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03-19-06, 09:37 am
Last night was one of the hardest and most emotional nights of my life. Let me start from the beginning.......

After dinner last night I went into my room to collect the salad plates from all the piggies to put in the dishwasher. When I bent down to pick up Oreo's I quickly realized that something was VERY WRONG. All over his cage was full of blood, even his bed. I yelled for my husband and he came in saw the problem and we hurried to get him off the emergency vets (it was about 7:30pm). We arrived at the hospital at 8:10pm, I am trembling and feeling quite sick myself, hubby fills out all the paperwork and we head back to see what is going on.

I already knew what was going on from all the information I have read on GL and on the forum, either it was a infection, a stone, or he was bleeding internally. Well after the doctor looked at him she wanted to do a abdominal radiograph, and take a urine sample. The tests came back and my poor Oreo has a large bladder stone. :weepy: Devastation hit me all over again, I literally was unable to control myself, not because of the stone itself, but because I knew in my heart that maybe Oreo's time has come.

Surgery at his age is very risky and the chances of him having complications following surgery are even greater. He has a appointment to go to our vet Monday morning. That is tommorrow, I do not know what to do, and my heart aches and I fill with tears if I even look at him. Do I let him go through with the surgery and pray for the best, or do I let him go with pride and remember him with good memories and not of him suffering? I am so torn, emotionally and physically, did not get any sleep, and I feel completely drained.

I honestly need advise, good advise. I know my vet in the morning will suggest that I let him go. He does not like doing surgery on smaller animals and feels that at Oreo's age it is not worth the risks that can follow. ( He did not even want to neuter Oreo, never mind have to cut him wide open and cut his bladder to remove the stone.) I know if I wanted Oreo to go through with the surgery he would value my opinion and do it and do a good job (he is a wonderful man and vet). but honestly, has the time come to let my little friend go? Has anyone had a elderly guinea pig patient pull thorugh surgery successfully?

I also want to mention that I am so thankful to learned about using fleece for a bedding. If I had still been using woodchips I would never have noticed that Oreo even had a problem. He showed no signs (still is'nt), no screaming while going potty, no calcium deposits, no tinge of blood as a warning. Even the blood on his fleece is a brown color with a red spot in the middle. I remember when I used wood chips they also would turn brown when they were wet, therefore more than likely I would have though nothing about it. Thank you for the knowledge so I was able to detect the problem early, even though in my case it may not help Oreo's future.:weepy:

03-19-06, 09:42 am
Oh Weaver I am so sorry you have to go through this. I wish that I could give you some sort of advice. The only thing I can offer is to keep you and your pig in my prayers. You are an excellent piggie mom and whatever decision you make I know it will be for the best.

03-19-06, 09:51 am
WEAVER-I'm not sure what to tell you but you'll want to listen to your heart. It was hard when I lost Lola so suddenly but I think this would be worse, kind of knowing that it MAY be his time. I think you're the only person who can make that decision.

Just remember that we're all here to help and support and to listen. You are such a great piggie mom and person. I wish you the best. Take care and just know that whatever your decision will be the best one. Stay strong.

03-19-06, 10:02 am
Weaver- I'm so sorry that you have to go through this, I know how hard it is to make such a decission, i went through it myself not too very long ago. I can't really give you any advice one way or the other, but trust me, when the time comes, somehow you will know what to do. Your heart will tell you what is right for Oreo. And know that we are all here praying for you, supporting you and always willing to listen.

03-19-06, 10:03 am
WEAVER,I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. I agree with Jenn, just listen to your heart. Say a prayer. I'm not sure what else to tell you. I hope what ever decision you make works out! Best wishes. Have hope! :hug:

03-19-06, 10:11 am
Weaver - I'm so very sorry.

Do you have access to another exotics vet? If your vet says he doesn't like to do surgery on small animals, I'm thinking he's not the best person for the job.

03-19-06, 10:20 am
There is another vet that I do use "for bigger jobs", but his office is not as clean and I would not feel good about him doing Oreo's surgery.

My vet I have had for over 12 years. He tells me things he probably would not tell others, just because we do know one another so well and I visit him often (my dog has many health issues). I know if I did want him to do the surgery he would, and he would do a great job, but he has been very open with discussions like this to me in the past. He honestly is one of the best vets in Northern Alabama and the only one I trust enough to do any kind of surgery on any of my babies.

I do completely understand what you are saying though, and honestly would get another opinion or vet if I felt he was not in the best interest of my animal's well-being, especially over something as major as this.

03-19-06, 10:30 am
Well whatever you decide, I'm sorry you and Oreo have come to this difficult decision.

My heart goes out to you.

03-19-06, 10:32 am
So Sorry to hear about this, Weaver. From my piggie family to ours we wish you the very best during your times of need. :hug: Just make every moment you have with him as memorable as possible.

Best of luck again when you go to your other vet.

03-19-06, 10:37 am
WEAVER- I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I agree, just listen to your heart, you'll know what's right. We're all here if you need to talk. :grouphug:

Slap Maxwell
03-19-06, 10:37 am
I am so sorry Weaver. Best of luck. This decision is up to you.

03-19-06, 10:51 am
I think right now my biggest fear is that if I go through with the surgery his quality of life is not going to bewhat it is "today". I do not want to keep him alive for my own personal reasons or because I can not imagine my life without him in it.

