel your pain, I live in vic and am having the same problems, all the guinea pig food we can find is also for Rabbits, but it has added Vit C, I think they are Lucerne pellets, made by Peters. I find one at a pet store, but it didn't have an ingredients list, so I didn't want to risk it, and that was also for Rabbits. I also asked them about Timothy Hay, and they have never heard of it, but said they would call their suppliers and see if they could track some down and start stocking it.

03-28-06, 05:39 pm
Lucerne is just another name for alfalfa :(

A GP/rabbit mix with vitamin C wouldn't be so bad, except I can't find one with ingredients listed so I can't tell :\ I wonder if timothy has a different name here? Like when I called around asking for Coroplast and nobody knew what I was talking about until I said "corrugated plastic"... heh.

03-28-06, 06:48 pm
i know, they kinda just nibble on the pellets anyway, their main food is veggies, grass and hay...it's just so annoying, plus i live in the middle of nowhere i have 2 pet stores, and i can't find any online places that sell what im looking for...

03-28-06, 07:03 pm
Just found this site


It doesn't have the small animal section up as yet, however you can request for items to be stocked.

03-28-06, 09:31 pm
It seems to fit the basic description of timothy but is it the same stuff? Even if it isn't I might have to buy it anyway because it's better than nothing.

There is a type of hay that is refered to as "meadow hay", or "meadow mix", but I think you need to be careful because it can be the sort of thing that several hays will have the same name. Try to get the actual latin name of the hay, maybe from there you can post to GL and see if it is what you need. It does sound like it is on the right track, you don't need to feed just timothy, there are lots of other grass hays that will fit the bill. (most grass hays are the same) http://www.guinealynx.info/hay.html

The other problem is pellets. I used to feed my pig mixes but in my epic Quest for Responsible Ownership I found out that maybe that's not the best idea... especially if the mix is alfalfa-based :grumpy: (it didn't even say that on the packaging, I had to ask the store that made it). But now that I'm paying attention there is alfalfa everywhere I look but no timothy. I'm really stumped on this one because most of the recommended brands here don't seem to be available in Australia. What do you all feed your pigs?

Just pick out all the mixed stuff in the pellets for now, did you get a baby or do I have you confused with someone else? Because babies need the alfalfa.

Can you call the manufacturer to see if you can get a list of ingredients? Perhaps an austrailian rescue could direct you to the best brands you could feed?

03-29-06, 02:13 am
Cavies and Kids: Yeah, I have alfalfa hay for the baby but I don't trust the bag food or the adult hay. Then there is the question of how to give different hay to different pigs. Lots of handfeeding sessions? That's what I'm doing right now... I can't help wondering if there's a better way :S And it seems like the only hays I can get here are alfalfa, oat and (from one place) meadow. I will ask if they know the Latin name, that's a good idea :)

There are no guinea pig rescues in my city, the RSPCA doesn't keep them on site because they take up too much space (in other words, they don't really rescue pigs at all, they just help rehome them) and the other shelters don't have anything to do with them at all. So, I'm not sure if they would know or care. I could try calling the manufacturers... the mix I have now is produced locally and contains (I think) alfalfa hay, barley or oats (can't tell), wheat and something else (chickpeas? :S). Oh and there aren't any pellets in it so I can't pick anything out or I'll have nothing left. I've found a different mix made in Victoria called Golden Grain that actually lists the ingredients, which are dried carrots, oats and corn. It's for rabbits and guinea pigs but has added vitamin C. Is this any good? I might hop over and ask on GL later.

Aertyn: Eeek, that place costs $18-$50 just to ship to WA. My wallet, it buuurns. Do you know what food they sell? Also, what kind of hay do you feed your pigs - what is it called?

Thanks to both of you, you've helped me TONS. I'd give you thanks on your posts, but you know, Cavy Cager. Still, thanks :)

03-29-06, 05:15 am
They hay I use it called Pasture Hay and i get it from Big W, and it's the best I can find where I live, I do have a local pet store calling up their supplier to see if they know off or know where to get a better quality hay, as they have been asked a few times from various people, and the only hay they stock is for bedding for horses and cows, so really rigid, straw like stuff, and it only comes in bales :/ And I don't know what kind of food they sell, unfortunately...

arg I hate living is Aus!

03-29-06, 11:33 pm
Ive been having food problems for a while now.

Peters pellets are not considered the best. I have since quit giving pellets to my piggies as they are an option not a must. They get their vitamin C intake from veggies. Capsicum and corriander have more than enough vitamin C if you feed these daily.

