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03-22-06, 12:25 pm
Tomorrow I will be driving to Jacksonville, FL to get our very first boar. He belongs to a young lady who I met on this forum who can't keep him as well as she wants. We have been emailing for about 3 months now and she had asked me to be his godmother. He name is Doolittle and we will keep that name. I called my vet and we have an appointment for a general check up on Tuesday afternoon. Until then he will be in the Super Pet XL cage in here. I am going to build him an apartment that will run along side the girl's cage. It will be about a 2 x 4 with a 1 by top story. He is quite a character and we are excited. I will post pigtures tomorrow when I get him back home.

Percy's Mom
03-22-06, 12:47 pm
Yeah! I can't wait to see him. I love the name Doolittle.

03-22-06, 01:40 pm
Thanks Percy's Mom! Here is what I have prepared for him. This will do until the vet sees him on Tuesday and gives me a clean bill of health and then he can go to his apartment. We will build that tonight.
I got out my Super Pet XL and fixed it up. I put all the food and water in one area to try to give him as much free space as possible. I bought him a teddy last week and also put in a cushy dog toy to rest his ehad on. I will give him a pigloo for nights only as it would take away too much floor space. What do you all think? Did I forget anything or should I take anything out? I have towels and fleece in it.

03-22-06, 01:44 pm
Is that a wheel in the corner? If it is you need to take it out, they risk spinal injuries.

03-22-06, 01:45 pm
No it is a hay thing. sorry for the poor shot. Here are better ones:
His cushy stuff

His kitchen and potty

03-22-06, 01:59 pm
Looks nice and comfy. Will Doolittle be all alone when you get him next to the girls?

Slap Maxwell
03-22-06, 02:08 pm
Are you planning on having him neutered?

03-22-06, 02:29 pm
Doolittle will share grids with the girls. I will not risk having him neutered. It would just kill me if something happened to him. I recently joined a board for boar owners and from everything I read, he will be just peachy playing with the girls between the grids. Many times folks can't find a playmate for a boar and they do great living next to another so he will do that with the girls.

Percy's Mom
03-22-06, 02:46 pm
How old is Doolittle? From what I know of the procedure (which admittedly isn't much), if you have a good vet, and your boar isn't too old, it usually goes pretty smoothly.

I just can't imagine being happy if the only contact that I could get with someone of my same species was through a grid wall.

03-22-06, 02:54 pm
Well at the moment is is with nobody at all. There are many times people try to pair up boars and they don't get along so side by side is what works. Doolittle is maybe 3. Percy's Mom -it just terrifies me to think he could die from the surgery and it is not recommended if not necessary. His options are to stay with a girl who can't give him what he needs and she is moving and was going to give him to her Dad who knows even less about GPs but likes him, or come to our home and live like a king minus 'getting his women' whenever he wants.

Percy's Mom
03-22-06, 03:13 pm
I agree that he will definitely be in a better place living with you even if his only contact with the girls is through a grid. It's just something to think about. He's in the prime of his piggy life and I'm assuming in good health. There is also the plus side of a possibility of less impaction when he gets older.

Ultimately, it's your decision, but there are a lot of factors to consider. As much as we like to trust the word of people on boards and forums, you might want to discuss this one with your veterinarian as well.

03-22-06, 03:20 pm
I have been doing much thinking and reading on cavy spirit. At his visit on Tuesday I will ask the vet many questions which of course include his track record on cavy neutering! This vet is the senior partner of this clinic. I have not seen him before but his reputation in Savannah is flawless and he is much loved. The vet I saw last year when Pol had mites is now with another clinic and to see her I know the price would be way up compared to the original clinic she was in which is where I am going Tuesday. Gee how confused are you now? LOL Dr. Bink is the vet for cavies that is why I couldn't get in tomorrow because the other vets in the clinic don't see them. I don't know if Doolittle was ever used for breeding. I really don't think so. I feel we are dealing with a typical case of a boar whose owners got bored with him. I will talk about all of this tomorrow when I go get him. Yes there is so much to consider. Is it ever easy? NOPE----!

Percy's Mom
03-22-06, 03:30 pm
Always always lots of decisions to be made. Whatever you and your vet decide, I'm sure Doolittle will have a wonderful home and won't need worry where he's living out the rest of his days.

03-22-06, 03:33 pm
It is just awful because I have a knot in my stomach thinking about surgery and then I know about companionship too! Oh Lord. Another course is down the road to get a boar but again there are no guarantees about friendship. Day by day is what we shall do.

03-22-06, 03:37 pm
CONGRATULATIONS!!! We just had a baby a couple of days ago so I know how exciting it is to met new family members. I will look forward to your pictures!:cheerful:

03-22-06, 07:39 pm
Congrats! I can't wait to see pics of your new baby.