On the otherhand I do not want to put him to sleep if he can recover and continue life the way he knows it to be. I am completely torn and feel that no matter what decision I choose at this point I will never know for sure if I made the correct one. I also feel that I do not have a lot of time to make this decision because I know right now he is in pain and I do not want that for him either. :(

valerie k
03-19-06, 11:06 am
how old is oreo? we as humans also must realize, we understand why we have the pain, unfortunately, an animal does not. You must balance the quality of life he has had, and will have after the surgery. Its a tuff tuff decision, one that we never want to make for our furry friends. If you do decide surgery, then make sure, they send pain meds home with you. Some vets wont. I have always insisted. I have had surgery on my rats before, and always bring home pain control.

Remember, whatever you decide, you will always carry oreos love with you forever, and when he is at the bridge, he will always know what a kind and careing owner you were.

03-19-06, 11:08 am
Aw, Weaver I am so sorry to hear about Oreo.

Follow your instinct and you will make the right choice. If you choose to go through with the surgery, you will be the judge of how he's doing afterwards nad if it was worth it. Maybe it'll just buy you some time with Oreo, but maybe it'll help him out.

If you choose not to go the surgery route, the best thing you can do for him is to be there with him to the very end, so he knows that you're there for him.

03-19-06, 11:11 am
Oreo is 5 1/2 years old.

03-19-06, 11:21 am
I'm sorry Weaver. You have to make the decision yourself and it's not an easy one. I recently had to do the same thing. By the time the surgery date came, the stone was stuck in his urethra. My vet called 2 hrs after trying to get the stone back in the bladder and asked what I wanted to do. I asked him to continue since he was able to move it a few mm forward. The surgery lasted 3.5 hrs. He came through THAT fine.

He did pass a couple days later but that was because of breathing issues. Being under for that long plus the fact he developed a bowel dehiscence the next day and needed emergency surgery again is what I think caused his passing. I have no idea how old Rodney was, but judging from the thickness of his nails, I'd say 4-5 yrs old.

I personally would do it. The only time I let a pig go from stones was when one of my foster piggies went through 2 stone surgeries within a month and they came back one wk after the second surgery. I spoiled him rotten until the day he could no longer urinate because he was so full of life.

Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be what's best for Oreo. You know him better than the rest of us.

03-19-06, 11:32 am
You and Oreo... Poor things. What an agonizing decision to have to make. I just don't know what to suggest, other then listening to your heart, as has been suggested. If he seems to want to live, and isn't giving up, then perhaps you should not give up on him either. However, I can certainly respect not wanting his last days to be total suffering.

Maybe if you seached GL for bladder stone threads, and read over a few peoples trials and tribulations with them, it would give you some idea of what to decide.

If you need to vent, feel free to PM me.

03-19-06, 11:35 am
Thank you cavies and kids, that is really good advise. I will continue to do more research.

valerie k
03-19-06, 11:40 am
weigh the odds... he potentially could have another 2-3ish years OR MORE in him. He will be in pain for only X amount of time, in which, you can help control that.

I had my heart rat Killer, she was a year and a half old. (rats typically live 2-3 years) she had a huge mamory tumor... I so wavered... rats, its very difficult to do surgerys on... but, in the end... I knew, it wasnt over... she had LIFE in her. I had the surgery done. I had my baby girl, another year. It was the best thing I could do for both of us. I carefully monitered her, she was in minimal amount of pain.

you must follow your heart on this. You know, inside, you know the answer. And that is the correct answer.

03-19-06, 11:41 am
I will keep both you and Oreo in my prayers. Know that whatever you decide it is the right decision. You heart can't lead you wrong. Whatever you decide, never beat yourself over "what-ifs". You're doing what you feel is best for Oreo, and there is nothing more you could possibly do.

Stay strong. And we're all here for you.

03-19-06, 11:41 am
I am so sorry for you and Oreo. The dission you make will come from within your heart as you will know what is the right thing for Oreo.
Big hugs and God bless

03-19-06, 02:28 pm
I was in tears as I was reading your post Weaver, I thought you were going to tell us he had died. I really think that you should go through with the operation. If it is his time to die, then he will, but if it is not, then you need to give him every fighting chance. He is a happy fellow, getting on with himself, pottering around happy as can be, I am sure he would want to fight for his life, he just can't tell you that. You are not being selfish by wanting him to have the op, you are giving him a fighting chance. You will love him and care for him and be there for him all the way through. It sounds like he is in the best hands, with you and the vet.

Give him the chance that he deserves, give him the operation. I am behind you 100%. Give him a chance. Good luck.

03-19-06, 02:40 pm
Weaver, I am so sorry for your situation. If you have the money to get the surgery, why not go for it? Trust your first instinct. Good luck for you both.

03-19-06, 02:42 pm
I'm so sorry Weaver. I know you will make the right decision, whatever it may be. I think the suggestion to browse through lynx is a great idea. It'll give you some perspective on what to expect.

03-19-06, 03:08 pm
I don't know what part of AL you're in, but if you're close enough to drive to the vet school at MS State, I can recommend a vet there. I used Dr. Lenarduzzi during Permanent's ovarian cysts issue, and I also emailed him ahead of time. He didn't have a chance to respond because I had an appointment the next morning. However, I know he did read the email because he told me he sent it around to some of his students to gain some more experience. If anything, perhaps you can contact him, explain your situation and give him your location, and ask for his advice.

03-19-06, 04:02 pm
I am taking a break from study and find this post. Oh Weaver I am so so sorry for what you are going through right now. The good thing is that you have a vet that you have full confidence in. That is more than many can say. We will be anxious to hear from you after the visit.