Ring feed stores and ask what grass hay they have. You can also grow your own grass in a window box or in an area in your yard where there are no other animals. Pets paradise has timothy hay although it is expensive at $10 a lb.

Blue grass is safe to grow and give to your piggies. Plant some grass seeds and feed them what grows. Ring feed stores regularly.

Oxbow Australia will be established by the end of this year. I will post their web address where you can order timothy hay online in Australia when they are done. Other than those options make do with what you have available.


03-30-06, 12:26 am

the places you should be looking for feed should be local produce and feed stores. If there arn't any in town there would most likely be one located in the outer semi rural/rural suburbs.

Produce stores sell fresh and quality feeds and as a bonus at around half the price that stores sell feeds. You can buy big bales of quality prime lucerne hay ( there are different grades of hay and prime is the greenest and softest ), alfalfa hay, grassy hay, oaten hay, wheaten hay, barley hay. At the very least all feed and produce stores sell Lucerne Hay.

Aswell as the big bales for around $10 a bale, they also sell small made up bags of lucerne chaff for approx $2.50 a bag for those that only have a couple of piggies.

Grain and Pellot mix wise feed stores are also highly recommended for these aswell. Some stores will make up small bags for those with small animals for a few dollars a bag. Others may only sell larger bags but at the prices you're paying it's the same price you'd pay for half as much at a petstore or supermarket.

I'd recommend looking up in your local yellow pages pet feed suppliers or something along that line should find you a list of produce stores/suppliers in your area.


03-30-06, 12:40 am
Hey Guys,

This place is located in perth I found it online. They are called Milne Agrigroup. I'd say they'd stock hays and stuff like that but I've also noticed they actually have a guinea pig pellot mix available. It is 18% crude protein which is higher protein than the storebought piggy feeds. My feed I feed here is made up of fresh produce and is approx 20% + in protein...the storebought feeds that I've seen range from 14% - 17% in crude protein. The protein requirement for piggies is atleast 16% so some of the storebought feeds are infact under par and shouldn't really be acceptable for piggies. Anyhow yeah gives you an idea on a protein level anyhow the mix that Milne offers there in perth seems ok and it has a very low phosphorus level to which is great as it should be low.

Anyhow here's the link if you're interested in having a read. Contact details etc are there aswell and even if they don't have what you're looking for maybe if you contacted them they could put you in the direction of a place that can.


For those that were trying to find somewhere in Victoria/SA here is another good place I found online and if they don't have what you're after again they may have a phone number you can try.



03-30-06, 12:52 am
csharpmajor with the coroplast, here in Australia they call it " corflute ". My dad works for building supplies and told me a while ago as I was getting a similar response originally.

If you're wondering if your feed is adequate enough does the feed label say how much crude protein is in the mix? or fibre?


03-31-06, 04:57 am
Oxbow Australia will be established by the end of this year. I will post their web address where you can order timothy hay online in Australia when they are done. Other than those options make do with what you have available.

Woohoo! Yeah I noticed that, last time I checked there did not seem to be any Oxbow in Australia at all but now there is in other states. Do you think they will sell pellets too? Pellet-free diet looks complicated e_e

This place is located in perth I found it online. They are called Milne Agrigroup. I'd say they'd stock hays and stuff like that but I've also noticed they actually have a guinea pig pellot mix available.

Oh wow, you found a place! I must have missed it somehow. *blush* Thanks a bunch. :heart: Their food looks better than the Golden Grain, which was 14.5% protein, 3.5% fat, 14% fibre and 1.5% calcium. And the mix doesn't say anything at all. The feed store here seem a little strange because the ones I called up (about 8 stores) all had a pretty narrow selection with only about 3 kinds of hay each. Maybe it's the time of year? :\ Anyway thanks, I'll go through the Yellow Pages again to see if I missed any other places e_e And then I guess I'll go buy everything tomorrow.

03-31-06, 07:13 am
Pellets are the most minor part of a pigs diet.

Any pellet brand without a used by or best before date is not recommended. I have also noticed that pellets here in Australia contain useless nutrients, e.g peters pellets.

Vegetables and hay provide more than enough nutrients everyday to prevent scurvy. Also you must watch the calcium and phosphorus ratios in pellets. You must calculate how much calcium is contained in the pellets, many brands here dont evern have a nutritional table.

Australian pellets are useless. I have yet to find a brand that provides quality nutrients, adequate information and a used by date. Hence why I feed them veggies and hay only.

As long as you provide veggies rich in vitamin C, and unlimited grass hay a cavy will not need pellets in their diet.