03-23-06, 06:43 am
I am up early and very excited. I worked on Doolittle's apartment last night. Tomorrow I will cut the coro and put on a second story that will connect to the girl's hay loft. Last night Jeff mentioned about getting hin a friend! I almost croaked. Anyhow that will come in time maybe. I will see how he is and go from there. Somewhere on this forum I read yesterday about two best friend boars who fought everytime the girls went ito heat. I have no place to put a boar only cage except where it is so there can be no plan B. Here is what I have done so far on his cage. It is on a 24 x 48 inch table. I put a grid bottom because the cage hangs over the sides of the table a bit. Tonight I will send pigtures!! Yeah

Slap Maxwell
03-23-06, 06:45 am
Good luck Judy! Drive safe.

03-23-06, 07:27 am
That is true that many boars will fight if they are housed together and there are females around. You honestly as scary as it is would be best to have him neutered. Also know that more than likely if he is neutered and living with your girls, he will be the low man and constantly be bossed around and squirted. My poor Boris deals with a lot of abuse from his three women and never seems to be able to get "lucky" :(

Be careful driving and we cannot wait to see him :)

03-23-06, 08:21 am
Be safe Judy! Looking forward to pigtures when you bring the little man home safe and sound.

03-23-06, 09:40 am
Jdomans, I just wanted to let you know that I recently had an aged and neglected boar neutered and he did very very well. He's fine now and is so happy to be in with his girls and honestly I have never seen my girls so happy either.

It's strange that before Gumbo (the boar) joined the girls they all got along but tried not to interact too much. Now that Gumbo has joined them and the introductions and "get-used-to-each-other" time has passed they are all much more social with each other. It's rather like Gumbo was the missing piece of their puzzle.

Of course there are still risks but getting him neutered can possibly be the best think you could do. From experiance I know how much happier Gumbo is now compared to having a shared wall. He would get so sad when the girls left his view and he couldn't go and find them.

03-23-06, 02:35 pm
I don't know where you live, but it can be hard to find a good piggie vet to get Dolilittle neutered. I live in Aspen, CO and had to go almost 50 miles to find someone I trusted. It was expensive (around $200) and time consuming, but I would do it again in a heartbeat dispite the risks. Of course it is an individual choice. If you think that you might be interested at some point in time I would be happy to contact my vet and see if he knows anyone in your area he recommends. Also, you can look on the American Veterinary Medical Assoc. website at www.avma.org (http://www.avma.org). When I see them all huddled together in a little piggie ball I know that having Blooregard neutered was the right choice for us.
:cheerful: :cheerful: :cheerful: :cheerful: Can't wait for pics!!!!

03-23-06, 03:28 pm
Well the doctor is home but not seeing anyone yet! LOL It is a sure bet he has mites as Jamie thought he had ear mites and put some medicine in his ear. He also shakes his head when you touch that ear. I feel I may be dealing with vitamin deficiency as well. His rump hair is coarse and greasy even though she bathed him. His only veggies were the occasional carrot and he ate junk GP food as well as cheerios and fruitloops! Other than that, he is a beaut. He is in here with me and far away from the girls. His vet check on Tuesday will not come soon enough. Oh he was in a square cage that I surmise was 18" square maybe 24" but I don't think so.

Here he is:



He has been rooting around in the shavings. JennG I thought of you while driving home. Even though I was lucky to have only gone to the north side of Jacksonville I was getting rather fretful on the way home about getting off the Interstate. I thought about you and your long drive to get the girls. I am glad to be home.

03-23-06, 03:34 pm
Thank you all. Neutering will be discussed at great length on Tuesday. First thing is getting him healthy. one day at a time and one step at a time. Voodoo your point is well taken! Thanks. If all of my suspicions are correct it will be weeks before he even sees the girls.

03-23-06, 08:40 pm
He is a cutie and is sure lucky you found him! I hope he gets healthy soon.

03-24-06, 07:01 am
I hope everything goes well you for and your new little man. He is a cutie :)

03-26-06, 11:44 am
Well I just had to post another pigture. I took this just a bit ago after PMing Weaver about 4 times! Doolittle has not eaten much hay and she suggested I take it out of the hay roller as he may not know how to work it. I did and he just started popcorning around after munching down. I did give him a mix of store bought and the barn hey we use.

03-26-06, 12:02 pm
I am so glad he is eatting and popcorning. He is going to be feeling so much better shortly. He is one lucky pig to have you for his new mom!

03-28-06, 04:42 pm
I am back from Doolittle’s check-up and I am so excited I could go out and shout it from my balcony!!!:silly: Dr. Bink is the man of the hour!!!! He is fabulous. I tell you, when I am a homeowner again, my dogs will go to him as well. Nice ... this man is so nice it is incredible. He welcomed all my questions. :)