03-19-06, 04:38 pm
Weaver, I think you should let the vet do the surgery. If you don't you'll always beat yourself up over what-ifs. If he comes through the surgery you will know yourself if he is suffering too much for it to be kind of you to keep him alive. I can't imagine how you are feeling, but I know that you are such a good piggie mom that you'll take great care of Oreo post-op. If he recovers, then he will adjust to any changes in his quality of life and continue to flourish under your care and love.

03-19-06, 05:48 pm
I am so sorry to hear about Oreo's troubles. What an awful thing to go through, we can all tell how painful this all is for you. I think the advice that you need to follow your heart and go with your insticts is right on. No one can tell you what is the right thing for you and your pet. I do want to just mention this though: I had a pig put to sleep because the vet said the chances were so slim and I didn't want to keep her suffering if she wasn't going to make it. I have regretted that decision ever since and have had no closure because I am always asking myself... if I gave her the chance... COULD she have made it? If the vet did the best she could and my pig didn't make it, that would have been final and I knew there was nothing more I could have done. But everytime I think of my little girl, I tear up because however "slim" those chances were, they were still chances. I don't envy your position but you will make the right decision. :hug:

03-19-06, 06:46 pm
I, too, think you should try the operation. If he doesn't have heart problems (has he had frequent URIs? Noisy breathing?) then there shouldn't be too much danger in the anesthesia. Post-op care is hard for a male at any age. Good luck.

03-20-06, 12:07 am
:hug: to you Weaver and Oreo. We all are here for you.:grouphug:

03-20-06, 10:07 am
I have scheduled an appointment with both of my vets to help ensure I am making the right decisions and get as much information as possible. I am going this morning to both, back to back to get it over with and only have to take Oreo out one time.

It is raining today---is that a sign because it definately fits with how I am feeling. Pray for us and may I have the strength to deal with whatever I learn today . . .I will keep you all posted and thank you so much for your kind words and support.

03-20-06, 10:15 am
I'm new here and still don't know too many people, but I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry about Oreo. My husband and I were in a similar situation as you last year, when we learned that our 6 year old boar, Winston, had an inoperable tumor. It's a difficult and gut-wrenching situation, I know.

Whether you opt for surgery, or decide to help Oreo over the Rainbow Bridge, know that there is no "right" or "wrong" choice, really, because any choice you make is made with love and compassion, and the desire to do what's best for your friend. That, in itself, makes it right.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

03-20-06, 11:09 am
I cant do much for you but hope and pray that oreo will be okay. Your both in my thoughts and prayers.

03-20-06, 11:46 am
Your in my thougths too Weaver.

03-20-06, 11:56 am
Your in my piggy prayers Weaver.

03-20-06, 02:50 pm
I got more information and Oreo got throughly examined today to make sure he is strong and his heart is well enough to pull through the surgery (he does have a pea eye and a slight heart murmur). Other than his heart and eye he is doing wonderfully and my vet said "he looked and sounded great for being a old man".

Oreo is at a higher risk for going through with the surgery because of his age. He does think Oreo has a good chance of surviving the surgery and thinks it maybe worth a try. He is mainly worried about how it will effect him afterward, and he said there is a chance he could get more stones in the future (the doctor does not believe it to be a calcium stone, but I can not remember the other two kinds he named). That worries me, a lot. The doctor and I both agree that Oreo probably will not be able to make it through two surgeries close together if he was to develop another stone in the near future.

This is just soooo hard and really taking a toll out on me. I look and feel like crap---at this point I think Oreo maybe stronger and feeling better than me :) I love him so much. I just look at him right now and my heart melts. I do not want to think what my life would be like without him a part of it. I know right now I should be enjoying every minute I have with him, but I just am unable to pull myself together to enjoy the time I have. This is such a hard time, one I wish with all my heart I would never of had to face and hope never will have to again.

03-20-06, 03:00 pm
You and Oreo have been in my thoughts all night and day. I'm glad to hear that he has some chance for a successful surgery. It's awful that you and he have to go through this, but at least Oreo is taking it like a champ. Try the best you can and appriciate the little things. Maybe take a couple of pictures, spend a little bit more lap time alone together.

I'll keep you two in my prayers.

We're all here for you.

03-20-06, 03:16 pm
It is only 'possible' that he could develop more stones after the surgery, not definite. I would go through with the surgery, give him a fighting chance. But that is only my opinion, you should go with your heart. Why don't you ask Oreo, see what he thinks!

03-20-06, 03:22 pm
Giplet---I really wish he was able to make this decision for me. It is so hard for me to even think of him as being "sick". I know he is, saw the huge stone on the x-ray, but I am having a really hard time with all of this. Oreo still is talking to me, but he is just not himself right now. He is not eatting very well and is sleeping a lot. I have him scheduled for surgery for Friday and I pray with all my heart that I am making the "right choice". I would much rather him go over the rainbow bridge with me beside him, than on the operating table by himself :(

03-20-06, 03:37 pm
Maybe you could be there during his surgery? At least in the next room?

03-20-06, 03:40 pm
I just wanted to know that I'm thinking about you today and so sorry for what you are going through. Let me know if there is anything I can do for ya.

03-20-06, 03:48 pm
I am so sorry to hear all this Weaver. I wouldn't knwo what to do in your situation. All the luck and love to you and Oreo. xxx

03-20-06, 04:22 pm
You and Oreo are in my prayers, I have read many threads where you have talked about Oreo and I know you love him so much, I will be praying for you both tonight. I am so sorry this happened, you're a great piggy mom.

