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03-05-06, 06:58 pm
Hi everyone, I just got my very first cavy am came across this forum. I have always loved animals! When I saw this vegitarian discission I was very interested. Well to make a long story short, I read a lot of the topics and articles you guys have links to and shared a lot of the information with my husband. We then decided to go to the library and get all the books we could find on becomming vegitarians! We feel stupid for never educating ourselves to what actually happens to these poor animals. Also we have learned how healthy a vegitarian diet is! We began our vegitarian diet yesterday. We are still reading a lot about it and trying to decide what to do about milk. We don't want to be vegan but we have heard before that cows milk isn't very good for you. We don't know if we want to go on soy or rice milk though. Well I just wanted to tell all of you thanks for changing our lives! I am glad we found out now because my husband and I are newlyweds so now we can have a happy, healthy life!

Slap Maxwell
03-05-06, 07:23 pm
Congrats and welcome! That is an excellent way to go about it. I have been veg for 11 months now and have no regrets.

The average vegatarian saves 90 lives a year!

About milk... I still drink it on occasion, but your right, our bodies are not meant for cow's milk. It also supports the veal industry. There are some really good dairy alternatives out there, check your local health food stores for some good options.

03-05-06, 07:52 pm
Congrats on starting down a new path and it's wonderful you are doing it together. Thanks for sharing your story!

03-05-06, 10:16 pm
Congrats! I find veg cooking so much easier!

Off topic: Slap I *heart* you avatar. Sophie is such a little darling in that hat. I goes nice with her super cute orange face. :heart:

03-06-06, 06:51 pm
I had a hard time giving up milk but feel so much better since I quit drinking it 6 or 7 years ago. Use to have terrible stomach problems. Went to doctors and never got an answer. Then stopped drinking milk for ethical reasons and the stomach problems ceased. I've tried about every type of soy and rice milk. I really like the Silk brand. They have vanilla, very vanilla, chocolate, plain, unsweetend, light chocolate, light plain, light vanilla, enhanced, mocha, latte and chai. They are all pretty good except the enhanced which tastes like fish. There might be one of all flavors you might like. Go to their website www.silkissoy.com (http://www.silkissoy.com) to find out more. Good luck

03-09-06, 12:02 pm
I'm vegetarian, not vegan, but I also *really* enjoy Silk! :)

The vanilla on my cereal in the mornings is just delish, and the chocolate is just as good as chocolate milk. Yum!

I've given up meat for Lent once again, because my barbaric, meat-eating tendencies reared their ugly head once again recently. I really need to remember that eating meat is more than just eating a tasty morsel. It's SO harmful to animals!

*stepping off soapbox*