View Full Version : Cubes @ Target on SALE $14.99 23 grids....

03-12-06, 10:57 pm
Or 6 cubes with 24 connectors. There are also some "Bonus" boxes that have 2 additional grids, they call them dividers or shelves and they come with the clips to hold them up. We are now finally redoing our piggy cage, and we bought 3 boxes for our 4 story cage. They are originally $19.99, so I was quite happy with a $15 savings, and thought I'd pass on the info ;)

03-13-06, 03:09 pm
Ya, I found that out a couple days ago! I was at target, and decided to get some more so I could take the cage off of my big table, and just put it on top of some cubes. I could not put it directly on the floor because of my dog, but he is tiny, so he cant jump in it if its a little off the floor.