03-20-06, 05:15 pm
Weaver, I know it's a tough thing to decide and my heart goes out to you and Oreo. I think you are making the right choice in having the surgery done. If he is not doing well after the fact and his quality of life is severly comprimised, then you can take steps from there. But, who knows right? He may pull through just fine and recuperate 100% and live another couple of years. Like someone else mentioned, at least if you do the surgery, you have done everything you could have possibly done and wont have to live with the "what-ifs". Stay strong, keep us posted and our thoughts are with you!!

03-20-06, 06:36 pm
Weaver - good good luck - I'm saying some prayers for Oreo.

03-20-06, 07:27 pm
Sending more thoughts and prayers your way. I know how stressful this must be. It sounds like the vet is a good one whom you trust, and I'm glad you two have talked it over. I've had vets tell me, "I just don't feel comfortable doing this," or "I don't think he stands a very good chance." This guy sounds optimistic while remaining realistic and honest with you. That's a big plus.

I'll be thinking of you both on Friday. Please know that whatever happens or whatever you decide, Oreo knows how very much you care about him, and that you want only the very, very best for him. I firmly believe that our pets feel this, that they have a "knowing" that we make these decisions out of our love for them.

Take care of yourself, too, okay?

All the best,

03-20-06, 08:04 pm
WEAVER-I wish there was something I could do for you. I'm sending both you and Oreo hugs. I hope everything turns out well for the both of you and just remember that whatever you decide, we're all here for you. Good luck.

03-20-06, 08:16 pm
Oreo tonight is not touching his veggies, not even "weeding"through them. This has me worried. He is eatting hay but as many of you know he does not eat pellets either. I hope he does not become weak before Friday.

His bleeding has slowed down a lot since the other day and that makes me feel better. He is on medicine to help him out until Friday and to help with the irratation in his bladder. I have been weighing him every day and he has lost a little bit of weight, but is maintaining fairly well under the circumstances.

My vet scheduled surgery for Friday for me to have time to throughly think this through and make sure this is what I am really wanting to do. He said that with the size of that stone that Oreo has had it for a long time and just showed no signs and waiting a few more days was not going to make a difference at this point. The only way it would change things is if the stone moved position and made it where he could no longer go potty. I honestly think if that happened it would be a sign that surgery was just not meant to be.

The funny thing about all of this is I was supposed to go to New York this week with my daughter for a dance vacation with her dance studio. (My kids are on spring vacation for the week) We decided not to go and instead use the money to go home and visit my mom and family for a few weeks with the kids this summer. I can not even imagine what I would have done if the trip had been booked. I found out about Oreo Friday night and we were scheduled to leave on Sunday for New York. Is'nt it funny how things work out? Now I am using my trip money to save Oreo's life and I think my mom is going to come and visit us to see my daughter's dance recital instead.

03-20-06, 08:20 pm
Things work in mysterious ways. Even though I was completely upset that hubby was stranded on the side of the road the Sunday we got hit by a tornado, I'm very grateful that he was. If the car hadn't broke down, he would've hit the storm head on and who knows what would've happened. I think someone had a hand in that one. As well as helping you to see that you needed to be at home this week, even though I'm sure your daughter was disappointed. Hang in there. You are being so strong and are such a great mom (piggie and human). *HUGS*

03-20-06, 08:23 pm
That's a sign that you were meant to do the surgery. :) Stay strong Oreo, and hang in there WEAVER. I wish you the best of luck.

03-20-06, 09:19 pm
waiting a few more days was not going to make a difference at this point. The only way it would change things is if the stone moved position and made it where he could no longer go potty.

Weaver, I know how hard this is for you, but I thought it was for this exact reason that these surgeries were usually booked pretty quickly?

03-20-06, 09:50 pm
Mummy, he can do the surgery sooner, but after we talked today (for over a hour and a half) we both decided that it would be better to wait until Friday. I do not want to rush into this, and I am really trying to make sure this is what I want to do. I have really mixed feelings about the whole thing. I feel that Oreo has had the stone for a long time and it could have shifted before now, but it has'nt. His stone in the x-ray is so large it looks almost as big as his "knee". I really want to spend the next few days with him, see how he is reacting to all of this and weigh out what is going to be best for him in the long-run. I am sorry but this is the only way I can deal with this right now is to just take it one day at a time.

Oreo is not even willing to take down 1cc of medicine,I have to force feed him. If he goes for surgery I am going to have to continue the medicine and more than likely have to hand-feed him. If I can not get him to take the medecine for me now, what is it going to be like later? This decision is not an easy one and I am really trying to do the best I can and make not only a educated decision, but also one with my heart. I feel that right now with the medicine he is on, he is not currenlty suffering and that is what is important to me. I hope all of this makes sense, it does to me, and really when it all comes down to it, I am the one that will have to live with the decision. For that reason, I am not rushing into this. I am going to enjoy the next few days that "I know" I have him in my life and on Friday I want to have a firm grip on this and be absolutely positive I made the right choice.

I am sorry, I do not want to upset anyone, or for anyone to feel that I am putting Oreo's life on the line with me waiting. That is anything but the truth, I am taking this VERY seriously and love him very much. The thought of losing him breaks my heart, and that is why I need this time with him. Please do not make me feel bad about this, it is very important to me to spend this time with him in case everything does not go perfectly and he decides it is his time to go. I really need this time with him right now. . . .

