View Full Version : Help! English Angora with "peeling" fur?!?

03-21-06, 10:30 pm
4 weeks ago were given and English Angora rabbit who appeared healthy. Recently It appears her beautiful fur has "peeled" back in large areas (4x4). The flesh underneath is intact and it appears to cause her no pain. We have trimmed the fur back to about 1 inch, but the problem persist. She is in a cage by herself but was with a male the week of february 12 (quite by accident, my husband cannot sex rabbits). Her appetite seems fine and it is also important to note that my daughter noticed "flaky" white on areas of her fur which are NOT loosing fur.

For fur to peel back so dramitically cannot be normal. She does have an appointment with a vet but not until next week. Apparently this is not deemed as an emergency, but I am very nervous and would appreciate some quality advice!

Thank you to anyone who has read this post!

Rebecca Coons

03-22-06, 07:05 pm
Sounds like it could be mites. I would call your vet and demand an earlier appt.

Take a look at:

www.medirabbit.com (http://www.medirabbit.com)

www.rabbit.org (http://www.rabbit.org)

Good luck!

03-22-06, 07:06 pm
Are both rabbits fixed? If not, the female is probably pregnant right now. If they are not fixed yet, please do so asap.