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03-26-06, 11:19 pm
My boyfriend has recently developed an intolerancy to lactose. Unfortunately, we have a LOT of recipes that require some form of dairy. He's invested in some Lactaid pills but they don't seem to work as well as they should be. So, does anyone know about some lactose-free dairy products, or alternatives?

03-27-06, 06:10 am
It may not be an intolerance, he may flat out be allergic to the milk/dairy protein. I know I am. Soyakaas mozerella cheese is awesome and melts really well, I haven't found a cheddar that tastes right, and silk vanilla soy milk works very awesome in recipes. There is also products by a company called Ener-G that do very well that you can find at your local health food store or at least ask them to order for you. I use the Egg Replacer and it actually works in recipes for baking and such.

03-27-06, 02:47 pm
Anything by So Good or So Nice rocks. They have good soy milk and soy ice cream.

Tofrutti makes good dairy free ice cream and cream cheese. They make a sour cream but I haven't tried it.

Veggie Shreads rock.

On the Mississagua/Toronto border there is a health food store called Alda Right Food. (http://www.yellowpages.ca/mp/ON/null/AldaRightFood%2BLtd/416/2365166/5359%2BDundas%2BStreet%2BWest/Etobicoke/M9B1B1/0/1/0000000000000924620066648007.html) It's right around the corner from Kipling Station on Dundas street. They have a very good selection of dairy replacements. I'm not sure where in Mississagua you are, so I don't know how far you are from there. But I'm in Toronto and it got such a nice selection that I am considereing making the trek out there. :)

03-27-06, 03:09 pm
Thanks guys, I'll let him know and maybe he'll give it a try :). We've actually tried the So Good Vanilla, and what ended up happening was, well, I drank it all and got ridiculously addicted to it, and he didn't like it.

03-27-06, 03:50 pm
Some people like original better. My step-mother in law is like that. She claims it tastes like regular milk and that it's good in cooking.

My husband likes chocolate.

03-28-06, 10:50 am
I'm a big fan of Stonyfield's soy blueberry yogurt. Lots of fruit and less of the sour like taste I get from other soy yogurts.

03-31-06, 01:42 pm
I know that I'm the other side of the Ocean - but thought would input anyway!
We have relatively recently been getting So-Good soya milk etc over here. I'm afraid I can't stand the stuff! I have been using plain old soya milk (supermarket own - or Alpro) for years. I use the sweetened (with apple juice) stuff for everything (tea/coffee - although it can curdle in coffee - just give it an extra stir! I use it on cereal and in cooking/baking etc. too. I know some folk buy the unsweetened variety for cooking. It may take a wee bit of getting used to - but I know my eczema improved drastically, and has been hugely improved ever since the switch!!!
Haven't found a decent cheese replacement - though haven't looked for a while. I remember trying a vegan alternative to cheddar called 'scheeze' which was so revolting it put me off ever trying again!! (that was a long time ago - they may have changed their recipe - if indeed they are still in business)!
Hope you find a decent alternative to suit both your tastes soon!

03-31-06, 01:50 pm
I had some store brand rice cheese once. It was awful! It tasted like rice, salt and food colouring. I threw the entire thing out after one bite.

I find soy cheese is very hit and miss.

That said I happliy sit down with bags of Veggie Shreads and eat them straight out of the bag. :)

03-31-06, 02:47 pm
For ice cream I gave up on the ones you find in stores and got a cheap ice cream maker and used soy cream (can only find in health food stores) and milk and made my own! It's great!!!

When I lived in the UK I loved the so good brand soy milk (except in too hot drinks-curdles) but can't find it over here.

04-11-06, 02:57 pm
At our SafeWay, we have a soy/vegetarian section and there are alot of alternatives. So far, no veggie cheese (In block form), but veggie Mac & Cheese. The only soy milk is Rice Dream and somehting else, but I don't like either.