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03-23-06, 07:48 pm
Well folks, it looks like the move to this new hosting company is NOT going to be a permanent decision. I'm coming to the conclusion that by offering all these great features, photos, etc., I've about pushed myself out of the shared hosting model.

I have to find a different environment. I have to move our site to a new host with more dedicated resources to support the demand. Which means, I'll be upping my cost for this site alone drastically. I'll have to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 a MONTH.

I just don't want to compromise on the photo galleries and other features.

In the meantime, this host has put a throttle on our site. You will frequently get a server unavailable message. Just try again until it frees up.

The price of popularity.

Stay tuned. As the server turns...

03-23-06, 08:26 pm
Mayhaps a donation program could be set up. I know I wouldn't mind giving a bit every month to keep this place running.

03-23-06, 08:45 pm
Theresa, what kind of stats does this site pull? Is there anything I could host on my site that would help you out? I don't have extraordinary bandwidth or space, but I'm sure even something would help.

Why not set up a Paypal donation button somewhere on the site... I'm sure plenty of people would be happy to give a little!

03-23-06, 08:52 pm
You can donate for this site through the cavyspirit website. Just put in the comment line or subject line that you are donating for cavy cages. I am sure T can use the donations to pay for webspace especially since it's expensive.

03-23-06, 09:10 pm
Sweet, thanks... maybe this could be stickied near the top of the main forums page since many people probably don't check this forum? (Okay... so I usually don't anyway... can't say for others heh)

03-24-06, 07:46 pm
Could you post what your monthly rate is, I would deffinately be willing to chip in some or have sponsor a month or something. I love this site and I don't want to see it dissapear.