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03-27-06, 02:50 pm
Whats the best food to feed to hamsters?

03-28-06, 04:53 am
The new version of Harry hamster food. They were going to rename it Hazel hamster food but I've yet to see that title on it and the ingredients have changed. Just check the ingredients list for ethoxyquin to make sure it's the newer version but I don't think there are any of the old ones left.

2nd would probably be mazuri but it's a bit plain for hamsters. Unlike guinea pigs they benefit from a mix with seeds so if using mazuri I would add a small amount of bird seed mix for variety.

03-28-06, 05:39 am
Would just like to add when feeding extra seeds, don't use too many peanuts or sunflower seeds - they're hamster candy and will make them fat and lazy if they have too many!

03-28-06, 06:52 am
I never had that problem and was actually adding some extra sunflower seeds and nut treats when mine got older. My dwarf hamsters just passed away at over 3years of age so I don't think the sunflower seeds did them any harm. However I feed more of my own mix with mostly seeds than a commercial hamster mix. I just recently got ahold of harry hamster food and tried it out. The pieces were a bit big for my dwarf hamsters but overall they liked it and their health stayed the same as when I was feeding my own mix. I think the problem of too much fat comes from the fact most commercial hamster mixes already have too much fat content so combined with the sunflower seeds you get fat hamsters. The Harry hamster food doesn't seem as bad in that regard as the other commercial foods my sister fed her hamsters. But I suppose since we are talking about feeding a commercial mix you should watch the level of sunflower seeds and don't add parrot seed mix since it contains lots of peanuts and other fattening things.

03-28-06, 07:05 pm
I fed my dwarfs Harry Hamster and I fed that to Gracie and the gerbils as well. My dwarfs did fine with it. I have at times been mixing some parrot mix in with it but limit certain goodies. I don't mix the parrot mix in on a daily basis, but maybe twice per week.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 07:02 pm
Where can you get Harry Hamster?

03-29-06, 10:38 pm
Many petstores and most online sites that sell small animal food carry it. It's not too hard to find even here and I have very few options to get small animal food from. It's one of the few quality products I can get without ordering online or driving over 50miles away.