03-20-06, 09:56 pm
Weaver, we understand your decision. You have to do what you feel is right. I still have you and Oreo in my prayers and I know that it will work out for the best.

03-20-06, 10:01 pm
Gosh, Weaver - I posted a response and it disappeared!

What I said was it was not my intention at all to make you feel badly, truly. I know how hard this is for you, and whatever you decide to do you have our support.

03-20-06, 10:13 pm
I am glad that you have gotten some positive feedback from the vet and are planning to go ahead with the surgery. I understand your wanting to wait, it sounds like it is so big that it is not in danger of getting partially passed. I think with the handfeeding, try not to use this week as the test, just do your best, that is all anyone can ask, but be fairly agressive with him, as it is for his own good, and he will forgive you. Jenns mama would have died without handfeeding this week, I think we are all pretty certain about that. It may feel mean, but it really isn't. The Post op time can be rough, but giving yourself time to prepare just makes sense. If you can get him through the first couple of days afterwards, his chances soar with every day after.

Is'nt it funny how things work out? Now I am using my trip money to save Oreo's life and I think my mom is going to come and visit us to see my daughter's dance recital instead. I know the feeling... If I had a money tree, I would give you a few seeds from it to plant in your backyard!

03-20-06, 11:13 pm
Take your time, we'll all support whatever decision you'll make. We know you have Oreo's best interest at heart.

03-21-06, 02:48 am
Weaver, I'm glad you are going down the surgery path, I think that you have made the right decision. Between now and then, make sure you are hand feeding Oreo best you can (I'm sure you are anyway), so that he is strong for the surgery. The fact that you said he is talking to you is great, it really is, it shows he still has life in him and he wants to live. He is probably saying he loves you.

Reading your posts Weaver I have been crying, I really feel your pain. You are lucky that you have caught the stone now and have the option of surgery. Nala died of a stone because I didn't notice anything wrong in time. Stay strong, you are in my hopes and thoughts.

03-21-06, 04:06 am
Weaver, how ar you and Oreo today? When my Mickey was so ill I bought baby food carrots to mix her food in. It works well in a syringe (stage 1 food). Try that and see if it helps.

03-21-06, 05:06 am
Weaver how are you?

Its almost a year to the day we finally found out my Belle had a bladder stone. We'd spent six months doing a song and dance with the vet before they finally took an ultra sound. Her Bladder was almost ripped in half by the huge bladder stone she had. We couldnt afford the $1500 bill that it would've cost too have it removed. We let her live out her last days as happily as she could and she told us when the time came.

I hope for Oreo that he has a better outcome and gets to live out his last days in years to come as an elderly contented old man. Keep trying with the hand feeding. Even if Oreo dosn't like it he needs it to stay strong for the surgery. Have you been given pain meds? I also found something that was well liked by all my pigs was an all natural peach and mango puree. The ingredients on the bottle were peach, mango and vitamin C. It was a baby food and I added mushed pellets to it and was very successful at getting it down.

Good luck and all the Glimmer pigs have fingers and toes crossed for Oreo.

03-21-06, 08:15 am
Thank you everyone. I honestly appreciate (and really need) your kinds words and thoughts right now. This is just so hard and putting it into words is very challenging. I am so emotional right now, but feel that I am becoming more prepared to face whatever future may lie ahead for Oreo.

Mummy-I honstly know that you also have Oreo's best interest at heart. I really do fully understand that he does need to go for emergency surgery. I also know what it feels like to be the "other person" on a thread giving someone advise and waiting for them to do what is needed to make their animal better. I just want you to know in your heart, that I truly do have Oreo's best interest ahead of my own and even though this decision is not "text book correct" it just feels like the right thing to do.

I also wanted to let all of you know that I will not be reading other threads during this time. I can barely deal with my own problems and stress without taking on others. Please feel free to give suggestions and comments on my behalf to the "absolute clueless" :) Thanks (hee-hee) Cavies-and-kids I know you can do this for me if others don't have the nerve :) Love you all and thank you so much for everything right now.

03-21-06, 08:28 am
Oh I can think of at least a dozen other people that have the "nerve"!:p

Just try to have as good a spring break as you can with the kids and Oreo!

Keep us posted on him!

Herbie Girl
03-21-06, 09:55 am
Weaver, I'm so sorry for what you are going through... Oreo is in my prayers.


03-21-06, 10:15 am
There are plenty of people with the nerve although you are one in million Weaver.

03-21-06, 10:44 am
Weaver, I have just read this thread. I truly understand you needing these few days with Oreo. I think you are making all the right decisions. Know in your heart that you are doing what's best and are doing it out of love. You and Oreo are in my thoughts and prayers.

Percy's Mom
03-21-06, 12:22 pm
I know this all had to be one of the hardest decisions you've ever had to make, but it sounds like you're doing what is best for you and Oreo. You'll be staying in my thoughts and prayers, and Percy and Caramel are keeping all of their little fingers and toes crossed for you. If you need anything, or just want someone to vent at, feel free to PM me at anytime.

03-21-06, 06:24 pm
I'm so sorry you are having to go through this! I really hope it turns out for the best. Hang in there!