Please read this thread: http://www.cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=13698&highlight=pellets

Many other users here at cavy cages do not feed pellets.

Feel free to ask any questions about a pellet free diet. I will help you as much as I can.

03-31-06, 05:59 pm
See I'd have to beg to differ on the whole no pellot diet. Pellots provide nutrients, vitamins and minerals and protein to help in bone growth and other conditioning of the piggy. When I used to keep my pets as a child It was a no pellot diet and I found they get health problems easier, stunted growth ( or smaller guinea pigs with less noticable size and muscle build ) and yeah they really didn't live to the ripe old ages my guinea pigs today live to.
The pellot/grain mix helps them to grow in the above I always have people comment on the size of my piggies and I know it's because of the grain mix I feed it is very high in protein and fibre and the pigs just overall look really well conditioned.

My pigs won't leave a drop of their mix in the bowls they usually go crazy over it I mix my own from fresh produce I'd also never buy the storebought garbage out there. I had a look at them yesterday and half don't even meet the required protein levels for guinea pigs and you're right the ingredients in them leave alot to be desired. If I couldn't get fresh grains/pellots from our produce store I wouldn't turn to storebought feeds I'd probably buy maybe oats or bran or weetbix, corn or umm I don't know just some other sort of fresh feed from the foodstore so they are still getting something for that extra protein although not getting those crappy guinea pig mixes.

In saying that vegies and hay provide most of the fibre and vitamin c the piggies need in their diet. Guineas will only eat a mix they enjoy anyhow so I guess it's pointless feeding a pellot mix if they arn't going to eat it or that isn't fresh....alot of people state on hear that theyre pigs don't eat much of their pellot mix but once you find one that satisfies their tummies and that has quality ingredients and nutrition you wouldn't want to leave it out of their diet once the results start showing.

Anyhow these are just my thoughts and the reasoning people can make their own decisions as to what they like to feed their pigs and why.


03-31-06, 06:23 pm
How do you mix your own pellets? :confused:

03-31-06, 07:29 pm
Umm I don't mix pellots. I mix fresh grains from the produce store. This DOSN'T include bird feed or nuts which half the store piggy feeds seem to sell. I don't openly talk about what I feed on here because I know people don't like to recommend grain on here but I'll keep it brief...
I mix a high protein ( 20% ) high quality horse sweetfeed which is called Hygain Showtorque it contains...

Actually you know what to save me explaining what the ingredients I mix in I'll give you a link to our online store it's not open yet but it states a good description of all the things I mix into my mix which includes the showtorque, mill mix , oats, lupins, full fat soybean meal and a touch of molasses syrup ( costs about $2 for 2litres at a produce store ) and I put a tiny mount of the syrup in to give the mix a touch of moisture, prime lucerne chaff, and oaten chaff.

We have around 85 piggies here at the moment so I buy all my feeds in 20-40kg bags so I guess it's a bit easier with so many piggies. Our produce store also sells most feeds by the kilo for a dollar or two although I know some produce stores don't provide this offer for ppl with less piggies...it's a

On the page below the " complete feed " ( ignore the photo on the website it's a shocker lol the feed looks a bit diff to what it shows )
is basically what I feed my pigs daily although I also ad in oaten chaff, the small amount of molasses syrup, and full fat soybean meal which isn't stated there. Soybean meal and Lupins are very high in protein. Lupins usually contain around 35%.
We sell these feeds through the sanctuary here in 1kg, 2kg, and 5kg bags basically people mix and match what they'd like in the mix and we make up a freshly mixed batch for them so nothing is sitting on shelves here and our large bags of feed are used and renewed within 2weeks so yeah everythings pretty fresh and people have told me their pigs go crazy over the mix so we've had pretty good results from those that have bought the feeds so far. Mostly people pick them up but I understand shipping interstate could cost a little more. I think to send 3kg it'd cost around $8.90 to ship which I guess isn't that bad because we only charge $4.00 for 2kg so it'd end up not much more than some of the storebought feeds I guess...bleh anyhow I'm rambling :sorry: .

If youre produce store can get in ( you may have to order it ) the Hygain
" Showtorque ", that feed on it's own would suffice as your grain/pellot mix it contains pellots in it and has 20% crude protein and quality ingredients so it's sufficient on it's own. It comes in 22.5kg bags so if you got a bag ordered in you could store it in a plastic bin...just another idea I guess? It's between $24-$30 a bag depending on where you live but yeah it's such a lovely mifeed the pigs go crazy over it and it contains the oils that'll keep their coats in good condition aswell.

