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mom to cujo
05-11-04, 04:07 pm
I live in White Plains, NY which is about 20 minutes North of New York City. I cannot seem to locate any rescues or adoption shelters in my area at all. Are there any rescues in my vicinity? I would love to adopt but all that is available around here are pet stores. Any info would be helpful.


05-17-04, 03:52 pm
Go immediately to www.petfinder.org. You can search by region, and you will find lots of piggies for adoption in the main site and in classified ads. You may have to be willing to drive out to NJ for your dream pig - but it's not so far! Plus, contact the rescues - they may be willing to meet you halfway; people involved with the rescues are always heading to New York and could possibly give your pigs a lift to their new home.

05-22-04, 05:59 am
There's a woman whom rescues piggies in brooklyn, N.Y. (I finally got to meet her when she came into the vet office pick up a bottle of ivermectin for the piggies she has).

If you like, her email addy is [email protected] Her name is Liz.

Hope this helps in any way =0).

~Momma Cavy3160

P.S: You can email me at [email protected] for more info.

07-19-04, 04:11 pm
I currently have 2 males (un-nuetered) approximately 5 months old available immediately, and have 9 (yes that's correct) babies that are going on two weeks old and should be available for adoption in about two weeks. They are very socialized and loving and absolutely adorable. We are on Long Island in Nassau County, probably about 40 minutes from you.