03-21-06, 06:39 pm
Oreo has had a very rough time today. I have been on the phone with my vet's on and off throughout the day. We are beginning to wonder if Oreo is giving up or if he may have something else going on with him besides the stone. He has stopped eatting completely and I have been having to FORCE feed him (which is awful and I know it has to be done, but it is still terrable). It has taken two people to even get anything down him and he is just not looking or acting like himself. He is still urinating, and drinking by himself, but that is all. He has lost some weight and is all "puffed up" looking (meaning his hair is sticking up somewhat making him look bigger than he really is).

My vet said he needs to be eatting on his own before we even consider thinking about surgery. He said he needs his strength and Oreo has to want this too. I am beginning to think Oreo's time has come, and unfortunetely I think I may have to "help him" find his way over the rainbow bridge. I can not and won't keep him alive for my own reasons and simply because I love him. I am crying here while telling all of you this, it is just so hard, all of this is so hard. He is beginning to lose "his" personality and as I sat there feeding him this afternoon, I felt like I was looking at a stranger, his eyes were different, his hair felt different, everything about him just felt different. I wish with all my heart that God would just come and take my little boy.

03-21-06, 06:41 pm
Oh Weaver I can't say enough how sorry I am you have to go through this.

03-21-06, 06:44 pm
I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I was lucky (if you want to say it like that) when Lola went so quickly. I don't know if I could be as strong as you are with Oreo. Please know that you both are in my prayers. Stay strong.

Slap Maxwell
03-21-06, 06:49 pm
Maia did the same thing before she died. She eventually got so weal that she died after fighting the syringe. It is so hard.

03-21-06, 06:50 pm
I'm so sorry weaver. He will let you know what's right. Stay strong, we're all here to help you get through this. You're both in my prayers.

03-21-06, 08:57 pm
I, too, am so sorry Weaver. We're all here praying for both of you. No matter what happens, you did it all. Your a great mommy. Stay strong, and remember it's okay to cry. Lots of hugs.

03-21-06, 09:01 pm
Oh Weaver - what a tough thing to go through.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

03-21-06, 09:11 pm
Weaver - In this kind of situation - your heart screams one thing but your head screams another - know that all the feelings you are experiencing are because you care so much and have so much love - let your heart speak the loudest.

03-22-06, 01:39 am
Oh Weaver, I can't believe this is happening to you. But don't for one minute think that keeping him alive is selfish because it is not, it is all for him and you are just giving him every chance. Keep trying to feed him, offer him his favourite veggies and see if he makes an attempt to eat them.

You say he is not like himself, like he is a stranger, but doesn't everyone change when they are ill? He is ill, he needs you to try your hardest to give him any chance of life. He is not giving up, it is just the illness taking over. Maybe you won't have to make a hard decsion and God will make it for you, like he did with Nala. When I took Nala in they said she was not strong enough for surgery so they were going to put some fluids into her and if in a couple of hours she was stronger, they would attempt the surgery. Nala died by herself though about an hour later, so she or God made the decsion for us.

Can't you move the surgery forward to now, have an emergency operation before it is too late?

What is your heart saying? If it is saying the opposite to all of what I am saying that is fine, go with it, I just think it is valuablke to get everyone's opinion. GO WITH YOUR HEART! You love him too much to make the decsion with anything else.

03-22-06, 08:11 am
I took Oreo off of all of his medicine late last night and he is appearing to be a little more like himself. Medicine does strange things to me, and I know it can have the same effect on animals too.

Late last night I layed in bed looking at the cage, and just thought, thought real hard. I am a firm believer in all things happen for a reason, and I think Oreo got sick yesterday for a reason. Anyways it made me see for a brief moment that maybe I need to reconsider my thinking. I know that many can forcefully hand feed for long periods of time and have the strength within the themselves to feel that they are doing what is in the best interest of their animal. For myself, I view this a bit differently. I can not imagine him looking at me the way he did yesterday for weeks on end, freaking out everytime I put my hand into his cage, and dreading the times I have to nurse him back to health. I want to know and rememebr the Oreo "I know" and have totally adored for the past five years, the one who loves me, enjoys our times together, and eagerly wants me to pet the top of his head.

Today he somewhat is "his old self" I spent a lot of time with him this morning. I know he is in pain without his medicine, I can see it in his eyes. We talked together for a while and I know in my heart now I have made the right decision to let my little boy go. It is not right for me to change who he is, and I know he does not want that either. He has lived a good life, one that many pigs would love to have and even though he may have "life left in him" I am not sure and can not be guarenteed that the life he lives after the surgery will be the life he knew before he became ill. This hurts so much, but I know it is time and the best thing for Oreo. I have to let him go, and let him do it with pride.

03-22-06, 08:31 am
My thoughts are with you...I was crying as I read this, it so reminded me of what we went through with our sweet old man Winston. The vet had just taught me how to do subques at home, but something about Win was different. It was as though he was saying, "If I have to go through this every day of my life, I don't want to live." The next morning after his first subque, he had clearly given up and his eyes said "I'm ready." We helped him over the bridge, and though I never thought I could ever make that kind of decision, there was a kind of peace afterwards and I knew it was the right thing to do.

God be with you, and know that Oreo carries with him the love and happiness of so many good years with you.

03-22-06, 08:33 am
I am so sorry Weaver, I'll be keeping you, your family, and Oreo in my thoughts today.

03-22-06, 09:17 am
Oh Poor little Oreo. (and You)

Oreo might be feeling the pain from the stone, but *your* heart is breaking in this great turmoil. I truly feel so badly for you.

I am certain that you will do what is best.

Hugs to you, and kisses to our little Oreo.