Anyhow I'm not here to debate whether grain mixes should or shouldn't be fed just incase someone reads this post and asks me lol...but this is what I feed my pigs and have done so for 13 years with not one negative result to date.


03-31-06, 11:17 pm
Unfourtunately all store bought pellet feeds in my area contain harmful nutrients, additives e.t.c.

I would rather be feeding them something that will benefit them, than a pellet mix that will not.

My piggies also developed bloat over a period of time whilst feeding them pellets. As soon as I stopped feeding them pellets their health improved and the x ray showed a massive decrease in the gas contained in their stomachs. For me I will never feed pellets again, it caused gas in my piggies. I tried several different brands, some even from produce stores. They all caused bloat and ill effects. My Piggies are healthier, happier and bloat free on a hay and veggie diet.

I feed timothy hay, from alfalpha king, similar brand to oxbow. It expensive but healthier for them than alphafa. Ive had one piggie live to the ripe old age of 8 years on a pellet free diet. I know it works. She only suffered from mites and a broken tooth, no other health issues whatsoever.

Ive found all the pellets ive come across contain one or more of the harmful ingrediants on http://www.guinealynx.com/pellets.html.

Personal choice is up to you. Ive found pellets cause bloat which can result in death. I do not feed them for this reason nor will I ever. Ive had a close call before, and I will not let it happen again.

04-01-06, 01:02 am
The cause of bloat in guinea pigs is more than likely from too much greens e.g. lettuce or cabbage.

For a guinea pig to get bloated on pellots or grains they would be drinking little to no water I'd assume. I've never heard of pellots or grain being related to bloat. On the majority of piggy websites and from what I know there is no evidence to suggest that grain of pellots could cause bloat unless of course the guinea pig was not getting a balanced diet in conjunction with their other feeds and water.

I've dealt with bloat in two piggies in the past and it was caused by too much grass...they were treated by a vet and did fine once the greens in their diet was reduced.

Were the pellots lucerne based? If they were " greens " based that's the only thing I can think of that would cause bloat...


04-01-06, 02:45 am
They were peters pellets. I posted on guinealynx.com and listed my entire diet daily e.t.c.

The pig was suffering from bloat before I got her as well. I cut down on veggies and didnt feed any fruits and that didnt help. I fed her simethicone through a syringe for a week 3 times a day. The bloat decreased slightly but was still present. The pellets were lucerene based but had additives e.t.c.

My vet then suggested cutting out things in the diet one at a time or decrease them. I decreased the pellets and finally cut them out altogether and the bloat was gone. I dont feed them anymore based on my experience with them.

04-01-06, 02:58 am
Ahh I see. Yeah well whatever was needed with her I guess it definitely worked in the end and I guess being a storebought feed cutting them out couldn't of been to bad anyhow huh...like you said:optimist: .

06-24-11, 06:32 pm
I FOUND A PLACE TO GET OXBOW PELLETS FROM!! Its a place called Enfield Produce. they have a website. They sell the cavy cuisine pellets for $25 for a 2.5kg bag. Any idea how long that will last me?

06-24-11, 08:36 pm
Can't you order Oxbow through their Ebay store? I can, but I'm in NSW. Check with vets also, lots of vets around here stock it. These places in WA stock it Western Australia (http://www.oxbowaustralia.com/western_australia.htm) if they're not close to you they would probably post it to you. I'm sure you could also order from Ebay. Good luck :)

06-26-11, 03:18 am
The Rabbit Shop in Booragoon sells Oxbow pellets for $28 (last time I checked). Oakford Stockfeeds sells Meadow Hay by the bale for $12.50.

I'm not sure about where to buy them north of the river as I live south! You can check the OxbowAustralia website for further store locations in WA. Call some stockfeed stores and ask if they have meadow hay. Timothy hay cannot grow in Australia and it is very expensive to buy from Oxbow ($18 for a 425g bag!). Meadow hay isn't as good as Timothy but it is definitely better than oaten.

If you have piggies under 6 months you can feed lucerne with Cavy Performance pellets, but I generally skip the lucerne and just feed them meadow. The Cavy Performance pellets are made of lucerne so there's no point feeding lucerne hay as well. My pigs much prefer meadow!

06-26-11, 09:02 am
It doesn't HAVE to be Timothy hay that you feed your guinea pigs! Grass/meadow hay will do just as well. As long as it isn't alfalfa, then they will be healthy with it just as they would with Timothy hay.
Oh and, feed piggies a mix with alfalfa hay and grass/meadow hay if they are under about 8 months.

I'm not sure what to do about the pellets as I do not live in Australia. Sorry!