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03-26-06, 11:19 am
Hello I am new here. I normally post on Lynx, but decided to finally check out this site and become a active member. So I just wanted to introduce myself and my two little boys.
Here are some pictures of them:
This is Koko
and this is Tyee

Can't wait to meet the rest of you and your pigs.:cheerful:

03-26-06, 11:21 am
Welcome! I saw those pigtures on Lynx, too. You have such adorable piggies!

03-26-06, 11:22 am
Hi !!

I love your piggies, how sweet!
This site is great, I've been here since August last year, I'm from Argentina and I have 2 boars ;) (Piluso and Coquito)
Your piggies are adorable!


03-26-06, 11:28 am
Really, what's your name on Lynx? Thank you! Also can anyone help me get one of my pictures down to avatar size? My computer sucks, hence I do not have the software that allows he to move it down to the right size.

03-26-06, 11:34 am
If you have Microsoft paint, do the following steps:
-open the file you want to shrink
-save the file as a different name
-go to image on the toolbar
-click "stretch/skew"
-in stretch put 50 and in skew put 50
-press ok

This should shrink it, you can repeat the stretch/skew step as many times as you need to shrink it down. You can also put different numbers, as long as you use the same numbers it will stay in proportion.

By the Way your piggers are adorable!

03-26-06, 11:37 am
Cute piggies and welcome to the forum :)

03-26-06, 11:38 am
Unfortunatley, I do nothave Microsoft Paint. I am working off a old stupid iMac.

03-26-06, 11:39 am
They are precious. Welcome to this group.

03-26-06, 12:20 pm
Hi mo's mom!

If you want, PM me and I'll give you my email address and you can send it over and I'll shrink it for you.

03-26-06, 12:31 pm
Very cute piggies and welcome to the forum. I shrink my pics on photobucket. It works. Good luck.

03-26-06, 02:11 pm
Aw, they're so cute. Welcome!

03-26-06, 02:46 pm
Really, what's your name on Lynx? Thank you!

Sorry, I thought I posted it before, but I guess it didn't go through. I don't have the right type of e-mail adress to join Lynx, but I still read the posts.

03-26-06, 02:47 pm
Welcome and cute piggies.

03-26-06, 03:03 pm
Yey! Welcome to the forums. Your piggies are little sweeties.

03-26-06, 04:31 pm
Hi and welcome! You sure have some cute piggers! I am also on lynx.


03-27-06, 11:47 am
I just realized that I had not included any history of my cavy slavedom.

I am a newer slave, I became a first time owner in January. My first pig was a sweet boy name Mo. I didn't know any better and store bought him. Sure enough he had a URI, so we had a rough start to begin with. Eventually he got better and became a lovable, popcorning fool. Unfortunatley he died at 3 months from unknown causes.:weepy:

The day of Mo's death I had a rescue return my call regarding the cage mate that I was looking at for Mo. This cuddly boys name was Gary. The history of Gary was that he was surendered to the rescue in the dead of winter, with nothing covering him. Sure enough the poor boy became sick with a URI. The unfortunate thing was that his previous owners dropped him at a CAT shelter. The owner had zero knowledge of guinea pigs and had no idea what to do. She took him to her vet (who was not cavy savy), hence he did not recieve proper treatments. The rescuer was out of her mind with worry. So we worked out the arrangement that I would foster him, until he was well and then adopt.

The day I went to pick Gary up was not a good thing. When I arrived the rescue lady was almost hysterical. He was in aweful shape. His eyes and nose were horribly crusted over, his hair was falling out from dehydration, and he could no longer get up and walk to anything. He also smelled something aweful and was straining for breathe. She told me that she would understand if I no longer wanted him, however I could not leave the poor boy to die. I rushed him immediatley to my vet where we found out that he was beyond help. He had phemonia (sp?) and his lungs were collapsing. So after only an hour together, I had to make the choice to humanley uthanize the poor boy.

I was in deep greiving. I felt as though I was hopeless in caring for these little creatures. At the same time I was hooked on them too. I just could not see life without these little guys. So I went onto Petfinder and check the classifieds, when I came acrossed the ad of my two new boys, Koko and Tyee.

Koko and Tyee were from an unplanned litter. If their former owners didn't find homes soon, then they were going to be surrendered to the nearest shelter. I talked to the owner and made arrangements for my fiance to meet them half way and pick up the boys. When my fiance returned home with them, it was not pretty.

They were suppose to be 5 weeks old. However they were so small and skinny that the yeasily escaped their cage through the grids. When I looked them over I realized that Koko had a sunflower seed stuck in his teeth (grrr... junk food). It took alot of work and patience, but we were able to get it out without any damage. Koko also had one ear completely gone Tyee had one of his cut in half. They were extremley skittish of people for a long time. The first time I fed them, they fought like crazy and kept chasing one another off. I really think that they were not fed enough.

Of coarse things are so much better now. Koko has hit the one pound mark, with Tyee close behind. They have very healthy and demanding appetites. They love to chatter away and tell you their stories. The vet is extremley impressed with their progress (whoo hoo). They are spoiled rotten and I couldn't be happier.

03-27-06, 01:02 pm
Welcome!! You have very cute piggies.:cheerful:

03-27-06, 01:17 pm
What a sad beginning, but a happy ending. I adopted my first piggy and then learned he needed a buddy. So I went to the petstore (before I knew of this site) and got another piggy. After we got him home, noticed he had a crusty nose and was wheezing. I made a vet appt for the next day, but later that night he passed away. I called the pet store and told them how could they sell sick animals? Anyways, we took him back and they gave us another male. That was a awful experience. After the introduction, the new male fought with my baby. Fought and drew blood. I called the store and they said to bring him back. So we did. They gave us another. Well, turned out he was a she. 3 months later, we had 5 babies. Took my male and had him neutered. A few months later, I found this site. And have I learned so much! No more petstores! I only buy supplies at the petstore.

03-27-06, 01:39 pm
There's nothing worse than losing a little guinea pig...

But thank goodness for decent folk who love and look after their pets and give them a wonderful life!!!

It's all got to be worth it in the end!

03-27-06, 01:52 pm
Wow Sunshyne, you are a great piggie rescuer. I might have given up on keeping the little ones after the second death. Your guys are so cute and welcome to the forum.

03-27-06, 02:56 pm
Your story makes these guys even more precious. I am so very glad to hear a happy ending!! We needed this.

03-27-06, 11:08 pm
I am so very glad to hear a happy ending!! We needed this.

Why's that? Has there been alot of heartbreaks around here lately?

03-28-06, 07:43 am
Yes this 'family' (the forum) has lost 5 piggers in two weeks. Lola, Oreo, Meeker, Moss, and Honey.

03-28-06, 07:49 am
Oh I am so sorry. I understand the heartache of loosing these babies. It is a hard thing to go through. Fortunatley with help of sites such as this we know that we have given them the best possible life.