OK so here is the scoop. He took samples of the mess in both of Doolittle’s ears, a skin scraping, hair samples, and a fecal. The skin scraping was nothing like I have read. He just took a #10 blade and lightly scraped over Doolittle’s ears. He had a slide that he put the ear samples and skin scrapings on. As far as the hair went, it came out by the handfuls. He said that was the vitamin deficiently in his diet and he had probably suffered from a bit of scurvy. He then told me their hair growth had a 28-day cycle and we would see a difference in a month. He said that his long rump hair should also become soft and long and silky!!! Woo whoo . Everything is negative. He even did a test for fungus and that was negative. He wants me to clean his ears with a vinegar and water solution. His ears are just clogged up and that is why he shakes them. I got out to the car and realized I had forgotten to ask what to clean the ears with. The girls went and asked him but didn't ask what ratio. She was cleaning dog throw up so I didn't want to be a bother. I figure a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar as he said a weak solution. I had brought in poo from the girls and from Doolittle because his was so huge. Dr. Bink said that boar’s had larger poos. He even checked the girls for coxcydia while at it. We talked about neutering and his being by the girls now before neutering. His semi-undescended testicles are normal for some pigs. He felt around and they are up a bit and full size. Dr. Bink said that actually it is nicer on him as it can be sore on boars to drag a huge package behind them over shavings and things. He told me to leave him in here (the study) because he wants to check him again in 3 weeks for mites and fungus to be very sure and that also Doo might lose his mind being next to the girls and that they would ALL go in heat at the same time! Then we went over the care taking of the ‘bits’. Good lord no big deal at all. Doo is very clean and Dr. Bink said to check him weekly and once a month clean him with a Hibiclens solution using a cotton ball. He is against mineral oil because it just stays there and keeps things gunked up. As far as the smegma on his penis, leave it alone. It is there for a purpose and the purpose is to allow the penis to glide in and out of the foreskin. Dr. Bink had piggers himself and this is what he did.

Dr. Bink neutered two bunnies this morning, had a monkey in for a client and while I was there 3 parrots came in and a goat!! :yikes:

Guess what my bill was? $28. Oh and the follow up in 3 weeks is no charge. Is that not terrific? :relieved: The office building is one that has been around for 40 years I’d say. We took our dogs there when I was a child. He hasn’t done a thing to it at all. Of course I don't know what the back of the office is like. He keeps a low overhead obviously. Hey I am not there for the beauty of the building. I am there for the skill of the doctors.

I am so sad for Doolittle being in the store bought cage. I have just measured and the 4-foot table will fit in here. I will get my scrubs out of the closet and hang them on the back of the door. There is nothing else in it I need. I keep them in here for those 4AM mornings so I don’t disturb my sweetie. We will get the coroplast cut and he will be in the big boy cage tomorrow if not tonight. I have so many things for him to enjoy and there is no room in the Super Pet XL for it.

When I get Doolittle in his new set up I will send pigtures.

03-28-06, 05:02 pm
Wow, what an amazing vet!

03-28-06, 05:12 pm
You have no idea. I am floating on a cloud right now. Just dealing with school and a creep for a dept. head/teacher, I needed this good thing in my life. I ca't stop smiling.

03-28-06, 05:18 pm
You should post his location on the GL directory.

03-28-06, 05:31 pm
Wow! This vet seems very good.

Slap Maxwell
03-28-06, 06:07 pm
Sounds like you have a wonderful vet! As for the smegma, Maverick has so much that it was covering the tip of his penis, so I got some off.

I expected Doolittle has quite a bit and had never been cleaned out, but it sounds like he is in excellent shape!

03-28-06, 07:18 pm
Yeah Slap just don't go nutzo about it. He does need some after all. LOL

Oh I will go post his address on GL Thanks for the idea.

03-28-06, 09:37 pm
Wow. You are so lucky! I hope I find a vet as swell as yours someday. I'm glad to hear Doolittle's doing good. It's good to hear happy endings around here sometimes.

03-29-06, 03:49 am
Thats sounds like a truly amazing vet! I hope I am fortunate enough to find a good one in my area, too. It's also awesome to hear that Doolittle is in good condition. He is really cute. :3 I dunno why, but he looks like Carrot Top. Hehe.

03-29-06, 09:00 am
Hey Slap last night after I turned off the computer I realized that what you may be cleaning off of Maverick is 'boar grease' or dried semen. That is different from smegma. See if that is not what it is.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 09:02 am
You mean "boar glue" :p

I think it was smegma. Boar glue is generally crusty and not slimy.

03-29-06, 09:05 am
Hey I am enjoying the first day of spring break that I have nothing planned! I put my brain away today!! Yes boar glue is what I meant. So glad you can read my mind.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 09:07 am
Spring break! Lucky. Mine isn't for another week.

03-29-06, 09:34 am
It's when I read threads like this that I'm so glad to have girls.

Though I don't remember having any problems like that with the boy I used to have either.

The only spring break I get is the period between when classes end and exam start (because my reading week was in February).

03-29-06, 11:35 am
HEre are pigtures I just took. He is now in his CC cage right behind me. It is on a 4' x 2' table.



Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 11:38 am
What a sweet boy!

03-29-06, 01:16 pm
He is gorgeous Judy!! Such a handsome little man.

Slap Maxwell
03-29-06, 01:21 pm
Mei says "Wheeeeet Wheeeew"!!


03-29-06, 04:33 pm
Mei, Doolittle is honored to have such an attractive lady fan.
He is so funny with that brown teddy. He loves it to pieces. He moves it all around.
Here is a vid I put up on youtube.