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03-21-06, 05:54 am
Mine live outdoors but indoors! I have converted an old wendy house/shed to a mini house for them. They don't live in cages but have the run of the entire shed. its 6 x 4 feet at present and over the summer I 'm going to buy them a larger shed so they have even more space.

Its water proof and draught free and actually surprisingly warm even in the winter. In the summer windows are propped open as there is wire i affixed on the inside so no nasty things can get in. and there's lino under the paper too.

In this link you can see their living accomodation. Link to pro-breeder site deleted. its the first picture

I know all the advantages of an indoors piggie but mine get loads more space in their shed like this than they would indoors and I would never dream of putting them back into a cage. If we move house i'll look for a house with a boxroom or something for them to live in free-range though :D

Percy's Mom
03-22-06, 05:17 pm
If you want us to see a picture of the shed your pigs live in, post the picture. Please do not post a link to a pro-breeding forum.