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04-27-04, 01:18 pm
I have been bumbed out cause I couldnt find any coroplast and I wanted to make a better bigger cage for my guinea pigs. Then today I realized my house had extra linoleum! So now, I can go out and buy connectors and grids and build a better new cage! =D Well Guess I should measure everything first. But Im so happy and excited about this!
Are the steps pretty much the same for building a cage with linoleum?
And are they're any precautions I should take?
Thank you!

04-27-04, 01:39 pm
No precautions just make sure the linolium you used for your house is clean.

04-28-04, 07:48 am
linoleum is alternative option of coroplast

05-11-04, 06:45 pm
I have already posted a thread. But could you let me know how you did with using the linoleum. I want to give it a try to. Just need to know where to start. Thanks Alisha

05-11-04, 10:06 pm
its the same way as the coroplast way.probably even easier

05-18-04, 10:59 pm
Look in the yellow pages under sign companies and you should be able to get coroplast. However, call around because the prices can vary tremendously. One place I called wanted $40 for a 4x8 piece while another only wanted $8 for the same thing.