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03-23-06, 10:59 am
I usually buy the store bought bags of Timothy, and have surprisingly have had very good luck with the quality. But this last bag that I opened (which looked nice & green) was not so nice as I thought. It seems to be a little
"hard" and not so soft. Should I still continue feeding them this.. or cut my losses and buy a new bag :?: Also at my last vet appointment she told me that Pet Supplies Plus carries Orchard hay, which I will soon look into.

03-23-06, 12:30 pm
I think it is really up to you. If you have any long pokey pieces, then perhaps you should remove those, or at least cut them up. Perhaps you could return it to the store and tell them it is unsatisfactory?

03-23-06, 12:37 pm
Misty always prefers the bits of hay that are hard. I think that it is luck of the draw what you quality you get in each bag you buy though, because it all just gets stuffed into the bags by machines, you don't get people sifting through it sharing out the hard bits and the soft bits in each bag.

I would keep the bag if it were me, but just do what C-and-K said and maybe cut down any really pokey bits.

03-23-06, 02:49 pm
I give the harder pieces to them in small amounts so they aren't digging through it. The only problem with the harder, stemmier pieces is their potential to poke the guinea pig, especially eyes, and do damage. Spreading it out or giving in very small amounts keeps them from digging around with it next to their face and shoving it with their noses. It also helps to buy 2 bags so if you get a stemmy one you can mix them together and they aren't eating just stemmy hay.