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Aussie pigs rok
03-10-06, 03:47 am
:guilty: I am wondering where on earth you can get these cubes in Brisbane. Ive tried BigW, Kmart, Howards Storage, Crazy Clarks & Bunnings and no luck. If anyone knows, please tell me. Ive got 2 little pigs in separate cages because they just arent big enough.

03-10-06, 05:13 am
I would wait a few weeks and then ring up Big W again, or have them call you when they get some in. I would also ask them to order some in for you.
They sometimes run out of stock and you do have to wait but eventually some come through. In the meantime make sure they get lots of floortime everyday to make up for their lack of space.

I would be willing to send you some from Sydney, however the postage costs im not too sure on, depending on how many grids you would like. Pm me if you are interested.

03-10-06, 07:23 am
Guys for anyone in Brisbane I might aswell announce it here for everyone. Brisbane Big W stores don't and won't be ever stocking or getting in anymore grids. In december I rung EVERY yup every store in the entire of brisbane to check this out as our local store had run out. I managed to purchase the last four boxes from a store over an hour away from us and no others stores had any left. The line has been widthdrawn from the shops supplier list I spoke to managers of several stores to confirm this.

I've actually written to the company of these grids itself to see if maybe there's a way I can get some more up here to sell through our brisbane based rescue because the Big W ones are just so fantastic and such a great price it'd be a shame for Brisbane people to miss out on them.

They still have them up in other areas of QLD and all other states I'm pretty sure so am also looking at possible shipment of some from other areas/states.

Kmart should most definitely have the grids. I'm 100% sure that the Kmart at Chermside and at Arana hills have the grids in as I've seen them at both these stores recently so other stores should have them aswell. The Kmart ones are " a silvery/copper colour they're not coloured.

Some " cheap " stores sell " packs of " white " grids for $20 or so although this is more a gamble where some stores will and some stores won't have them...

Bunnings dosn't stock the grids in QLD anymore either. I rung around at the start of 2005 and they said they no longer stock them in QLD only in other states grrr

If you want to get your cage made soon I'd probably go for the Kmart ones...pity because they are a bit dearer but atleast they have em:sorry:


Aussie pigs rok
03-14-06, 01:39 am
Thankyou so much for your help. After reading the replys I headed to KMart at Chermside on Saturday, and got some cubes. They were $50, but worth it. I have assembed the cage, but I havent got any corflute yet. Im trying to find a better bedding option than sawdust, it gets everywhere in my house, an on me for that matter. The piggies spent their first night in the cage last night - I'd sewed up some doona like flooring, thinking this would be cleaner, after what ive seen this afternoon maybe not!. But the little guys were carrying on like headless chooks fighting, marking their new territory. I think they wore themselves out eventually and went to sleep.
Ah, pigs.

03-14-06, 04:06 am
$50 for how many cubes? Just curious.

You can get corflute at any sign making stores, to replace it in the meantime you can use cardboard. Tape it altogether and just cut it exactly how you would real corflute.

Polar fleece bedding is healthy and easy to clean. You can get it at any material store or spotlight. You can make them some fleece blankets, just make sure that underneath you have something to absorb the urine. I have newspaper and fleece on top. Here is a link which describes how to make some fleece blankets: http://imageevent.com/bizylizy/craftsguineapigfun/sewingprojects/lilygracesfleeceblankets

You can also just use the fleece as it is and just cut it to size.

I would not use sawdust as it can cause respitory infections and is considered a dangerous bedding to use for piggies. Read this link to find out which beddings you can also use: http://guinealynx.com/bedding.html

Aussie pigs rok
03-15-06, 01:46 am
I made a mistake on my last post, I use Wood Shavings, not saw dust, I always call it that, who knows why.

The grids are 37cm square, and there are 20 grids for $50 from KMart.
They are nice silver ones. If you're looking for them at Chermside, they are up the back right corner of the store, in the Storage/Laundry section.
They still had 3 boxes on Saturday.
I tried calling a few KMart stores before I went there, and do you think they had any idea what I was talking about!

Thanks for the link about the fleece blankets, I loved the futons as well. There are some really spoilt piggies out there (as they should be).

I think I'll try the fleece and see how I go.

Thanks! :)

03-15-06, 02:25 am
Hi Guys,

A very good bedding for indoor pigs if the hysorb shavings are to messy is the breeders choice recycled paper kitty litter. You can buy this from any supermarket usually woolies or coles for around $13.00 for their largest bag although produce stores and pet city at mt gravatt sell larger bags again. There are four diff sizes I think.

