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03-05-06, 07:01 pm
Krysanthemum, complaining that CavySpirit didn't enter into debate with you smacks awfully of picking a fight, which is generally considered trolling.

Well, since I wasn't allowed to answer this accusation in the original post (it was locked), I would like to bring this up here, if I may. And for the record, I have tried to discuss the issue of the two PETA threads with moderators via PM, but have received no response (my apologies, once has replied since this thread was posted).

May I ask what the CavyCages definition of trolling is please? Because my understanding of trolling is that I most certainly was not. I am a long standing member of this forum, I regularly participate in threads on a number of subjects, and I was genuinely interested in an open discussion on the pros and cons of PETA. When that thread was shut down, I posted again to protest that locking, as the discussion itself did not contravene forum rules, but was simply shut down because CavySpirit didn't like the direction the conversation was taking (as she said, "Because I can").

However, I resent being called a troll, because my understand of the definition (someone who intentionally causes hurt or starts an argument purely for the enjoyment of it) does not apply to any of my posts. At no stage was it an argument, it was a discussion, names were not called, people were not insulted. No one (myself or the other people discussing the cons of PETA) posted anything outrageous or untrue, but what we understand to be the truth.

So can I please have a definition of trolling as it is understood on this forum (as I understand that it is different from forum to forum), and explanation as to why I was accused of trolling. On this forum, the accusation of trolling is tantamount to being demoted, and I wish to defend it vigorously.

And before someone says it, THIS post is not an attempt at trolling either, it is an attempt to understand the boundaries that are being set on this forum, since the boundaries seem to be moving at the moment.

Cavy Chick
03-05-06, 07:28 pm
How bout you just let it go?

03-05-06, 08:35 pm
You're free to start your own forum with whatever definition of trolling you wish. Here, incessantly starting and restarting arguments, and complaining when your attempts to start arguments fail, is considered trollish behavior. The length of time you have been acting like this does not make you closer to a valued member of this board.

As I have already addressed this in numerous PMs to you, and you have certainly been "defending yourself" vigorously and voluminously in PMs to me, I do not see any point to this thread remaining open.