03-22-06, 10:11 am
Its awful having to make these decisions, I remember what I went through with my Abby.

You know it your heart whats the right thing and everyone here is behind you (as you can see!) You've given him the best life he could want, remember that! and stay strong for the little dear Oreo

03-22-06, 10:24 am
Here is a picture of my Oreo . . .

Today I make the promise to you to always hold your memories close to my heart, to think of you and try to smile, to cherish the time you were able to spend with me, and be so thankful I ever had the opportunity to be your mom. Thank you for blessing me with the wonderful five years you gave me. We will all miss you greatly, you were a wonderful son, friend, and pet and will truly be missed.

:love: Mommy, Daddy, Kailyn, Kevin, Shelby, Tigger, Eeyore, Boris, Natasha, Roxie, and Belle-Winkle.


Percy's Mom
03-22-06, 10:28 am
That is a lovely tribute and wonderful picture of Oreo. He's a very handsome little man, and I'm sure he's going to remain that way in your heart. My thoughts and best well wishes go out to you and the rest of your family as you work through your loss.

03-22-06, 10:29 am
he's beautiful and you've written a tribute to match. He looks so comfy and happy in his cuddlecup too.

03-22-06, 10:35 am
That's a beautiful tribute to a pet & friend. He looks like such a sweet little guy.

03-22-06, 10:52 am
He's such a handsome little guy.

What a wonderful tribute.

I'm sure you and he had a happy five years together. I'm sorry for your loss.

03-22-06, 11:00 am
Weaver - if you've taken off all his other medication, if you have Metacam, please continue to give that to him so that he isn't in so much pain. I know this is hard for you, and my heart goes out to you both.

03-22-06, 11:06 am
Mummy he was not given Metacam, because the stone was so big he was on Baytril for infection. It honestly made him a lot worse and he was miserable taking it. I understand he had to have it, but I think he was illergic to it. One of the side effects as I am sure you know is anerexia. :(

03-22-06, 11:23 am
Oh, Weaver..................*cry*

[email protected] - any time if you need anything.

03-22-06, 11:31 am
Oh Weaver I just checked in to see what was going on. This is just too sad for words. Big hugs from me and the girls.

03-22-06, 11:37 am
Weaver I just went back a page to catch up. I am with you 100% for your decision. I had to do that with my first piggy Mickey. She wouldn't let go of me and I nursed her for 3 weeks and watched her lose weight until I realized that I had to let her go. She was being so faithful to me as a companion for a newly divorced lady at the time. Hugs again.

03-22-06, 11:38 am
Thank you everyone for your kindness and support. I do not even know what to say right now. . .

03-22-06, 11:45 am
Listen to your heart. Maybe making a pro's and con's list may help you.
Im sorry to hear that.

03-22-06, 12:21 pm
What a wonderful tribute to a special little guy.
Weaver I'm glad you've come to terms with your decision, I know this has been terrible for you both.
My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

03-22-06, 12:21 pm
Oh, yes, I do know that Baytril is poorly tolerated by some animals. I would have taken him off that as well. (Metacam is usually prescribed in addition to the antibiotics).

03-22-06, 01:46 pm
Rest in peace little Oreo.

I also know first-hand how five years can seem much too short of a time to experience the love that comes from animals.

I'm really sorry for your loss Weaver.

03-22-06, 02:10 pm
Oh weaver, I feel for you and Oreo. Stay strong you two.

03-22-06, 02:14 pm
Weaver, I am just so sorry. But I am glad Oreo was able to tell you what he wanted so that you can have peace about your decision and know it was the right thing. You obviously had such a close and strong bond with him, I can't even begin to guess at how much pain you and your whole family must be feeling. You know how beautiful I think Oreo is and I can honestly say that I won't forget him. I hope you find some way to smile over the next few days as you remember all the happy times you had with him. I am just so truly sorry and sad. :weepy:

03-22-06, 02:18 pm
You have followed your heart, you are doing what is best for sweet Oreo. You are such a strong person, you have even been able to reply to other threads even when you said you weren't going to be able to! :)

Stay strong Weaver and be assured that you are doing what is best for your little guy. He has had a very happy life, you can tell just from that beautiful picture of him in his cozy.

Well done for being strong and enjoy all of your Oreo memories.

03-22-06, 02:19 pm
Omg I'm so sorry something like that happened to ours except her guts came out. We did the sugrey because we wanted to our best for her and we wanted her to stay. She was adorable all white and she used to cuddle around your neck I re ally miss that feeling.

03-22-06, 02:22 pm
He's so cute! oreo is adorable. awww Your in my thoughts and prayers.

03-22-06, 03:32 pm
I'm so sorry. Rest in peace Oreo!

03-22-06, 05:36 pm
I am so sorry for you both. I have been away from the computer for a while and have been catching up. I read the whole post and I am overwhelmed. I am glad you are strong enough to make the best decision for your Oreo. I was going to have make that decision for Porkchop but she was strong enough to do it herself. He was a beautiful guy.

03-22-06, 06:37 pm
I am so so sorry, I know this is very hard for you. I had to go through the same thing with my beloved dog,Buddy. Just stay strong and remember you gave Oreo the best life possible. Hes a great pig and you're a great pig mom.

03-22-06, 06:44 pm
Your heartfelt words brought tears to my eyes weaver. He was truely loved, cherish the memories he gave you, and always let him live on in your heart.

Rest in peace oreo...