Anyhow it's 100% environmentally friendly and extremely absorbent. There's less chance of bacteria building up with this stuff because it's just so incredibly clean and you never get a smell with it it's so absorbent.


03-15-06, 02:30 am
Oops forgot to mention I have some even worse news about the Big W grids! I rung management today and they are not stocking them anywhere in Australia at all it's not just qld. What's on the shelves at every store is basically it....so disapointing isnt it:weepy: . I'm going to ring the company itself though and see if there'sa way we can get them through them because the big w ones are just so great especially for the price! I love the colours hehe...


03-16-06, 09:38 pm
Thats terrible! I am adding a second story to my cage, so I had better get the Big W cubes while I can! I would hate to have to get different ones that don't match! :sad:

03-17-06, 05:04 am
I have to stock up. It will now be even harder to build a C &C cage in Australia.... it just gets worse and worse. Thankyou for the tip enchantingcavy.

Aussie pigs rok
03-17-06, 07:08 am
Hey guys, well I have some reasonably good news. Went to Bunnings at Oxley Thursday night, and they have grids, white ones, 35cm square - 5 grids for $8.50, and they have heaps. Believe it or not they are in the "Wire Storage" isle - the last row at the back of the store. Cheaper than KMart.

And if anyone else is looking for Corflute, I contacted "BRISBANE FLUTE SUPPLIES" at Salisbury, and they were so rude, you would not believe it, and they are only open til 4 - Monday to Friday. Then I rang a few signage places, even ones that specialise in Corflute, and they didnt have any!
But I have found a place at Slacks Creek - Modular Plastics & Signs - open til 5.

They've given me these prices:

2440 x 1220 x 5mm white corflute sheet PRICE $28- plus GST per sheet
2440 x 1220 x 3mm white corflute sheet PRICE
$16- plus GST per sheet

Their details are at:

03-19-06, 09:43 am
Hmm, are you sure there aren't any at Bunnings? I went to a normal-sized store and they didn't have any but then I went to their really really big one and they did (I live in Perth). Only one kind though, but it was fairly cheap. I got them for $8.50 for a pack of 5.

03-20-06, 01:39 am
We went to a Bunnings near us, and I think its a pretty big place, and they did not have any, but we did get some really good pvc piping. I'll go back and see if they have any in now, especially if I can't find any more at Big W. I would rather have white then none at all! :) When we were first looking for the cubes, I really wanted the white ones, but the only ones we could find were the coloured ones, lol, now I can only find the white ones.

04-02-06, 02:02 am
I got my cubes from Bunnings at Ashfield for $8.40 for pack of 5. I also spoke to Big W and they are definately discontinued.

06-05-06, 09:55 pm
Either Bunnings in Wollongong isn't stocking the grids anymore, or they had no idea what I was talking about. I wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter...

I picked up 23 grids (with 24 connectors) at The Reject Shop in Wollongong today. As far as I could tell, they only have them in black and white.

06-11-06, 04:49 am
Bunnings in Wollongong do not stock the grids. I've tried them before and they also had no idea what I was on about. Try Magnet Mart in Shellharbour. Someone told me that they stock them.

06-12-06, 06:15 am
If you get the ones from bunnings make sure you make the coroflute nice and high otherwise your piggies will chew on the white stuff, I learned this from experience. They are great cubes though.

06-12-06, 07:47 pm
I just found mine yesterday at Bunnings (Thornleigh, Cnr Pennant Hills Rd & Phyllis Ave, Thornleigh) ! I think it's in A:32, beside the plastic storage boxes. For the last month, I have been calling almost every Sydney Metro branches of KMart, Target, Bunnings, and Big W and they all claimed they do not stock or sell them anymore. Big W was more specificy, they stopped stocking them since June last year !

I couldn't believe my luck ! I got mine for $8.48 for 5 (one cube).

06-18-06, 09:23 pm
Just spotted then at Reject shop !
A$30 for 6 sections and white, with connectors !
Reject at Macquarie Centre, North Ryde (Sydney Metro), NSW.

07-28-06, 05:51 am
I live in Brisbane. Does anyone know of some close-by places where I could get cubes from? I don't care what colour just as long as my piggies are happy! Thanks for all the usefull info you already have on there! Piggies ROCK!!