View Full Version : Having problems

03-19-06, 04:22 pm
The forum logs me out after like two mins of being inactive.
Also I can't post on the photo galleries I get loged of then loged back on again if I come back to the forum.

Is it just me with the problem?
I used aol and firefox and they are both doing the same problem.

03-19-06, 04:47 pm
I have been having a problem as well, but of a different sort. Over the past couple of days, I have clicked on my cavy cages short cut and it comes up with 'this page cannot be displayed'. Sometimes it lets me see the page, like now, but many times it has been telling me that the page cannot be viewed! It is quite frustrating. It did it whilst I was reading Weaver's thread earlier; I clicked to go onto the next page and it just said 'this page cannot be displayed'. So I shut down my computer, started it up again and still, no. So I left it a couple of hours and finally I was able to get on and give my advice to Weaver.

So you are not alone in your problem Bromers, although we have different problems, but I feel you're frustration.