03-22-06, 07:37 pm
Oh WEAVER-I'm so sorry but just know that he's not suffering anymore. He's at peace and will live forever in your heart. When I lost Mama's baby, I bought a little angel in memory of her and today I bought one for Lola. I have my memories and now I can "see" them watching over the other girls. Hang in there. We all know you did everything in your power to give him the best.

You can email me any time if you need to talk. Time does help heal.
RIP: Oreo

03-22-06, 07:42 pm
The lose of a pet is just as awful as losing a human loved one. I went through this recently with my dog, and I can completely understand how you feel. In the end you have to do what you know is right in your heart. You are in my thoughts.

03-22-06, 07:53 pm
We buried Oreo tonight in the backyard next to my cat that I lost about 6 years ago. We decided he would want to be buried in his cuddle-cup so we put that inside of his box, covered his little body with a piece of fleece from his cage and layed him to rest. I know in my heart, as much as the pain hurts, it was his time. I have no regrets, but tonight while giving the others their veggies it was so hard. Oreo was the loudest squeeker, the one who I always seemed to see above the others, but tonight his cage is empty. I may have to reconfigure the cage in the next few days because I know seeing just the coroplast on the bottom is going to get the best of me.

Oreo has given so much to me besides five wonderful years. Because of him I have gotten the opportunity to meet all of you, learn so much and pass the knowledge on to others, and save four more guinea pigs and give them happy forever homes. I know my little angel is where he should be and he will remain with me forever. I hope to someday open a rescue in my state and I will remember he is the pig it all began with.

Rest in peace my baby and know you will always be loved . . . you were a very special pig and no matter how many piggies I may have in the future you will always remain the closest to my heart.

03-22-06, 10:00 pm
:weepy: - Weaver, I don't have words..........just know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers, hon.

03-22-06, 10:01 pm
It sounds like a very nice way to say good-bye.

03-22-06, 10:06 pm
Gosh Weaver. I don't know what else to say, but I feel the need to try and express this nearly non-expressible feeling in my heart. I have never met you or Oreo, and probably never will. But my heart truly goes out to you. I've not even been a member of this forum for long, but it was long enough to see how much you cared for your babies.

You have handled this situation with so much care. It is always hard to loose a love one. My prayers have been, and will stay, with you.

03-23-06, 06:42 am
I want to thank everyone for your kind words and thoughts as I have gone through this difficult time. I will be leaving this thread now, it is a new day and Oreo would want me to try and move on.

I am keeping this thread documented so I can maybe someday come back to it and remember exactly what Oreo and I have been through the last few days of his life. It will remain closed until I have the strength to come back and recall everything that has happened. But I know that someday I will be back, and read this almost as if it was a diary. I feel very grateful today to know I had wonderful friends and a great support group as I was going through this. Words can honestly not express my gratitude. I know for many of you everytime you signed on you came to check on the latest, for others it was harder and you just read the thread, but said prayers instead of leaving words. Whatever you did, just knowing you were there, in some way made all of this easier.

Oreo would want me to thank you on his behalf for helping his mom pull through this, and I also want to thank you all for being there, for writing, for praying, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

03-23-06, 03:56 pm
Oh WEAVER, I understand the heartache of losing a precious one. Just know that we're here for you. It does get alittle easier. It's been just alittle over a week since Lola's passing. It's hard to only count 7 heads at veggie time instead of eight but I know she's not suffering anymore.

PS He was such a gorgeous piggie!!

03-29-06, 10:47 am
I haven't been around much lately.
(helping my sister with personal stuff.)
However... I have had you and Oreo in the back of my mind. --
When I came online this morning I started digging for your thread about Oreo.

Oh Weaver.. I am so, so sorry. (Crying here. Tears rolling down my cheeks).
The memories of losing both Smudge and Larry are so fresh. I can relate far too well. I wish to heaven there was something that I could say or do to ease your sadness.

Oreo was so extremely blessed to have you in his life. And in return he blessed you and your family.

With "All my Heart" ... I wish you peace, and comfort.

Gentle Hugs to you Weaver.

04-10-06, 11:22 pm
this made me cry, however Weaver, this post was exactly what I needed. I too lost my Peanut, a handsome Peruvian like Oreo earlier today. Peanut suffered with a large bladder stone and exhibited symptons MUCH the same way that Oreo did. Putting Peanut to rest at the Vet this morning was a hard decision, but Peanut was not the same. I believe he and I knew it was time...he was six years old so I think he was getting to that age...

I believe Peanut is up in the bridge right now meeting Oreo for the first time.

They say that animals have feelings too...I very much believe it. The days before Peanut's death, while he was weak and sick, I would cuddle with him and hold him. Never before had he been so "up close" to me. He would bury his head into my chest...it was as if he knew he was leaving me soon and wanted to spend as much time with me.

When the Vet sedated him this morning, she left me to hold him for about ten minutes or so before she put him to rest. During that time, I could feel Peanut's head move closer to my body. Then when the Vet came to take him away, I pet his head and gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him what a great boy he was and how much I loved him. As soon as I did so, he perked up, his head rose, and he looked straight at me as he left the room...mind you, he was sedated, but I tell you...as he was leaving me he too said goodbye to me and perked right up to say his goodbye to me...

I tell you, animals are much like us and have feelings like us.

May Oreo rest in peace.

Herbie Girl
04-11-06, 07:30 am
I'm so sorry for your loss Weaver


Becky cavy mad
04-11-06, 08:55 am
Sorry for your loss. Hugs from me, Baby,Amber and ollie.